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View Poll Results: What was your favorite sketch of #1208?
Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #1-3 0 0%
Iraqi Protesters 1 11.11%
Welcome Back Teddy 2 22.22%
Music Video: Sly Stallone: "Bring it Back!" 0 0%
Celebrity Pets: Vince Vaughn's Dog, Lenny 0 0%
Apocalypto Press Junket 0 0%
Commercial: Donimo's Pizza and Brownies 2 22.22%
North Korean Nuclear Test Footage 1 11.11%
Red Carpet: 2006 Billboard Music Awards #1-2 2 22.22%
Weekly News with Toby: Word! 0 0%
Adam Tells A Story 0 0%
Talking Magazine Cover: Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock 0 0%
Flavor of Love 1 11.11%
Voters: 9. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12/11/2006, 9:25 AM
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Shorty time:

This episode was REALLY up-and-down. Not to mention I was eating cashews during some of the sketches...mmmmmm cashews. There was some good stuff (Iraqi Protesters, Donimo's Brownies, the Red Carpet Event, Robotic Hands) but there was even more stuff that just sucked ass (Apocalypto Press Junket, Flavor of Love parody (it was supposed to be good too!), Magazine Cover, that whole Snoop Dogg stuff, and the Rocky parody although Frank was awesome in it). Overall, Frank was great (as per usual), and Crista was pretty good too. I like how she's toning things down, and becoming more subtle with her humor, ala Stephnie or Alex. She's still not great, but she IS getting better with each eppy.


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Old 12/11/2006, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by nick View Post
MADtv is now officially on YouTube. The main page advertises their uploader username as MadtvOnFox, and they've uploaded most of 1207's sketch already.
It's odd how their so-called uploader ripped all the clips from other users (including me) and uploaded them as his own. The blooper footage is the only original clip.
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Old 12/12/2006, 2:14 AM
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Hey Orly, how do you get all the new episodes skits out so quickly?
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Old 12/12/2006, 6:31 PM
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I'm not gonna do a review because I was out of town with relatives and I didn't get a chance to really watch all of the episode. What I did see though, was all right. The open, "Iraqi Protesters," "Apocalypto," "Dominoes," and Billboard Awards were all pretty decent/good. "Talking Magazine Cover" wasn't that bad either, but the Flavor of Love parody sucked, just like I thought, and it was way too short at that. "Celebrity Pets" and "Weekly News With Toby" were great, as usual, but I didn't see/couldn't really hear/follow "Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv 2-3," "Mechanical Hands," "North Korean Nuclear Test Footage," "Adam Tells a Story," or the Rocky parody, so I'll rate the episode after I see those.

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Old 12/14/2006, 7:53 PM
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Originally Posted by KaiRMD1 View Post
Hey Orly, how do you get all the new episodes skits out so quickly?
Sometimes I record the new episodes and convert them into movie files but I mostly rip clips from full episode files that people release on torrent a couple days after an episode is aired.
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Old 03/29/2007, 11:18 PM
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Default RE: who/what 1208

The who/what was missing Bobby Lee's brother for the Nuke test sketch... I THINK "Hon" is the character name. I also added New York and Buckwild's real names.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 02/28/2008, 12:23 PM
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Arden at her best + Crista hooking = bw's favorite "sketch" of #1208. Not only would it be nice to see these two paired together again, I'd *love* to see what Crista is truly capable of on the red carpet! Incidentally, I'd love to see what Crista is capable of on a box-spring as well, but let's take this one step at a time, shall we?

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Old 02/17/2009, 12:09 PM
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Default Review

Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #1: Funny, but then again Keegan's Snoop Dogg is always hilarious. The highlight was Jordan getting arrested for possesion.

Iraqi Protesters: A true look at the business of protesting in Iraq to get on US network news. The highlight was when Ike asked if Omar had fallen into a pile of stupid.

Welcome Back Teddy: This was one of my favourite sketches ever! I loved everything about it. It's creativity, the fact that Michael was acting like he did in the old days, and the just plain havok he caused. The highlight was Teddy trying to calm down Courtney but then accidentilly ripping her head off. A rare 5 star sketch.

Sly Stallone "Bring It Back!": Frank's Sly Stallone is funny, but as for the sketch it was ok. The highlight was the bulging fat Frank had to wear. He must have sweated Lake Ontario out wearing that.

Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #2: Filler. The highlight was Snoop's speak. Switch to camera tisu, or camera onzzle, I don't know which cameras which.

Celebrity Pets: Vince Vaughn's Dog, Lenny *Claymation*: This was actually one of the more better Claymations. There was more to it then others I have seen. The highlight was Lenny trying to hump the dog and him getting beat up by the owner of the other dog.

Apocalypto Press Junket: Ok. The highlight was Michael's Mel Gibson, espechially when he changed into crazy Mel and started yelling for forgiveness.

Donimo's Pizza and Brownies: What does MADtv seem to have against desserts served in pizza places? The highlight was the fact that Fudgem's is not a brownie, but a big piece of poo.

North Korean Nuclear Test Footage: Funny, but the real funny part was when they got into the editing room with Kim Jong Ill because A. It's clearly the MADtv editing room from the Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv sketches, just with pictures of Bobby as Kim Jong Ill on the walls and B. Because of Bobby's attempt at kicking a pencil.

2006 Billboard Music Awards #1: This was good because it was Arden and Crista, not just Arden. The highlight was Crista flipping off Arden as she goes into the show with Flavor Flav.

Weekly Kids News with Toby: "WORD!" [Animation]: What a word. Weekly News with Toby has never been interesting, or funny. To me it has always been cheap animated fillar. The highlight was You+Word=Un-Employment.

Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #3: How did this show get off without a hitch with Snoop Dogg running it?

Adam Tells a Story: This was funny. The interruptions by everyone looked like they would have been funny to anyone except Adam. The highlight was Adam asking why Jennifer always has to grind his balls up all the time.

Talking Magazine Cover: Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock: God I hate talking magazine covers. How low budget can you get?

Flavor of Love: Always good to see Jordan's Flavor, but even though he was the star, the highlights of this sketch were Nicole RJ and Crista. Nicole RJ for her ghetto additude, and Crista for he additude in general.

2006 Billboard Music Awards #2: Crista hooking. I would buy. The highlight was Crista's sexy poses.

Out of 80 stars this episode got 52 1/2. That's a C+ rating from me. It was an ok episode. Really could have been better.


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