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Default Cerise Muhammad: Daughter of Legends #1-2 (#1411)


Jamaal Launtree: Keegan-Michael Key
Cerise Fletcher: Erica Ash


(When something is in brackets and is italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).


Cerise is straightening her hair throughout the interview.

Sketch #1

(The Eternal March logo and song appears/starts to play.

Scene then shifts to the set. Lights rise

Jamaal Launtree: Welcome to Eternal March. I'm Dr. Jamaal Launtree, and I am most honoured today, the daughter of the legendary civil rights leader Maleek Mohammed. Please welcome Ms. Cerise Mohammed Fletcher (shows Cerise. Jamaal off-screen). Now before we start Cerise (on-screen) I wrote my doctorate thesis on your fathers orchestration on the walk on Birmingham, and uh, I, I have to tell you, a lot of people feel that that was a turning point in the civil rights movement.

Cerise Fletcher: Yeah, you know he really orchestrated that walk, and everything, so.

Jamaal Launtree: Yup, indeed he did. Indeed he did. Yes he did. Now t-t-tell me Cerise, what do you remember about your father.

Cerise Fletcher: Oh he was a good man. Um, he was really in the civil rights, and he did a lot for the you know the community, and everything so.

Jamaal Launtree: Yeah he did. Yes, yes that is true. Now um, something that a lot of people may not know is that you're father built a preparatory school for children in the community.

Cerise Fletcher: No he didn't actually build it I think the construction people did, but his name is on the front of it. Don't be embarrassed, a lot of people make that mistake. I have to do a lot of corrections.

Jamaal Launtree: Ok.

Cerise Fletcher: And everything so.

Jamaal Launtree: Yes, yes I see. So t-t-tell me, tell me what was it like growing up with your dad? What was the childhood spirit?

Cerise Fletcher: He was always so funny. Like this one time I remember he came home and he was soaking wet from head to toe, and I was like (in impish voice) "Daddy, were you playing in the sprinklers without me (impish voice ends)!?" And he hugged me, and he pulled me in real close and said "no baby girl. The police man wet me up with a fire hose".

And I was like (in impish voice) "daddy! Policemen don't have fire hoses (impish voice ends)!" He was always making jokes and stuff like that. And everything, so.

Jamaal Launtree: That so (laughs unpleasantly. Off-screen). How bout this. Did you're fathers work in the civil rights inspire you?

Cerise Fletcher: Oh my father inspired me a lot. Because he was always making speeches about the civil rights to this group, or to that group. Or to this person, or to that person, so a lot of people and everything, so.

Jamaal Launtree: Sssss, ok, ok. So um (clears throat), so are you continuing you're father’s legacy? His work?

Cerise Fletcher: Oh yeah, I do a lot of civil rights and stuff to legacy my father. Like this one time. This one time I was in a coffee shop, about to buy my morning donut, and this man came in and he tried to break line in front of this lady, and I was like "hey! There's a line." And everything so (wags finger).

Jamaal Launtree: Wai- Did the civil rights aspect of the situation.

Cerise Fletcher: It was like my father’s spirit possessed me. And I just, I just knew I could not let this injustice prevail. So I said "no! That is not civil and that is not right!"

And he looked back at me. And he did like this (chest thrust).

But I didn't react. And that was the thing I was going to say. It's like my father was also about non-violence. So I think it was geneticle. And everything so.

Jamaal Launtree: Wait um. And wa, wa. Do you mean geneticle. Meaning that you want to follow in your father’s footsteps?

Cerise Fletcher: Oh no I hope not, I mean my father was shot in his face. No, I'm not. I don't want that to happen to me. And everything so.

Jamaal Launtree: Ok so, it appears that what we have learned here today is that her father. My hero. Was shot in the face, so that this one could straighten her hair, and fight discrimination, while she's buying a damn donut (camera shows Cerise smiling despite the insult).

We will uh. We will be back in a moment and I swear to God she will not be here.

(Jamaal walks off stage. Sketch #1 ends).

Sketch #2

Jamaal Launtree: So uh y'all, y'all ain't gonna believe this (camera shows Cerise)

but um, Malcolm X's second cousin who was our next guest cannot not make it. So I have been asked to persevere with Cerise here. So Cerise your father. The great Clifton Maleek Mohammed, was one of the first voices to oppose Apartheid in South Africa.

Cerise Fletcher: Yeah he did, but I don't understand what he had against Aparthead because, it doesn't look so bad to me.

Jamaal Launtree: Apartheid. The segregating and stripping of black South African citizenship doesn't look so bad to you.

Cerise Fletcher: Oh. I thought Aparthead was when a black man puts a part in his hair. You know?

Jamaal Launtree: No.

Cerise Fletcher: No.

Jamaal Launtree: No. I should stab you!

(Jamaal leaves the stage in anger. Sketch #2 ends).


Rise from the Dead!

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