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Old 03/25/2002, 6:33 PM
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Default Bobby LEE!

Hi everyone! I cant tell you how kewl I think it is that this site exists. I am a HUGE Mad TV fan (I have tapes of pretty much every episode, and autographs from most of the cast members) Me and John sometimes sit around and act out sketches from the shows which is really fun to do and I suggest it to U (Rhyme)

Right now my fav. Member is Bobby Lee. That guy struts his stuff when he get on camera. John calls him "The proud peacock" because hes just like a peacock with his gorgeous tail-feathers that sometimes he keeps closed but sometimes he splays them out in a vivid fan.

I have this great idea for a sketch with just Bobby Lee by himself in an aquarium at sea-world. He is dressed like a manatee and all you can see are his buns poking out of the back of the manatee uniform, and all the people realize "Hey that aint no fish!"

Bobby Lee is the best.
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Old 04/17/2002, 11:50 AM
Laura Laura is offline
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Bobby Lee is the only reason I started watching Mad TV now. My friends and I are big fans of his stand up. I want to see more of him in the show
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Old 04/18/2002, 9:15 PM
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who do you have autographs from?
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Old 05/18/2002, 12:40 AM
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It pisses me off how many people put Bobby down. It seems that every second person on the official MadTV website message board seems to hate him. He's probably one of the best Mad's ever had.

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Old 05/18/2002, 4:33 AM
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I don't hate him cos I've never watched him.

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Old 05/18/2002, 5:37 PM
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he's ok
he just needs more time to see how good he is
ya know, showcase more talent
but he's not the greatest guy in the world

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