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Old 04/10/2004, 6:12 PM
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Default Angela: Discrimination (#802)

Stephnie: Angela
Debra: Beth
Josh: Billy
Extra: Old lady

Written by Stephnie Weir

Angela: In 3, 2, 1. Hi. I'm Angela Wright, 8th Grader at Boyd Junior High School and this is my social studies project on discrimination entitled "All old people are racist". This is my best friend Beth, she is black. Behind us is an old woman. She is white. Beth is merely going to walk over and sit on the bench, watch as the old woman grabs her purse and clutches it to her chest, fearfully looking at Beth suspiciously and perpetuating a legacy of hate that plagues America. I will narrate this heinous event, while my brother video records.

*Billy turns camera on himself and pokes his tongue out*

Angela: Billy! If you're gonna do stuff like that then give me my dollar back and I'll just go get the tripod.

Billy: Sorry!

Angela: Beth, Alright. Be prepared to meet the monster that is prejudice. Go!

*Beth runs across the road and sits down near the old woman*

Angela: Even as she approaches, the old woman's heart begins to race, you can tell. She's going to go for her purse, just witness.... (Yelling) Move in closer!

*Beth looks at Angela and moves in closer, but nothing happens*

Angela: Move in closer! You gotta get closer to her!

*Beth puts her face right in the old womans face*

Angela: Alright, she's going for her purse, I can feel it

*Nothing happens and Beth runs back across the road*

Beth: She didn't do anything!

Angela: I know, I know! I don't understant it, her purse is right there, It's like she didn't even notice you are black.

Beth: Well maybe she's blind?

Angela: I bet she is, I bet she is! Okay Billy, cut!

*Angela sneaks up to old woman and throws a beachball at her, which she deflects*

Angela (Running back): She's not blind! cut cut!

Angela: Beth, you have to sit really close to her and do this *makes grabbing motions* like you're gonna snatch her purse.

Beth: No Angela, I don't want to.

Angela: Please Beth, just do it!

Beth: No!

Angela: Beth! Come on, this is due tomorrow! And you owe me Beth, I let you practise making hickies all over my arm!

Beth: Okay!!

Angela: Okay, go! go-go-go-go-go!!!

*Beth runs over to the bench and starts making grabbing motions*

Angela: Okay, she's fearful, I can tell she's gonna grab her purse.

*Beth continues with grabbing motions but nothing happens*

Angela: Oh man! What is wrong with you lady!! (yelling) okay, make- flash gang signs at her!

*Beth gives up and runs back across the road*

Beth: I don't know any gang signs!

Angela: Just do this *Angela does "West- side" hand gestures and shakes her hands around* like this!

Beth: Maybe she's not racist?

Angela: Oh my God, I don't understand this! Okay, I got a new plan. Cut, cut Billy!

*Angela is behind the camera now and Beth and Billy in front*

Angela: Okay you guys, listen up, listen. Beth, I want you to go back and sit next to her again, go on, go back *Beth leaves* Now Billy, listen. I want you to point at Beth and say 'there's the girl who stole my bookbag'. Okay? Okay, go!

*Billy nods and runs across the road*

Angela: This is it, this is gonna work!

Billy (Across road) There's the girl who stole my book bag.

Beth: Yeah, I did so what?

*Old lady passes popcorn to Billy, and reachers for her hand bag*

Angela: *gasps* YES! She grabbed it, she grabbed it! Now we're cooking with smoke. Here we go, run!

*Old woman reaches into hand bag and gives a candy apple to Beth- who starts talking and laughing with her*

Angela: What are you doing? Stop talking to her! (Yelling) STOP TALKING TO HER! No laughing! come back, come back!

*Billy and Beth run back laughing*

Angela: Hurry! Billy, take the camera. Take the camera!

Beth: Look, she gave me a candy apple, hehe

Angela: What are you doing? Okay, she obviously can not even tell that you are black, and to be honest, I am beginning to wonder myself.

Beth: I am black! I am!

Angela: You know, you say that you're black, but you don't project the essence of someone who's people have suffered great atrocity. You project the essence of someone who goes to private school and has a pool in their backyard.

Beth: Um, hello? That's because I do!

Angela: Wel, you're the only African American I know, so pump up the blackitude!

Beth: What is that supposed to mean?

Angela: (Starts acting all ghetto) Go 'Yo yo yo yo!. what up man? bling! this goes out to all the babies momma's!'

Beth: That is so stupid! You know what? Angela, you're racist. You are.

Angela: Me? No!

beth: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And you know what else? This whole social studies project is racist. It is.

Billy: Yeah, it is all racist.

Angela: I cannot be racist, my best friend is black! Hello! Obviously if you two knew the rules of racism, then you'd know that!

Beth: You know, Billy, let's just go.

*They walk away, Billy still has the camera pointed at Angela*

Angela: No, Beth! Okay, I'm sorry! I'M SORRY! ALLRIGHT I'M SORRY! Please don't go! You can't leave, listen, people are gonna think your lovers and they're gonna beat you up! Please! Come back, Beth! Billy!

What happened to Andrae?

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Old 04/14/2004, 11:04 AM
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OMG...hahahahaha....I love this one...Angela ROCKS dude!!!
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Old 04/14/2004, 8:31 PM
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Um, is that the right name of Angela's High School? Boyd Junior High School?

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 04/14/2004, 9:11 PM
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Yeah thats' right

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Old 04/15/2004, 4:26 PM
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Dude, angela is so frickin awesome. And you do AWESOME transcripts. This one is really good, and I even laughed while reading it.

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Old 03/22/2005, 4:13 PM
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one of my favorite Angela sketches...i lived it when Angela threw the beach ball at the old lady..then the old lady punched it back really fast...lmao

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