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Old 04/30/2006, 11:04 AM
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The Jeffersons '06 - I've never seen the actual show, so once again it's hard to judge for me. It seemed like Nicole RJ's lines fell flat and didn't deliver that well. Daniele still had the "Daniele voice," but that might be how she actually talked on the show... But still.

Baby's First Playdate - A new recurring character to add to the list! Unfortunatley, I don't think should be recurred again. It's a really funny sketch, with Caeti and Bobby doing great physical comedy, but unless they move it to a new location and do something Ka-Son with it, leave it be.

Coach Hines: Oliver Twist - The first Coach Hines I've ever enjoyed. I didn't like him much when he was the obnoxious coach yelling at people with Ike doing stupid stuff with him, but I really liked him here. The chalkboard part was the best.

Flashlights - Oh, homo-erotic humor, with a side of Asian penis jokes. I'm not the biggest fan of these jokes, but I did laugh a lot during this sketch, not gonna lie. A good one-off.

Ka-Son: Club Liason - Closed captioning called her Kaysonne, but we know better. It was a great sketch, and I really like the character. Nicole RJ really fits in with the cast, and we best be seeing her next season. I didn't like her as much in this setting, and we didn't really get any of the catch-phrases out, but way to go RJ!

Stuart: Big Brother - [sarcasm] HOORAY STUART! [/sarcasm] It wasn't the worst of sketches, but Crista has been killing Stuarts for me. First the Santa one, now this? Crista's good when she's good, but bad the rest of the time. I liked it, but nothing stand-outy for me.

Knobs 2 - Ugh. The Nicole RJ part was weird in the beginning, didn't seem to fit in, but whatever. Ike's horrible singing gets some points, but not much else. Not nearly as funny as the last one, which wasn't.

Medium - Never seen the show, but this is Crista's forte, impressions (as seen in Grey's Anatomy). But then again, having never seen the show, how can I judge? It's sad that this was all we got out of Nicole and Arden this episode, but a good sketch.

Close - More Bobby and Ike dancing, but because it had Ike's horrible singing in the background, it gets points.

No Frank Caliendo in this episode. Previews for next week just say "Staurt Month," no talks of other new sketches.
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Old 04/30/2006, 12:16 PM
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I thought everything in this episode was great - even Knobs; Ike's awful singing and overreacted facial expressions were pretty funny. I wish they had done a cast closing though; I didn't need to see Ike & Bobby slow-dancing again.
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Old 04/30/2006, 12:54 PM
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I think it's safe to say Ike's singing was so bad, it was somehow good.

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Old 04/30/2006, 3:50 PM
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I loved every bit of this episode!!! So here is my half assed review. In no particular order so read on if you want... If not, the quick summary is.... Everthing was done well and put together perfectly... annnnnd Frank Caeti is definately a great member of the cast.
I gotta say, I love the song from the Jeffersons and I don't know why. Its funny enough that a sketch after it is icing on the cake. I liked how this modern version of the show was more politically incorrect (duh) compared to the All in the Family sketch that was modernized and all about being PC.

The flashlight thing which I thought was going to be stupid was really really great. Jordan with the huge flashlight was really funny and of course Bobby had the small one. Even though it was predictable, it was still really funny.

I don't know why people dislike Knobs, I think its great. It uses perfect jokes for what the sketch is intended to be. Some of the lame jokes were really good and the ET thing Bobby did was pretty funny. But the best part... FRANK PEED! I dunno if he actually did it but whatever, it was awesome! The singing part was pretty good. Some of Ike's best on the show because it was so serious and dramatic which is what I think the sketch was trying to go for. A bunch of over the top humour thrown into a knobs store.

The baby sketch kicked ass too. Its a great "Character" for how simple the concept is. I think this is what MadTV needs more of, simplistic characters that don't rely on catchphrases. Some of the physical stuff they did was great, The dinosaur raptory thing they did was pretty cool because it seemed very random. A lot of it was done in one take too which is very impressive for having so much physical stuff. I think that after tonight I can honestly say that in my opinion Frank is the best male castmember I've seen on the Show since Will Sasso. Which is great because I think the show needs a strong male presence so the girls don't steal the show like they have for a few years now. I like a balance and this is as balanced as I have seen the show since around season 5.

Keegan was great in this episode too. Coach Hines was the best I have seen it. Jordan's feminine theatre geek thing would be an awesome recurring character. I think one important factor that helped the sketch was that they gave a reason as to why he was directing a play. A lot of past sketches would just throw a character into a random situation and not provide a reason which makes sense because of course, this is just sketch comedy but giving a reason adds realism and depth to the character.
Ka-Son as a Club owner/bouncer person is a cool concept. I'm glad she is being moved around instead of just a phone person... But I kinda got kicked out of a club last night so her as a club bouncer made me die inside a bit. But anyways, moving Ka-So to different jobs is a good idea and arguing over the phone is not the same as being verbally abused in person so I'm glad she wasn't put on a phone for this sketch. The little popcorn comment thing about Frank was hilarious. He was such a victim in the sketch but that's cool and he played the weird guy character well.

Stuart was good too, I think when they only show Stuart periodically, the sketches are better. (So OBVIOUSLY we get a whole month of him to kill the sweet taste that this sketch left.) I think Stuart sketches can still be great without Mo and last night was proof. I always looked at Stuart sketches as Mike's time i the spotlight so I think now that Mo is gone, I like Stuart as a character more because I'm not focused on adoring Mo.
Medium was also pretty good. It must be so difficult to impersonate Patricia Arquette because she seems kinda generic to me so the mumbled words thing worked perfectly. It gave the character a joke to rely on that wasn't necessarily a spot on impression, but it was a really funny one. The "I don't understand" thing was great too. I imagine that sort of thing happens in the actual show. (She has the premonition and then no one believes or understands her) The mumbling was definately the sketches strongest point though.
I will post more later I bet. I'm going to watch the episode again tonight if I can and I might do a half assed review if I have anything smart to say...

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Old 04/30/2006, 4:13 PM
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Frank- Gary?
Keegan- Dale?

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 04/30/2006, 4:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Dartanian
[*]The Jeffersons '06 (Jordan- Sherman Hemsley: George Jefferson, Nicole RJ- Isabel Sanford: Louise Jefferson, Daniele- Marla Gibbs: Florence Johnston, Michael- Paul Benedict: Harry Bentley, Ike)
Keegan played George Jefferson. Jordan was not in the sketch.

And yeah, I'd say it's Gary and Dale for the Knobs people.
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Old 05/01/2006, 1:05 AM
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Thumbs Down

I thought this episode was awful. The only thing that made me laugh was the "Medium" parody. Crista was great in it (and those jugs were definitely not "mediums"), and Frank Caetti was perfect as that D.A. character, played by Miguel Sandoval in the actual show. I hate Coach Hines with a passion. And Ka-Son sucks, majorly. Please put Stuart to sleep, permanently. Watching Michael play him now, is like watching Jaleel White still playing Urkel in those later years of "Family Matters".

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Old 05/01/2006, 2:07 AM
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I suppose I can do a full review

The Jeffersons '06 - I thought it was ok. I'll agree with whomever said the impressions weren't all that great, but there were funny parts.

Baby's First Playdate - ehh. This should be the last one, I think. It's kinda repetitive. I liked the dinosaur part though. Frank's screeching noise was funny.

Coach Hines: Oliver Twist - I didn't think it was as good as the bus ride one, but it was better than any of the other Coach Hines sketches. After watching it again, I actually enjoyed it. Well, except the chalkboard part. That went on too long for my taste.

Flashlights - I didn't like this one that much. I'm just not a fan of this kind of stuff. It was ok, I guess.

Ka-Son: Club Liason - I really liked this one. This character is great. Frank was really funny too. I loved the "Rick James hair" part, and especially her response to it.

Stuart: Big Brother - eh. Keegan and Crista were good. "Did you know that you're ugly?" "Yes, I know that. I work for the government." <---that was funny too.

Knobs 2 - Not a fan of the Knobs people. Bobby's "impressions" were really annoying. I liked when Ike froze up on his sarcastic phone call though. "Are we open? Is the pope Jewish?...CATHOLIC! Damnit!"

Medium - I've never seen the show, so I guess this was kind of like a regular sketch in my eyes, since I can't compare. It was really funny, and the more I watch it, the more I like it. Her mumbling and trailing off was hilarious. The end was funny too.

Close: Knobs - ummm whatever. lol

Overall, good stuff. Some stuff was great, some was kind of ehh. Nothing was awful though.
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Old 05/01/2006, 3:53 AM
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The Jeffersons '06: I missed this? DAMMIT! I'm sure it was good though. *inches off toward YouTube*

Baby's First Playdate: This was amusing, I liked the first one, but this one was alot better because Neo-Frank had someone to play off. Loved the dino impressions... and when they froze in front of the camera b/c their moms were coming.

Coach Hines - Oliver Twist: I was making a tasty PB&J sandwich during this, but I did hear all of it. The fact I couldn't see it was a drama class at first made it all the weirder. "Do Not Cry You Bastard! If you cry, you're WORTHLESS!

Flashlights: This got funnier as it went on. I loved when Jordan whipped out his big black... flashlight and then he exchanged it with Bobby's smally, more economic... flashlight. Weird, but funny.

Ka-Son - Club Liason: I really like Ka-Son but not so much this sketch. It's been done really, so it's not their fault but certain parts got me to smile.

Stuart - Big Brother: The ONLY good line? "Do you know what happens to little boys who lie?" "They're forced to listen to the politics of George Clooney?"

Knobs: Knobs isn't THAT bad. Ok, well maybe it is, but I don't hate it. I know like, 4 of these guys. Ike's song was FAB! Do you need to know I can sing it all? No, but now you do.

Medium: My favorite sketch of the night, easily. I like when they parody a show I watch so I can "get it." I haven't been a Crista fan but damn, she came through on this. Great Partricia Arquette/Allison Dubois inpression. Everyone pretty much looked and acted like their character, except Mike/Jake, who finally did what we all would do if someone constantly woke us up with 'nightmares'... tell Allison to shut up... and then strangle her.

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Old 05/08/2006, 11:07 PM
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Ok, so since i was away in Cuba, i just got to see this now so i am going to review it, since i think this was one of the funniest this season

The Jeffersons '06: wasnt the greatest, didnt mind it too much

Baby's First Playdate: I like the baby sketches, they made me laugh pretty much the entire way through this one. Physical comedy is one thing that both Frank and Bobby are very good at, and it's good that they played up on it.
Coach Hines - Oliver Twist: This was funny, loved the chalkboard part. Frank's part was funny as well, the only guy to play the girl in the school, it was good. Although i havent seen oliver twist in a loooooong time, so i didnt understand the gibbity gibbity thing.

Flashlights: This just proves how immature high school boy i am, me and my best friend laughed through this, it was pretty good. Wouldnt watch it too much, penis jokes are funny and all, but its a very spontaneous kind of joke, so near the end i felt it went for too long.

Ka-Son - Club Liason: I love this character, i think NRJ does her very well. The "excuse me, i saw some people leave and i'd like to kick it" was funny, i think they need to find some other way to insult her in these sketches though, for some reason it just didnt appeal to me as much this time.

Stuart - Big Brother: This wasnt bad, the saving grace was how fast he could actually stuff all that into his mouth, my god that would be disgusting.

Knobs: This one was pretty good, wasnt the funniest thing ever but very tolerable. Ike and Bobby are actually starting to grow on me.

Medium: Another good parody, i loved it. The "i dont understand" and when i think it was arden and nicole, ran into each other and bumped knives, that was pretty funny.

Overall id say a solid 4.5/5 plus it had my favourite cast member in it so im happy.
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Old 04/01/2007, 8:36 AM
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The Jeffersons '06: This wasn't hilarious, and it wasn't the best old sitcom parody ever, but it was pretty funny. I've never seen The Jeffersons, but still, I liked this sketch. Favorite part was the vacuum cleaner.
Baby Joey's Playdate: This was really good. They really need to start making more of these. Frank was really good here of course, as well as Nicole P, Crista, and even Bobby.
Coach Hines: Oliver Twist: The best Coach Hines sketch of Season 11. IMO the Season 12 Coach Hines sketches top it, but this was still really impressive. I wonder if the kid who played Oliver and Yamanashi are supposed to be the same person?
Flashlights: This was good. How could you not like a sketch about homosexuals, flashlights, penises, and asians all mixed into one?! Good stuff.
Ka-Son: Club Liason: Ka-Son rules, as did this sketch. Basically on par with all of the other Ka-Son sketches for me. Michael and Frank were good, too.
Stuart: Big Brother: This wasn't too bad, but it wasn't good either. A few lines were good (like the "Did you know your ugly?" "Yes, I'm working for the goverment), but it was nothing great. Still, even though it wasn't good, it didn't make me want to gougle my eyes out, like some other post-Doreen Stuart sketches *cough1210'sCandyStuartStuartcough*. Still, it was the worst sketch of 1119, and brought down the episode a little bit (along with Knobs).
Knobs II: If it weren't for Ike's singing, this would've bombed. Luckily, Ike's singing prevented it from bombing, and just saved it from getting the worst sketch of the night honor.
Meduim: Best sketch of 1119. This was really, really, REALLY good. Crista was awesome in it, as well as Frank and Nicole P. Plus, it was a dead-on parody. Definite 5-star sketch.

Overall: A really good episode, but Knobs and Stuart brought it down. Still, the awesome sketches (Medium, Ka-Son) outweighed them, and it turned out to be one of the best episodes of Season 11.


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