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Old 10/16/2003, 11:32 AM
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Default Episode S03E09 (Aired 1997-11-22)

Cast: Phil LaMarr, Will Sasso, Mary Scheer, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, WITH Alex Borsten, Chris Hogan, Pat Kilbane, Lisa Kushell

Guest Starring: Corky and the Juice Pigs, Kerry Strug
  • Gassy Clinton (Will- Bill Clinton)
  • What Happened to Dad? (Lisa- Mother, Pat- Father, Nicole- Sandy)
  • Darkness '97 (Nicole- Diane Lawyer Trabajo, Chris- Miguel O'Reily, Phil- Chance Cumulus, Alex- Sue Napersville, Debra- Rosa Marticorena)
  • Clops II (Animation)
  • Lowered Expectations: Stan (Debra- Spokeswoman, Pat- Stan)
  • Juice Pigs: Pandas/Enviro Girl (Corky and the Juice Pigs)
  • Darlene McBride: Take Back America Tour (Nicole- Darlene McBride)
  • UBS: Answering Machine (Phil- Jaq, Aries- Mel)
  • MAD CLASSIC: XXX Files (#113) (Mary- Gillian, David- David Duchovny, Bryan)
  • Ordering (Phil, Debra- Employee, Nicole)
  • WILL SASSO: Kerry Strug (Will Sasso, Kerry Strug)
  • Cream of Cop (Phil, Pat)

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