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Post Games and Crashes Heat Up the Summer for 3 Former MADtv Cast Members

Well as we enter the what seems like endless summer months of such great programs like I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, and Wipeout (sigh) we all must be thinking the same thing "yeah, those shows are great*, but what about the MAD content!" Well, just because MADtv cast members are far too famous to be appearing on such degrading shows like Celebrity, does not mean that they won't be heatin up the screens of your television and lappady toppity boxes, as 3 MADtv cast members are stepping out of the fire of actually competing in the shows, and getting into the comfy pan of hosting the television shows. So get ready to cosy up and watch some of your favourite cast member’s heat up the dial, in a way that will make getting through the dark summer of MADless action much more bearable.

The first cast member who has already been popping up on the Game Show Network is our very own Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey impersonator Debra Wilson, who has been appearing on the networks live game show GSN Live and is even pictured on the shows main website. Though the show does not have a secure host, it does rotate between 3 other people, besides Debra. The shows plot is just as it sounds. It is a live game show on the Game Show Network in which if people want to play, all they have to do is "Enter your phone number in the boxes shown. Each hour, from noon to 6pm ET on weekdays, the hosts will select a random entry and call an on-air contestant - it could be you! Answer the hosts' questions correctly and you could WIN!" They also have an online version, in which contestants can play any of GSN.com's web games, and have a chance on winning $10,000, or Oodles, a currency of GSN that can be returned for Game Show Network merchandise. By the looks of this, Debra can add game show host to her already impressive resume, and if permitting, full time game show host.

Debra, however will not be alone on the Game Show Network, as another cast member has come to the network to pimp out Oodles and such, as Keegan-Michael Key, who continues to solidify himself as Mr. Saturday Night, has also come to the network to be the host of their new game show Big Saturday Night. The premise of this show is very similar to GSN Live. People wishing to play send in their phone number, which is randomly drawn every Saturday Night, live (Starting on June 13th). If a person is picked, they must answer a question about one of GSN's various programs like Q20, and The Money List. If they answer correctly, they have a chance at winning prizes, and Oodles. If these rules are at all confusing, then maybe they might be easier to understand coming from the President of the United States (follow the link and look to the right hand side for the video). As Keegan embarks on his new endeavour of game show hosting, let's hope he doesn't leave out some of his hilarious impressions and characters he was so good at on MADtv, because wouldn't we all love to hear someone like Snoop Dogg, or Jovan Muskatelle tell us that we just won Oodles?

Now, don't get this article wrong. MADtv cast members aren't all trying to push fictional, semi-useless money on bit cable networks, because at least one former MADtv cast member has a hosting duty on a major network, and on a show that will bring the heat of flaming car wrecks through your television screen. That cast member is none other than former MADtv original Orlando Jones who will be taking the hosting duties on ABC's new show Crash Course. The show involves 5 couples of 2 competing to pull off stunts like driving on 2 wheels, and navigating through obstacle courses. The show will begin in August, and air after ABC's other obstacle course show Wipeout.

With these familiar MAD faces, they should make getting through these hard, horrible (if your an albino like me, the previous 2 are a factor), and hot summers much more easier.


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