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Old 05/11/2006, 11:07 PM
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In Weekends... Keegan played Ashraf Akl and Arden played Dr. Lynn Shadle.
In Rise and Shine... Keegan played Eddie Thundercloud.
In Hello, Iraq! Hello!... Keegan was in that one, too.
In Red Flag Girls... Ike played Bill.
The Close was Rise and Shine, with Nicole, Michael and Keegan.

And for the sake of ultimate completion... the Nicole opener is called. "Show Open: Teen Nicole."

I'll do what I can do make sure I get no sexual favors from Kurt.
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Old 05/11/2006, 11:38 PM
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Thanks Nick. Your sexual favors are in the mail.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 05/12/2006, 7:44 AM
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Not very impressed with this episode, except for Steph of course. This will be quick.

Weekends with Maury and Connie: I dunno. I like the idea and I like Bobby's Connie (I know, I know, Sue me) but it's not coming together somewhere.

Nicole's Teenage Years: Cute but I dunno... I think it was kinda stupid.

Ike and Bobby Go Clubbing: I usually like these segments, but this one wasn't really funny. Just kinda sad. But at the end it got a bit better.

Dr Kylie - Medical Malpractise Trial: At first I thought this was going to be a Dr Kylie sketch with her showing clips of her past sketches, and that pissed me off, but then when I realized it was not, I lightened up a bit. It wasn't that good, but Dr K banging the gavel made me giggle.

Rise and Shine, North Dakota: Um.. yah. This confused me, and the only good part in my opinion was Keegan's American-Indian Weather Man.

Hello, Iraq! Hello!: I wanted to see this sketch recurred but I dunno... maybe they could have changed the act. The "celeb couples" can only go so far.

Red Flag Girls: Best sketch of the night. I couldn't stop laughing at Steph's sardonic character. "Wow. Bravo. Life is going SO well for you right now." I love Steph..

Encore/Stuart - Moving Day: Meh. I hate when sketches from one or two seasons back are encored. There's other Stuart's I tolerate more than this anyway..

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