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Old 12/29/2006, 10:42 PM
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I'm gonna review this episode, for no real reason, yet again.

Dr. Larry's Sleeping Pills: This was alright, but not great. MAD can do better. Steph was great but it was still a poorly written sketch.

Opening: Ike's Hot Grandma: Bobby and Ike = not funny together. Both can be funny apart, but they are THE worst duo ever. So...a bad opening. No stars.

Abercrombie: Hmm...i'm not so sure if these work so well without Ron. This wasn't terrible, but it definitley wasn't as good as the Season 9-10 Abercrombies.

Inside Looking Out: Compact Discovery: I always love ILO, and this was no exception, especially with them breaking character. Best sketch of the night for me. ½

[b]Curt Jones/b]: This was pretty good, but not really anything awesome. This could shape up tobe a good character, though. ½

Wheel of Fortune: Now the episode starts to get really bad. Nicole was awesome here, but everything else about this just plain sucked. ½

Goodnight America Late Night Tonight Show Show: This was abymsal. Frank's Bush impression is good, but they really overkilled it here. ½ star

Sanford and Son 2005: This was once again, funny, but not great by any means. Not bad, I guess. ½

on/the/Download 2.0: This sucked a LOT. OTD is a waste of space. No stars.

Cast Closing: Cast closings are nice.

Overall: A pretty mediocre episode. Only one really good sketch (ILO). There were a few prettty good/ok sketches, but most of this was episode was either mediocre or horrible. Frank Caeti was really good here though, and seeing more S11 eps, i'm reliazing how great he's going to turn out to be. Wish Nicole and Steph got more airtime, and Crista too.

I'll do a rating out of 10 for once and give this episode a 4.5/10.

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