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Old 12/03/2003, 9:52 AM
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Default Aries Spears to release a live comedy album

After seven years on MADtv, Aries Spears is getting ready to drop his debut album. The CD, entitled I Ain't Scared, was recorded at the World Famous Icehouse in Pasadena, CA. The album is comprised of mostly live stand-up material, but Aries has also been in the studio in the past few months recording new tracks as well. For more information or to preorder I Ain't Scared, check out AriesSpears.com.

Matt (the OTHER one)

"If you want to be a better actor - a better lawyer, doctor, teacher - anything - be a better human being." ~ Debra Wilson
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Old 12/03/2003, 2:12 PM
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Maybe he should shoot a music video and hopefully get on MTV and/or maybe get nominated for a Grammy.
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Old 12/03/2003, 3:51 PM
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Good for Aries. I often feel he gets criticized too much. I think he's been a valuable cast member for the past 7 years.

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Old 12/03/2003, 8:08 PM
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Debra should release an album. I would listen to it all day.

Here we are today.
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So graceful in what you say
Its all I need to hear your voice everyday.

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And I wake up today
Still smiling in the air.
Wish dreams could be so great.
-early november
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Old 12/03/2003, 8:42 PM
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Originally posted by HiVolt
Good for Aries. I often feel he gets criticized too much. I think he's been a valuable cast member for the past 7 years.
Yeah your right, during season 3 he was so funny, all his impressions were great and his straight man roles were good, his quality now days has dropped a bit but he still is a good cast member IMO.

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