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Old 09/17/2005, 3:45 PM
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Old 09/17/2005, 5:56 PM
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Can't wait until a few hours from now. I have a good feeling about this coming season. The cast as a whole appears solid, and I'm sure the writing staff are at their strongest.

I have very little to be worried about here.

"Submit...Because the Truth Won't Set You Free."
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Old 09/17/2005, 6:19 PM
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I wonder if its any good for this season. Cant get it here!
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Old 09/17/2005, 6:43 PM
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Just saw a promo for the premiere tonight and it looks like there's a new Kim Jong-Il sketch with Ike(?) as Fidel Castro
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Old 09/17/2005, 10:01 PM
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It's over and no fidel Castro thing.... Weird.

I'll review later but it was great.

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Old 09/17/2005, 10:02 PM
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Well it has come and gone... Kind of disappointing, if you ask me. What did you guys/girls think?
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Old 09/17/2005, 10:06 PM
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Haha... I guess Mike and Ike have been reading around in here... that was a very brave opening sketch... But mike.......


just kidding, haha, I chuckled



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Old 09/17/2005, 10:07 PM
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March of the animals in Morgan Freeman'
s Backyard That made the episode to me, it was so stupidly funny.
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Old 09/17/2005, 10:09 PM
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Great Episode.
There were No Flaws.
Maybe the Morgan sketch, but it was short.

The opening sketch HAD to be based off the forum.
It was awesome.

The whole episode flowed overall.

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Old 09/17/2005, 10:09 PM
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I loved this episode! Only like 1 sketch dissappointed me... I might do an in-depth review later I'll probably watch this episode a couple more times, get a better opinion.

And I just wanna say Crista was the best in this episode! She was awesome. And it's official that she's a full castmember, not a featured player, so I am ecstatic about that. Must have been a last minute change... a very good change. Can't wait to watch it again.


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Old 09/17/2005, 10:22 PM
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Hate Mail: This was pretty good. It was a pretty good way to introduce the cast. Funny when Jordan and Keegan were practicing for the Superstitions Knights sketch and accidentally punched Michael in the face. Lol. The Stuart thing was good. 3/5

Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards "Season 11 Premire Party" These Red Carpet Sketches are as good as they'll ever get in my opinion. Not saying they're bad or anything. I really like them. OMG Ryan Reynolds. 3/5

These Dukes Are Not Worth Watching This was hilarious. Funniest of the night. Nicole was to great in this. Perfect Jessica Simpson impression. Looked and sounded a lot like her. I still think the real Jessica is soooo much better. Very funny, I could wastch that again and again. 5/5

House MD At first I was like, "What is this?", but it got better as it went along. I liked some of the racism jokes. "Are you gonna steal his shoes?" "No, that's your people's speciality." Lol. "I just waved a dollar under your nose." hahaha The random Stuart appearance was pretty funny too. I was like, "Oh my goodness, what is Stuart doing here?" Lol. 3/5

Mrs. Campbell: Real Estate This was really good. Mrs. Campbell is a great character. I cant wait to hear what she says next. I loved when she was making up some random price off the top of her head. "Back in my day we called that a vacant car lot." Lol. 4/5

March of the Animals in Morgan Freeman's Backyard This started off slow. It was ok in the beginning but got funnier as it went along. I liked the way he said "Fat yella cat." "Nobody gives a sh*t about squirrels." Lol. Haha the gnome. 3/5

Jazzy Girls: Hockey Game Tcha. I didn't really care for this. No points towards Crista in my book. The only part I found runny was when Adryn was trying not to kiss Crista and the faces she were making were priceless. Haha. 1.5/5

The Psychiatrist...: This was alright. Average to me. Nicole's impression was really funny. And Frank's impressions are always good. But the way Nicole does that thing with her lips always crack me up. 3/5

Ok Go! Didn't pay attention to this.

Stephnie Weir/ Morgan Freeman Closing Lol this was pretty good. I thought it was just going to be a regular cast closing but I heard Morgan Freeman narrating about what they were doing. Lol. "Look at them, hiding their real feeling for each other inside until the cameras stop rolling." Lol. Or something like that. 3/5

The new cast members were pretty good. Wish they'd show more of the new Nicole. And I cant wait to see next week's episode. The View parody looks hilarious.


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Old 09/17/2005, 10:30 PM
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Originally posted by Pizzotty
The View parody looks hilarious.
I agree.

As for this week's episode...I didn't really like it, I only liked the Mrs. Campbell sketch.

Stephnie was great in it, as usual, and Crista was good too.
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Old 09/17/2005, 10:47 PM
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Thumbs Up

You Hollywood IDJITS! That yeller cat was as cute as the split second they showed of the new Nicole. I hope she's in the next episode more.

Did anyone else notice that nearly everyone seemed to have lost some weight?

Welp, now I'm off to wash a car in barely any clothes.

(I guess this was a good episode for grabbing quotes to annoy my friends with)
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Old 09/17/2005, 10:54 PM
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Eh...this episode was just sorta blah to me. It wasn't horrible though and it is just the first episode of the season, so I'm gonna give season 11 a chance.

Open: Hatemail - I liked this opening, it was creative and it introduced all of the new cast members pretty well.

Red Carpet @ The Teen Choice Awards - This wasn't bad. Ryan Reynolds being there was a huge plus. The only downside was that 10 minutes into the episode we still had yet to see one actual sketch.

These Dukes Are Not Worth Watching - This was just okay. I loved how they even included the part where she's washing the car in her bikini. Nicole Parker doesn't have a bad body!

House MD - I haven't seen House, so that sketch wasn't really funny to me.

Mrs. Campbell: Real Estate - It was good to see Mrs. Campbell back, but tonight's sketch wasn't one of her better ones. Too bad it was Steph's only sketch of the night. I have a feeling her appearances are gonna be pretty spread out.

March of the Animals in Morgan Freeman's Backyard - I actually laughed out loud at this one. It was a pretty funny take on the movie and even if it wasn't hilarious, it was cute.

Jazzy Girls: Hockey Game - Eh...not funny. I really wanted to like these characters but it just wasn't anything that funny or different. It wasn't terrible and they definitely had some potential, though.

The Psychiatrist - Didn't care for this at all. I do really like Nicole P's Renee Zellweger impression, though.

Ok Go "Performance" - Ummmm...this was beyond rediculously stupid. Couldn't they have just sung the song? What a waste of time.

Close: Steph/Morgan Freeman - I thought for sure Stephnie would be absent from the closing, but she was there. Yay.

Overall - This episode was sorta consistantly mediocre, but at least nothing stood out as being terrible. There were some pretty decent sketches, but I didn't feel like anything was great with the exception of the Morgan Freeman sketch and possibly the Mrs. Campbell one. Hopefully season 11 is a good season, I'm not giving up quite yet. We still didn't really get a chance to see what the new cast members could do.

Matt (the OTHER one)

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Old 09/17/2005, 10:59 PM
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This episode was pretty substantial for me. Not everything was the greatest, but I'm certainly willing to give the new season a chance.

Open: Hate Mail: I really enjoyed this opening. To me, it let me get a view as to how the cast's chemistry will be during the show. 4/5

Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards "Season 11 Premire Party" I found this particular red carpet interview a little dry...except for Raven, good god. I personally wish the would've had male-female correspondents, but whatever. I certainly don't hate these segments, they're just not my all time favorites. 3/5

These Dukes Are Not Worth Watching This was absolutly hilarious. Nicole was awesome as Jessica and MAD really picked up on some of the key details of the original video (ie. the beer bottle being able to defy gravity with all of Jessica's wild dance moves...). One of the best sketches of the night! 5/5

House MD I've never really sat down and watched an entire episode of "House" so I was kind of in the dark for this one, but as I watched, I began to realize the plot. I loved when Dr. House was watching MADtv, lol. 3/5

Mrs. Campbell: Real Estate This was wonderful. I'm going to try and enjoy all of Stephnie's appearances this year as they will be cut short. I thought this was definitely a highlight of the night. 4/5

March of the Animals in Morgan Freeman's Backyard I think because of early exposure I was expecting this sketch to be absolutly hilarious. Don't get me wrong, it was quite funny with the "mah fat yella cat", but it took a while to get into the main plot. 2.5/5

Jazzy Girls: Hockey Game I really enjoyed this sketch! Arden reminds me of Mo, simply because of her quirky, upbeat personallity. One thing I didn't like was how much Crista looked like Lisa's Susan Whitfield. Add a retainer and they're practically the same person! Overall, this sketch was pretty good. 4/5

The Psychiatrist...: This was okay. I took me a while to realize what they were doing a parody of. Once I got it, I thought it was pretty funny. I'm a sucker for Nicole's Renee Zellwegger impression so that's always a plus! 3/5

Ok Go! I love me some tight red pants! Hehe. This segment was pretty entertaining. They all seemed pretty in sync with their dancing. Final, 3/5

Stephnie Weir/ Morgan Freeman Closing I loved the closing! Nice to see that their going back to the original feel of cast closings. To me, if gives the show a greater bond. Once again, it's always nice to see Steph. 5/5

I really like Arden's performance throughout this episode. I think she's an excellent addition to the cast. Frank Caeti- for some reason he reminds me of Kevin James from "King of Queens". Why? Who knows. Nicole Randall Johnson seems like a pretty good add...from what I saw of her. She looks like she's willing to be pretty versatile, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Awesome job, MAD!

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Old 09/18/2005, 12:04 AM
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I agree with most of what ebla said...........and no not because ebla said it......

Opening: This was good. Funny, good writing(Mike wrote it). Showed off everyone very well. I especially like the 2 Nicoles and Bobby as buddah..... 3.5/5

The Red Carpet: B O R I N G! There's just no other way to put it. Granted Raven manhandling Bobby was funny but thats really the only thing. 1.5/5

These Dukes Are Not Worth Watching: I've not seen the movie or the video, but anything where Nicole Parker is half naked is pretty much a plus in my book. Seriously though this was one of the funniest sketches of the night. Nicole is a good impressionist. 5/5.

House MD: I've never seen but 5 minutes of this show and I still thought this was funny. The racist jokes and constant drug use were hilarious. Good acting good writing 5/5.

Mrs. Campbell: Funny stuffs. This is probably my favorite Stephnie character. CRISTA......(pffffft I haveta learn to spell her name right) was good in this as the foil, and Nicole and Frank were good as the couple......The basement part was the funniest thing to me.......*haha there's no basement* 5/5

March of The Animals: This was so so. Not really into Jordan's Morgan Freeman impression, but the animals were funny. I wonder whose houses they shoot things things at. 3/5.

The Psychiatrist: Not really sure what this was. It had its moments but it didnt really register with me all that much, although I loved Nicole's Renee impression. 3/5

Jazzy Girls: This was funny....Not laugh out loud and bust a gut funny, but funny. Arden and Crista worked well together, and ok the kiss was funny. Especially Arden trying not to laugh, which like others have said, brings back memories of one Mo Collins trying not to laugh during sketches. Then at the end they were like "what about our booth" "screw it we're gonna have sex with a BLACK MAN!" was hella funny 4/5

OK Go: Boring.......Didn't find it entertaining although the song was good, they shouldve just performed it. 1/5.

Closing: I'm glad they had one. I hope they do one after every episode. The Morgan Freeman voiceovers were HILARIOUS!....I like the new set too..........5/5

All in all a good solid opener. Hopefully MAD stays at this level through the rest of the season.

Overall 8/10.

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Old 09/18/2005, 12:12 AM
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Etie27's take-

OK... Glad the new episodes are back. Can't wait for the rest of the season.

Yeah, so I guess the opening credits are basically the same again. Oh well. Go figure. What are you gonna do.

+OPEN HATE-MAIL: Great way of showing off the new cast members. I liked it because it was something different to start off the new season. Nice surprise to see the stuart kid at the end. Very funny. 4/5

+RED CARPET: Yeah, they wouldn't be my first choice to interview people but Bobby and Ike did ok. At least these carpet things give a nice variety to the show. 3/5

+THESE DUKES ARE NOT WORTH WATCHING: I loved how Nicole impersonated Jessica SPOT on. Very funny how she moved around with the beer bottle-and yet it magically stays on the plate. Very much like the real video. 5/5

+HOUSE MD: I almost have seen a full episode of this show and my parents love it so I found it to be pretty funny/true to the show. I actually told my parents to tape madtv tonight for them to see since I knew this parody was on tonight. (Who knows if they figured out how to use their dvd recorder at home though.) 4/5

+MRS. CAMPBELL: I love Stephanie and she will truly be missed when she is gone. Great as Mrs. Campbell as always. I love it when she says "REALLLLLY?!" At one point here she REALLY exaggerated it more than usual. 4/5

+MARCH OF THE ANIMALS IN MORGAN FREEMAN'S BACK YARD: I was not expecting much with this and glad it was short. I did however find this skit very funny. It is very interesting how Morgan Freeman has been the narrator for many blockbusters recently...and it was good to see him in an independent film. >_> 4/5

+JAZZY GIRLS: I really like Crista but I don't think these characters are really going to catch on. This was the worst sketch of the night for me although it was not TERRIBLE,,,it just was not good compared to the rest of the episode. 2/5

+THE PSYCHIATRIST: I like how they finally showed how so many movies nowadays give away almost the whole plot during the trailers. Great impressions all around as well. Funny stuff. 3/5

+OK GO: PERFORMANCE: Ok... I liked it because it was something DIFFERENT. And i'm all for change. Yeah it was kind of a rip since it was lip-synced but what do you expect with all of those crazy moves. I enjoyed it, and I can't say that about many Madtv musical performances. 4/5

I think this was a pretty good way to start off the season. Not the best. I think for a season premiere they should really pull out all the stops and not have one mediocre sketch---HOWEVER having said that, I enjoyed this episode and can't wait for the rest of the season. Especially after seeing the clip of next Sat. with the cast of the view. I despise that Star lady.......

+FINAL REVIEW: I don't know---lets say 8.5/10 Oh and on a final note, I really miss Paul as a cast-member already. He was not on long enough at all. Oh well. THE END>
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Old 09/18/2005, 12:38 AM
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Hey People!!! It's great to be back!! If you don't remember me, or if you're new here... I'm Jill. back on topic..

Open: Hate Mail: This was pretty good... loved seeing Michael first thing. Evil hate mail people... hehe anyhoo.. the new cast members are cool from what I saw from this. "I just hope they can tell you two apart" it was funny for the Nicole's, but the Frank's part didn't really make sense.. and that Stuart kid was creepy!

Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards "Season 11 Premire Party" Didn't really pay attention to this one. I don't usually like the red carpet interviews. but I saw John Cena and Ryan Reynolds!! Ahhh!! hehe sorry.

These Dukes Are Not Worth Watching This was probably the best sketch of the night... Jordan is kind of scary as a hillbilly. Nicole does a great Jessica. The bottle is what really got me... i'm odd like that I know.. hehe

House MD As being a fan of the show... this was really funny. House being addicted to the pain killers... making the racist comments..Frank actually told the basic plot of every episode in that one statement.. I thought that was funny too. Arden was really good in this.. and Stuart! haha

Mrs. Campbell: Real Estate I didn't really get to see much of this one (thanks mom..) But from what I did see this was a great sketch. Not really into Frank Caeti yet... maybe he'll start to rub off on me. we'll see

March of the Animals in Morgan Freeman's Backyard I actually found this entertaining. That cat was so cute!! The gnome part got me really laughing (as I said before... i know i'm strange..) and for the record... I give a sh*t about squirrels!!!!

Jazzy Girls I didn't really like this one that much... the Jazzy thing bugged me.. the kiss was funny though. Arden is great so far.

The Psychiatrist I missed this.. i'll see it eventually though.

Ok Go! ...pointless...

Stephnie Weir/ Morgan Freeman Closing I thought I was hearing voices.. it took me a few seconds to figure out it was Morgan Freeman. It was great to see an old-school closing, although I have a feeling they won't last very long.

Overall, great Season Premiere. I highly anticipated it and i'm glad it turned out as well as I had hoped. Hopefully, it will stay this way throughout the season. I love the new set... I thought to myself last season that if i was on that stage I would feel kind of closed in. Great episode!!

I Love Michael James McDonald!!
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Old 09/18/2005, 12:48 AM
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Originally posted by MJMLover123164
Stephnie Weir/ Morgan Freeman Closing I thought I was hearing voices.. it took me a few seconds to figure out it was Morgan Freeman.
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