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Old 03/16/2002, 1:43 PM
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Default How long will it last?

Now with the confirmation of Alex and Will leaving the show at the end of the season, how much longer do you think the show will last? Or more importantly, how much longer will you continue to watch? Will has been annoying for the past two seasons, so I won't miss him that much, but Alex was an extremely talented cast member that none of the new ones can replace. And, although I've hated Will recently, he's definitely better than Andrew Daly. Is it me or is MADtv going down the tubes? Pretty soon all that's gonna be left is Stuart sketches, back to back. Michael, Mo and Debra are funny, but I don't know if they can save the show all on their own. As for the other cast members, they aren't funny enough to save it either. Unless they add some really stellar people next year, I don't know if I'll continue to watch the show. What about you guys?

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Old 03/16/2002, 2:42 PM
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When was it said that Will was leaving? Did somebody mention this in another thread?

I think one of the reasons Mad TV is bad this season is because of the old cast members. In my opinion, Mo Collins, Michael McDonald, and Will Sasso have gotten very annoying especially in their recurring bits. Debra, one of my favorite cast members, doesn't do much anymore, Aries is still okay, and Alex is basically gone already and that's too bad because she never got annoying (the Swan over-load wasn't her fault, blame it that damn Swan/Stuart month thanks to Fox). The newer cast members are the only people who I think are consistently great nowadays, except for Stephanie Weir. If Michael and Mo follow Will's leaving, the show may be headed in the right direction. I know it can be hard to lose cast members that have been on the show for so long, but other than their popularity, Will Michael and Mo really have no reason to stay on anymore.

Mad TV is very bad now. Having an episode filled with overused recurring characters is bad.
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Old 03/17/2002, 12:33 AM
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I'll continue to watch as long as Mo is there. The only thing that Alex ever did that I really enjoyed was Ms. Swan. And Will's okay, but I won't miss him that much.

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Old 03/17/2002, 3:14 AM
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MADtv is of such a format that they can just keep replacing old cast members with new ones without any trouble. It's not like on a sitcom or anything. And while a lot of the hardcore fans will be sad about Alex and Wil's departure, the general public probably won't care that much.
I just hope they find some really solid replacements for next season, people who will last more than one season.

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Old 03/17/2002, 9:56 AM
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i think hopefully it will still be funny after will alex and nicole
leave but i think one thing they have to do though is come up
with more characters like this is very similar situation in
season 1&2 next year they definitely need to get new funny
characters and good new castmembers
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Old 03/17/2002, 1:03 PM
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Just because we particularly don't enjoy MadTV as much as we used to doesn't mean that current fans feel the same way! People love MadTV because it's MadTV! Same with SNL, no matter who's in the cast and what popular characters there are. The show is as popular as ever. And did you ever think that new cast members will bring a new light to the show? Look how much it's evolved since people like Frank or Stephanie came along, we now have a wider variety of comedy styles! The show is expected to be on for a very long time and I plan to watch it for that time period. You are never too old to enjoy a classic sketch comedy!

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