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Old 09/10/2006, 10:39 AM
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I'm glad I finally got to see this episode. The magical world of the internet didn't have it, and this was the first rerun I got to see, and I'm glad I did. It was a pretty good episode for the season, but not necessarily a great season finale, but it was much better than some of the others.

The Land Before Jesus: Nicole is great at what she does. She got that voice down great. The repetitiveness of the "LOOK OUT!!" was good, and it was overall a decent sketch.

MADtv Wrap Party Preparation: I've never seen such blatant product placement done so awkwardly. Not as funny as Ike and Bobby at times, they didn't seem to have the chemisty, but they pulled off a decent On The Town.

Office Groper: Absurdly funny. Michael's good at these awkward sex sketches, like the one with Nicole and oral sex.

The Three Minute Meal: Quite possibly the best sketch of the night. This could be Crista at her best. She didn't have that cringe-inducing voice going on, like in her Stuart Christmas sketch, or the Mrs. Campbell one. She was perfect. One of the few sketches that I've actually laughed out loud at.

The Ring-Arounds: Good songs, pretty decent. I swear I've seen the second little girl around the television somewhere before.

Bae Sung On The Sopranos: TGBSID. Thank you Bobby Lee, for killing Bae Sung. Keep him dead, please. I hope that the whole going down the toilet was a metaphor for "I'm never having this character on MADtv again" metaphor.

Nannies: A good way to send off Daniele. She was the star of the sketch for me, with Nicole RJ give a great second. Daniele had me laughing most, and she didn't do her typical voice that she does for every impression/character.

Encore: Stuart Gets Lost: Didn't watch it.

Close: I think people need closure, and that Frank Caliendo should have been saying goodnight, announcing that it was his final show, or doing some sort of final sketch. I watched the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen / J-Kwon SNL beforehand (which was Jimmy Fallon's last show) and the final sketch of the night was a good send off for him, and for me. I know the MADtv.com message board will be plagued with "whurs franke and danyelle?"

See you in Season 12!
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