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Old 12/17/2004, 10:43 PM
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Default Angela Wright

  • Stephnie Weir ... Angela Wright (9 appearances)

    Paul Vogt ... Natalie Wright (4 appearances)

    Josh Meyers ... Billy Wright (3 Appearances)


    Stephnie Weir plays Angela Wright, an eighth grade girl at Boyd Junior High, who typically appears on film. Angela often videotapes history projects for her teacher, Mrs. Rogers. Debra Wilson played Angela's African-American best friend, Beth, and Josh Meyers played Billy Wright, Angela's brother. Paul Vogt plays Natalie, Angela's overweight Canadian cousin.


    627 Angela: Camping (without Natalie, and Billy) (Will- Mr. Russell)
    Angela goes camping with her best friend and reveals to her best friend's father that she has a crush on him.

    717 Angela: Sexism Project (without Natalie, and Billy) (Debra- Beth)
    Angela films a video for a school project in which she and her friend Beth try to prove that a group of construction workers will look at them.

    802 Angela: Racism Project (without Natalie) (Josh- Billy Wright, Debra- Beth)
    Angela films a video for a school project in which she uses her African-American friend Beth in attempt to prove that elderly people are racist.

    816 Angela: My Big Fat Canadian Cousin (Without Billy) (Frank, Ike- Luke, Josh, Christina- Greta Adams, Ron)
    Angela films a video for a school project in which she uses her unattractive, overweight, Canadian cousin Natalie to prove how shallow the school football team is.

    817 Angela: Babysitter (without Natalie, and Billy) (Mo- Sue Evans, Michael- Gary Erwin Evans)
    Angela finds a hidden nanny cam while babby sitting for the Evans family and decides to declare her love for Gary Evans, the family's father.

    905 Angela: America's Funniest Home Video (Josh- Billy Wright, Paul- Natalie)
    Angela, her brother Billy, and her cousin Natalie film a video to be used on the show America's Funniest Home Videos.

    922 Angela: Montel (Josh- Billy Wright, Nicole- Joyce Cox, Jordan- Montel Williams)
    Angela, her brother Billy, and her cousin Natalie appear on the daytime talk show Montel after rescuing their elderly, handicapped neighbor Joyce Cox from drowning in a pool.

    1001 Angela: Stalking the President (Without Billy) (Ike, Bobby, Keegan, Ron)
    Angela and Natalie follow President Bush with a camera so that he can sign a note to get her out of a class project.

    1103 Angela: Sexually Active 8th Graders (Without Natalie, and Billy) (Nicole P, Arden, Frank Caliendo- Alex, Jordan- Pete, Daniele- Gabrielle, Bobby, Crista)
    Angela attempts to prove a statistic that states 30% of all 8th graders are sexually active, but is unsuccessful because she interviews unpopular kids at a band competition.

  • "In 3, 2, 1. Hi. I'm Angela Wright, eighth grader at Boyd Junior High School, and this is my social studies project entitled ..." - Angela
  • I don't understand this! - Angela

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Old 12/18/2004, 2:53 AM
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Originally posted by Hoss
hopefully i can clear this up a bit....

angela is steph's sister...wright is the correct spelling of her married name. you may remember a character named billy or bill wright...that is angela and steph's brother.

What happened to Andrae?
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