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Old 01/29/2006, 11:06 PM
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Originally posted by Dartanian
Crista's impression of Ellen Pompeo was brilliant, and Arden and Jordan's parts were hilarious. I didn't like Daniele in that sketch at all though. What the hell was up with George sucking on the man-boobs? That's the most random, hilarious thing I've seen from MAD all season.
I agree completely on Crista's Pompeo impression; it was DEAD ON. What I found disturbing (besides the man boob suckling) was that Bobby Lee was a cuter Sandra Oh, than the actual Sandra Oh (so just imagine how she'll feel if she sees it ).
Overall, a pretty good episode. And I loved seeing Louann Lockhart again. Crista rocks.

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Old 01/30/2006, 10:43 PM
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i liked this episode, the greys anatomy was pretty funny. You all need to do your rounds...now......now!
and the comcast was good, i liked it when they were gonan fight and she started taking off her nails.

But alas, no caeti, i want to see him in some new stuff darnit >.<
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Old 01/31/2006, 4:33 PM
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I am so happy that frank caite (sp) was not in this one he is finally gone for an ep. and Nicole randall johnson finally gets more screen time.
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Old 01/31/2006, 8:22 PM
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Originally posted by nickOFmacedonia
The MAD clip of the week has a clip up to and a litte bit past that part. It sounds like she says f***, but I think she says fun.
It was definitely silenced out on the aired version, so the VCAST clip I saw was uncut...weird...

That and the Walk The Line sketch was all I saw, I didn't even make it to the first commercial, I fell asleep, unfortunately, I was looking forward to a new Luann Lockhart.

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Old 01/31/2006, 8:31 PM
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I downloaded the clip from MADtv.com and she didn't say "f uck," it sounded more like fun or something. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it wasn't aired that way.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 01/31/2006, 9:11 PM
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When I watched it with closed captioning, it sad "Fug." When I watch the video on YouTube, it still sounds obscene.

I guess it'll be on of those Mad Mysteries, only Arden/the writers can officially confirm for us.
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Old 02/01/2006, 9:52 AM
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Default Re: WHO/WHAT #1112

Originally posted by Dartanian
[*]Grey's Anatomy (Frank Caliendo- [voiceover only], Crista- Ellen Pompeo: Meredith Grey, Michael- Patrick Dempsey: Derek Shepherd, Bobby- Sandra Oh: Cristina Yang, Arden- Katherine Heigl: Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, Frank Caliendo- T.R. Knight: George O'Malley, Ike- Justin Chambers: Alex Karev, Keegan- Isaiah Washington: Preston Burke, Daniele- Chandra Wilson: Miranda Bailey, Nicole RJ- Mrs. Crumpacker, Jordan)
Shouldn't frank's two roles be together?



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Old 02/01/2006, 8:34 PM
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It's late, but yeah...

Music Video: Hilary Duff "Sake Of My Fame"- I really liked this. I think it would have done good if it was in the Music Video Showdown. I don't really remember the details, but it was very funny. 4/5

Walk The Line: Deleted Footage- Totally random, but really funny. Arden was good, and Michael looked a lot like Joaquin. Frank was good as Capote. Just a weird, funny sketch. 4/5

Montel Chilliams- I was expecting this to be really funny, but I though it was dumb. Nicole was good, but her part didn't let her do much. It went on WAY too long. 2/5

Deadwood- The only way this could be worse is if George Bush was brought in. The Larry King reviews were really gross, and unnecessary. If it was shorter, and just stayed with the reviews that praise it, it would have been better. 1/5

Jordan's Driving Lesson- This was a nice surprise. I thought this would be dumb (I think I remember a sketch like it that was awful). Bobby was great, it's always funny when he gets beat up. 3.5/5

Grey's Anatomy- Very funny. The thing at the end with Frank and Jordan was gross, but hilarious. It nailed all the aspects of the show, and is one of the highlights of the season. 4.5/5

Luann Lockheart: Warm Up Act #1: I was waiting for SO long, and I get this...THIS?! It was so short, and almost exactly the same as the first one, just a few different words. 3/5

Partial Payment- This character could go somewhere, but I don't think that this was a very good sketch. It made a good point, but it was really eh. 2.5/5

Luann Lockheart: Warm Up Act #2- This was better, but still not what I was expecting. The boss part was great. 3.5/5

My Loss Is Your Gain- I really hope they don't bring this back. Not funny. It was weird , dumb. 1.5/5

Close: Jordan's Driving Lesson- Good closing. 4/5

Conclusion: I'll do the percentage thing and conclusion shmaybe later.

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Old 02/02/2006, 6:22 PM
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Hilary Duff "Sake Of My Fame"
oh man,the actual song..beat of my heart,****s me to tears...this was alright i guess

Walk The Line: Deleted Footage
i thought it was pretty random how this sketch went,but ardens reese impression was passable enough

Montel Chilliams
i started getting bored by the end of this one

the only bits i liked were the larry king quotes,especially the last one mentioning paprika..haha

Jordan's Driving Lesson
this was alright i guess.could of been funnier

Grey's Anatomy
easily my highlight of the episode,i was laughing so hard by the end of this.Cristas impression was spot on and when michael pushes arden,i lost it.the boob sucking ending was unneeded though.

Luann Lockhart: Warm Up Act #1
this is the first time i've seen this character,not too sure if i like her or not

Partial Payment
this was alright too...the ending was out of place,but still kinda cool

Luann Lockhart: Warm Up Act #2
this one was definitely better then the first...like potty said..the bit about being fired was hi-LAR-ious

My Loss Is Your Gain

Close: Jordan's Driving Lesson
i can't really remember this bit,lol
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Old 02/27/2006, 1:37 PM
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Default mmm ... product placement

Just as kids' movies were off limits, companies also once shied away from product placements in comedy shows, because of the risks associated with connecting a brand with edgy humor. Toyota recently used product placements in Fox's "MADtv" comedy-variety show to promote the Yaris sedan and hatchback that go on sale in May.

As part of the deal, the series will have five skits -- one each month from January through May -- called "Men About Town." They'll highlight the amusing experiences of two men traveling around Los Angeles in the car.

The first sketch aired Jan. 28 and featured one man teaching another how to drive the car; the second skit that aired on Feb. 18, revolved around the men driving the car and trying to woo women by fibbing.

"We wanted to make sure the comedy wasn't coming from us, but around us," said Rob Donnell, president of Brand Arc, an entertainment agency in Santa Monica, Calif., that represents Toyota. "We didn't want them to disparage us, and they assured us they wouldn't. This was a fresh way to introduce the new car."

Madison Road Entertainment in Los Angeles, a branded entertainment company that has brokered product placement deals for TV shows such as "America's Next Top Model" and "Entertainment Tonight," set "MADtv" up with Toyota. The company brokered a similar deal with Sprint last year, in which comedians imitated people such as President George W. Bush, Connie Chung and Britney Spears making Sprint ring tones.

"Our philosophy is if the brand doesn't make the show better, the brand doesn't make the show," said Jack Severson, Madison's chief executive. "People must not notice the integration, but they must remember it. That's the test."


What happened to Andrae?
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Old 05/28/2006, 9:24 PM
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I finally saw the rerun 1112...and I am NOT afraid to be the first one to say it sucked...then again...my dislike of Crista probably had something to do with it. Partial Payment was hands-down the highlight of the night...it was awesome...finally, MAD has a new recurring character that's actually funny! Seems like too long, eh? Let's see, though...Crista had two opportunities to shine...the Grey's Anatomy parody and Luann Lockhart...Luann sucked...and while Grey's Anatomy was good, Crista's impression was way too high-pitched to be accurate. I don't care if I'm being nitpicky, but if it's a valid point to disagree with you guys on, then I'm all for it. (Daniele stole that sketch, BTW) Way to go 0 for 2, Crista! My Loss is Your Gain straddled the fine line between being hilarious and being insulting, and ended up being...well...insulting. Bobby completely ruined the "Around Town" sketch, which is a shame, seeing as Ike and Jordan weren't bad in it. Finally, Montel was...weird...but it was still funny despite the stupid premise. Didn't like the rest.


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