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Old 09/26/2005, 6:30 PM
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Originally posted by madcrazy56
no one got The View sketch for me to die laughing again too? oh well.
I dont see how all of you liked the Krumpin sketch. I thought it was terrible. just like last seasons one where keegan michael key and that other dude (sorry I dont remember his name) would just jump around saying random crap dancing to it. waste of air time in my opinion . it seems as though the new people are trying too hard to be funny, and it isn't working. at all.
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And yeah, I didn't like the those sketches either. But those were different IMO, this was more of a parody of that stupid dancing...
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Old 09/26/2005, 6:35 PM
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I LOVED the man-up sketches. They were just so random and well orchestrated. Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess.


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Old 09/26/2005, 6:50 PM
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So far I have been less than impressed by season 11, but I'm not gonna say it's a bad season yet because it's just getting started.

Steroids Ad: This was lame, that's all I have to say. Just stupid humor about drug use, not funny at all.

President Bush: R.I.P. Gilligan: I guess I'm one of the only ones who actually loves Frank's Bush impression. This was one of the better things in this episode, he always nails it spot on and it always gets a laugh out of me because I'm not a big Bush fan at all and the stuff he says is so rediculous. Someone mentioned them overusing the Bush character last season, but that was due to the elections.

Wedding Crashers: Eh...boring.

Silver Fox: While this was probably just a cheap shot to use Stephnie's Muriel character one last time, I liked this one. I was getting tired of the 7am Condo Report sketches because they were pretty much identical and followed the same format, but this was good because it was different than anything they'd ever done before while still using some familiar funny characters. It's a lot better than the alternative which would be to find a replacement for Ron's character.

The View: All of the chicken references were stupid, which is what the whole sketch centered around. I wish they'd had Daniele do Star Jones, I like her version more. Pretty much all the impressions here were terrible as well, with the exception of Nicole Parker and possibly Stephnie Weir and Nicole RJ. Crista's was especially off.

Tank: Arcade: I hate this character and this sketch was no different.

Emmy Awards: They should always use Nicole Parker for these segments, this was the best red carpet they've had in a long time. The two highlights for me were Nicole Sullivan and Nicole Parker's Kathy Griffin impression.

Coldplay Parody: God, this was just obnoxious.

Krumpin': This wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Crista was pretty good here, this is one of the better things she's done. I watched it after I read a lot of the posts here and it wasn't as great as I thought it might be.

Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks: It was a funny premise, and Daniele did a good job. Nothing spectacular, but I liked the concept.

Closing: Krumpin': Closings with the audience are always good because it brings back that live feel. It's always great to see characters as well.

OVERALL: Eh...mediocre. Nothing really made me laugh that much, although there were a few decent sketches. Hopefully next week is good. I'll be interested to see how the season goes once Stephnie's appearances start running out.

Matt (the OTHER one)

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Old 09/26/2005, 8:37 PM
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Okay, time for Chris's MAD Review...

Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids: Funny concept that couldn't go anywhere. I had no substance. Although, I did like Ike leaning over to get the steroids in his mouth. 2.5/5

Presidential Address: Wow, this was awful. A dumb excuse to get in Frank's overused Bush impression. The Bob Denver tribute was just stupid. Also, it was too soon to crack anything funny about Katrina. 1.5/5

Wedding Crashers: What the heck? This was a very strange and short sketch. It seemed like just a way to get in Kim Jong-Il. What was the point of substituting him and Castro in? 2/5

The Silver Fox: I like Isador, but I didn't like the sketch all too much. His grandson or nephew or whatever played by Ike wasn't very funny. I love Isador's dentures and his strange voice. I also like Muriel and her seizures, so the sketch was mediocre. 2.5/5

The View: This sketch seemed to be less than the sum of it's parts. Nicole R.J. looks a lot like Star Jones, Stephnie does a great Walters, the egg bit with Michael was funny, I liked the hostesses talking over each other...but I didn't find this sketch very funny. It seemed like a mess of underdeveloped ideas, and I thought it was stupid when Michael gave them chicken feed. 2.5/5

Tank: Arcade: A funny Tank sketch? I actually thought this was pretty funny. I liked the bit with Tank's friend and when Tank first goes up to Arden and does all his weird chicken talk or whatever jibberish he says. Bobby and Jordan together were funny too. 3.5/5

57th Annual Emmy Awards: I think Bobby is good on the red carpet, and Nicole made a great first impression. I especially liked Kathy interviewing Nicole/Kathy. 3.5/5

Music Video: Coldplay "I'm The Most Important Part Of Coldplay": I'm one of the few people who liked this sketch. I too think Martin is very in-love with himself. Michael has a funny voice when he sing like him. 3/5

Clownin and Krumpin: Oh my gosh, hands down the best sketch of the night. Crista and Jordan's crappy dance moves and dumb dialogue ("The pi-i-i-i-igs who are out to kill KIDS") was absolutely hilarious. 4.5/5

Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks: I was okay, nothing special, but it did have a lot of funny impersonations. 3/5

Close: Clownin and Krumpin: Again, nothing special but still kind of funny. 3/5

Best Sketch: Clownin' and Krumpon'

Worst Sketch: Presidential Address

Overall: 31.5/55 or 57.5%

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Old 09/27/2005, 6:32 PM
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Did anyone else see it coming when Michael picked up dust from Barbara instead of an egg? I thought that was a littrle too predictable...

Still a great sketch though! ...Lots of Talent in Nicole Randall Johnson!
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Old 09/28/2005, 3:37 PM
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I really thought that The View sketch was slightly over the top, wth the chicken movements and all. But i really flipped when they Michael took out a brown egg, and of course, i also laughed my ass out whenever Steph went on camera! Good make-up team they have there!
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Old 09/30/2005, 8:11 PM
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I was a bit mixed on this episode. I enjoyed The View, Nicole on the Red Carpet, and Crista's Krumpin a whole lot. But the other stuff I just didn't care for or were plain bad.

Not as good as the season premiere, but not noticably disappointing.

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Old 09/30/2005, 9:20 PM
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Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids: Eh, it was ok. I guess now that Jose C.(not even gonna try! lol) was on Surreal Life and all, steroid use is the new hot topic. But it was mildly amusing at best, although I can see my Grandpa liking that sketch.

Presidential Address: C'mon! He did the theme to Gilligan's Island! You gotta love that kinda stuff....well, I did.

Movie Parody - Wedding Crashers: I think the biggest mistake with this is the movie they chose to parody. Wedding Crashers was a)A Comedy and B)A Really Good Comedy. So I wasn't into it. I did think Ike's Fidel was pretty good though. Too bad Facism is so 5 years ago.

The Silver Fox: Oh my goodness, If there's a hell, i'm sure they help make spin-offs of good comedy sketches. I feel like i'm on that Movie Critic sketch on In Living Color.."Hated It!" But I never really dug on Isador. They coulda just kept 7am Condo Report. Even with major character changes, it would work I think. Muriel was the star of this, of course.

Television Parody - The View: Really good impressions by most. Nicole's Star was great, and so was Steph's Barbara Walters. I also thought Nicole Parker looked alot like Joy. Arden's was hard because Elizabeth has like... nothing special. Except she was on Survivor. Christa just doesn't fit in as Merideth. Sorry. Don't hit me.

Tank - Arcade: This was the better of all the Tank sketches. I thought the "Whack-a-Mole" part was funny. But not a big fan of Tank. I can't believe their planning on Tank merchandise at the MADtv Store.

Red Carpet - the 57th Annual Emmy's: Nicole was good on this! They didn't get the greatest guests but it was way better than the Teen Choice Awards. Bobby was... better. I liked the Kathy Griffin x2 interview. Not a huge fan of hers but I liked seeing she had fun with it. Some comedians think their "above" that.

Music Video - "..Most Important Part Of Coldplay": Good lord. Is Michael tone deaf or what? I think they shouldn't have used him for Chris Martin. Besides the fact he's atonal, he doesn't look like him. Not that I think anyone else could've done better.

Clownin and Krumpin: Maybe I missed something but... why was this funny? I only managed to get a "heh" out when Nicole said "He just hit the white girl in the face!" But really... it just wasn't very good IMO. I would even go so far as saying that was a bad sketch.

Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks: I did like this one. I was pretty funny and the impressions were really good. Chris Tucker was exceptionally good I think. The jokes were good too. Nice.

Close - Krumpin: Eh.

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Old 10/24/2005, 10:27 PM
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Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids:mediocre 2.5/5

Presidential Address: Frank does a great impression and i liked the beginning of this bit with the usage of words 3/5

Wedding Crashers: boring 1/5

The Silver Fox: considering i've never seen a 7am condo report sketch these characters were new to me...and they were boring 2/5

The View: considering i've never seen an ep of this show cause its not aired here,i only have snippets to go off.Good impressions and i laughed a little 3/5

Tank: Arcade: Never seen this character before.my 3 laughs came from both of the slides across the air hockey table and when bobby smacks the guy in the face with the paddle and u can see him crack 3.5/5

57th Annual Emmy Awards: Nicole doing her kathy impression WITH kathy was great.i thought nicole sullivan was boring...and maybe even a tad snobby...like she didn't even know what mad tv was...rude 3/5

Music Video: Coldplay: i dislike coldplay and agree...its all about chris martin.the only bit i liked though was when he revealed it was an apple he was hlding and then bit it 2/5

Clownin and Krumpin: oh man..i waspissing myself laughing at this.People dancing funny IS funny to me.This sketch also made me really like crista...and i laughed harder at the first push jordan gives her rather then the punch 4/5

Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks: Hmmm this was slightly amusing,if only for nicoles rather accurate kathy griffin impression 3/5

Close: Clownin and Krumpin:i wanna be in the audience for that one and the booty shaking,awww.Way better close then last week 4/5

Overall: i thought this episode was better overall then the season premire.i'd love to see the Krumpin brought back 4/5
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Old 12/04/2005, 9:59 PM
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Last night when they re-aired this, Krumpin' was even more hilarious! Me and my friend were laughing so hard. I actually cried. (Never done that before...I usually smile when I think something is funny...I don't do big laughs very often). On second watch, this is a 5/5.

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Old 12/04/2005, 10:10 PM
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Yeah I saw it too. Still wasn't censored lol. Now I know what you all meant...

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Old 12/04/2005, 11:16 PM
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It's a odd feeling that they re-aired Episode #1102 which featured the red carpet EMMY@ segement in which Nicole S. was talking about Hot Propeties the same week the series got cancelled.
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Old 04/04/2009, 6:05 AM
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Originally Posted by blackwind View Post

Ripped by yours truly. Loops to perfection. Get your krump on.
this link doesn't work anymore. does anyone have the file?
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Old 04/04/2009, 7:15 AM
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Originally Posted by mgerbe View Post
this link doesn't work anymore. does anyone have the file?
Nope, sorry.

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