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Old 03/19/2009, 12:23 AM
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Default Lauren Pritchard (Season 14 Introducing)


Lauren Pritchard: Herself
Guy Stevenson: Himself
Zach Steel: Himself
Katie Dippold (Never Speaks): Herself
Chris Gula (Never Speaks): Himself



(When something is in brackets and italicized, that means it is a descriptive moment).

When a laugh smilie is used, that means that the line is being spoken while the person is laughing. It will end when another laugh smilie follows like so.



All of the new cast members for season 14 of MADtv got introduction videos produced by Boardhead Brothers.


(Lauren in her trailer).

Lauren Pritchard: Lauren Pritchard. That's me. Newest member of uh, well one of the newest members of MADtv, season 14 (MADtv Presents, and Lauren Pritchard appears in script).

Came all the way from Orlando, Florida.

Um, now I'm in the big city.

Hollywood, alright. Just got here. 8 years ago (Lauren outside of the studio). I'm the king of the studios! I'm making a Titanic reference, I do comedy! It's ok I do comedy, it's cool (Lauren talking over the scene). Everyone has just been like one happy family. Like, it's just. It's the support. The hugs.

Just the talks we all have. (Lauren in front of Nicole Parker's dressing room). Hey Nicole (Door shuts. Lauren knocks. Scene shifts back). Everyone has been so cool. So nice (Lauren outside of Crista's dressing room). Hey Crista. Oh, sweetie, uh, it's me it's Lauren! (Crista's door shuts. Lauren whispering). She's probably sleeping (Stops whispering. Scene shifts back). The big boys up stairs. The guys in charge. They, they (Scene shifts to Lauren outside of a room with a tray of cookies, talking to a man. Lauren talking over herself) are not afraid to tell you what a great job you're doing. So nice (In scene).

Guy Stevenson: You know this is a place of business?

Lauren Pritchard: Yes and I see you're.

Guy Stevenson: Yeah.

Lauren Pritchard: Busy, ha, ok alright maybe later (Scene shifts back). And the guys (laughs). Always so flirty, there always like "hey Lauren hang out" and I say "I can't guys! I have other stuff to do!" (Scene shifts to Lauren with a tray of cookies talking to a guy). It's cookie time!

Zach Steel: No! No.

Lauren Pritchard: I already went by here.

Zach Steel: No.

Lauren Pritchard: But he turned me down like this.

Zach Steel: No. Lauren I don't want a cookies!

Lauren Pritchard: The cookie...

Zach Steel: No!

Lauren Pritchard: It's really good. Taste it.

Zach Steel: No!

Lauren Pritchard: I'm just saying. I guess no means yes.

Zach Steel: No! No! No means no! No!

Lauren Pritchard: Homemade chocolate chip (Laughs).


(The man hits the cookie tray and knocks everything on the ground).

Zach Steel: No!

(Scene shifts back).

Lauren Pritchard: I just cannot believe that I am a cast member on MADtv season 14. Everyone’s been so nice. I love it here.

(Scene shifts to Lauren walking down a hallway).

Zach Steel (Off-Screen): You left some cookies Lauren!

Lauren Pritchard: Whoops, sorry.

Zach Steel: You left them all over the floor!

Lauren Pritchard: Sorry. Joker. (Lauren talking over the scene). I love it here (talking over stops). Just a, just a wonderful place to be (Lauren Pritchard script appears on screen.

Lauren is then showed sitting in the corner, crying, holding a bear, and eating a tub of ice cream.



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