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Old 03/22/2006, 4:15 AM
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Brokeback Mountain II - The Cowgirls: This was a mediocre sketch until it came to the whole "I wish I could quit you but my husband won't let me" part. Ike dressed as the tree was great.

Nicole's Date: I like how relaxed this was (ie: props on the main stage). This wasn't terribly funny, as I don't see something that stupid happening, but Nicole's tantrum was amusing. The outtakes at the end of the show were hilarious though.

24 with Bobby Lee - Audition: I like 24 w/ Bobby, I do think he could mix up the begining, because yeah, i get it, you sleep all day. The part I loved the most was when Bobby was practicing his lines in an Asian accent. I cracked up. What's up with the robot? He's like, a recurring character now.

George Clooney Commercial: Nice! Has there been any "commercials" lately? If there was, I didn't find them memorable. I liked this one, I had knowledge of his brief and un-classy TV stint so, I guess if you weren't aware of it, you may not get it.

Maury and Connie: I really don't see the problem with this. It wasn't great, but if you're going to say it was horrible because Mike and Bobby kiss, then you need to get over yourselves and get a life. I actually preferred this to the last few Connie sketches.

Bae Sung: Well, it certainly went in a different direction than it usually does. I really only laughed at Bobby, John and Ike dancing to Bae Sung's theme... because sometimes you just need to admit you can laugh at retarded stuff.

Ashlee Simpson - "L.O.S.E.R": Hmm. Well, I haven't seen the video parodied here (is it a parody?) but overall, it was a pretty disapointing Ashlee sketch. I liked it more when they parodied her show.

Hello, Hollywood! Hello!: I really liked this one too. I liked Bobby and Nicole together for this, because it gave off that cheesy lounge singer vibe. I actually think these would be good recurring characters, if done right.

Starbucks Superheroes - Coffehouse: I liked this one alot more than its first appearance. I think Jordan and Ike rock this sketch. These characters remind me of bitter high school superheroes that make constant digs at eachother.

Cragg - Good Samaritan: Oh Cragg. How you waste 5 minutes of my night. I agree, the HasMat suit and the pizza was "teehee" worthy, but in a stupid, what other choice do I have, kinda way.

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Old 03/22/2006, 11:24 PM
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Default Re: WHO/WHAT #1116

Originally posted by Dartanian
Cast: Ike Barinholtz, Frank Caliendo, Crista Flanagan, Daniele Gaither, Keegan-Michael Key, Bobby Lee, Michael McDonald, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker, Jordan Peele

Guest Starring: John Cho

Special Appearances: Louie Anderson, Steven Cragg
  • Brokeback Mountain II: The Cowgirls (Nicole P- Regina Haylicker, Crista- Fanny Tulips, Ike, Keegan)
  • Open: You Didn't Ask (Nicole P- Herself, Ike- Mike, Keegan- John, Jordan)
  • 24 with Bobby Lee: Louie Anderson Audition (Bobby- Himself, John Cho- Himself, Louie Anderson- Himself)
  • George Clooney Commercial
  • Weekends With Maury and Connie (Bobby- Connie Chung, Michael- Maury Povich)
  • Bae Sung Switch (Ike- Himself, Bobby- Himself, John Cho- Himself)
  • Music Video: Ashlee Simpson "L.O.S.E.R" (Nicole P- Ashlee Simpson, Michael- Joe Simpson)
  • Hello, Hollywood! Hello! (Nicole P, Bobby)
  • Starbucks Superheroes (Jordan- Killbrain The Fury, Ike- Astroman, Crista- Debbie)
  • Cragg: Good Samaritan (Steven Cragg- Himself)
  • Close: Nicole's Date Outtakes (Nicole P- Herself, Ike- Mike, Keegan- John, Jordan)
Did Nicole and Bobby have names in the "Hello, Hollywood! Hello" sketch?

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 03/23/2006, 1:13 AM
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Default Re: Re: WHO/WHAT #1116

Originally posted by Dartanian
Did Nicole and Bobby have names in the "Hello, Hollywood! Hello" sketch?
Tyler and Candy Matsumoto, I believe.

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Old 03/23/2006, 4:29 PM
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Default Re: WHO/WHAT #1116

Originally posted by Dartanian
[*]Music Video: Ashlee Simpson "L.O.S.E.R" (Nicole P- Ashlee Simpson, Michael- Joe Simpson)[/list]
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