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View Poll Results: What was your favorite sketch of #1211?
Open: Steve Jobs Reveals the iPhone 2 15.38%
Sesame Street: Dirty Bomb 3 23.08%
Splash Cola Open 0 0%
Coffee Twins 1 7.69%
Tivo Playlist #1-3 0 0%
Many Shows! with "Johnny" Gan & Pongo #1-2 1 7.69%
Who'd a Thunk? 0 0%
Madison's Bat Mitzvah 2 15.38%
Medium with Bae Sung 0 0%
Weekly News with Toby: Rosie is Evil 0 0%
Brutha on the Make 4 30.77%
Suicide Note 0 0%
Voters: 13. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01/30/2007, 1:13 PM
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Originally Posted by acceptme View Post
request: "Brutha on the Make" skit on youtube ?
Like I said above, it's there, you just have to try a few different titles to search for.

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Old 01/31/2007, 6:12 PM
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Originally Posted by acceptme View Post
request: "Brutha on the Make" skit on youtube ?
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Old 02/11/2009, 12:21 AM
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Default Review

Steve Jobs Reveals the iPhone: I didn't find this funny. There was not much to it.

Sesame Street: Dirty Bomb: Not as good as internet pedophile, but not bad. The highlight was Elmo. Such a great voice on display there.

Splash Cola Open: Not funny. I don't know where they got this impression of Tiger Woods from. I'm not defending him, but this is nothing like him, even I a non golfing fan would know that. The highlight was when he got mad about the fact that he was not already listening to Smash Mouth "can someone tell me why I'm not already listening to Smash Mouth!"

Coffee Twins: The only reason why this was even remotely funny was because I think they felt that if Arden and Crista laughed long enough, the audience would start to laugh. Not funny, not at all. The highlight was Susan swearing off her husband.

TVIO Playlist #1: George W. Bush: This was the only good one of these because to me it was the only one that made any sort of sense.

Many Shows! with "Johnny" Gan, & Pongo #1: I'm going to say it. I hate Johnny Gan and Pongo. It is not funny at all. The only highlight was Bobby's hilarious singing.

Who'd a Thunk?: This was a one joke sketch. The only highlight was Frank's opsy doopsy face.

Madison's Bat Mitzvah: If the impressions were done in a better all around sketch, it might have been better, but the plot of this one was not good. A Bat Mitzvah?! Not funny. The highlight was as I said the impressions. Nicole's Jessica Simpson was a stand out. Anytime we get to hear Nicole sing, is an A rating.

TVIO Playlist #2: Tom Cruise: About half of these didn't make sense.

Medium with Bae Sung: I could never hate a Bae Sung sketch! At least not a lot. This one was ok. The highlight was Bae Sung speaking perfect English, and then cracking up when he gets to talking about a cookie.

Weekly Kids News with Toby: Rosie is Evil: Toby is just filler to me. I hope we don't see anymore of these.

TVIO Playlist #3: Tommy Lee: No sense.

Brutha on the Make: I am not a huge fan of Darrell. There is nothing to it. The highlight was Frank's costume. I love the weenie hat.

Suicide Note: This was nothing. Honestly I think this was a canceled sketch, but they needed to put something here so they got this. Not funny.

Many Shows! with "Johnny" Gan, & Pongo #2: Filler. Unneeded, and unfunny.

Out of 75 stars, this episode got 37. In my counting 38 is a pass. This episode officially gets my lowest rating ever, and my first failing grade with a D+. This was not an accident. This episode was that bad. It deserves the rating it gets.


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Old 02/11/2009, 6:10 AM
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Well, ouch.

I actually liked the Suicide Note sketch; it was topical, original, and clever. I agree with pretty much everything else though. (Well, what I saw.)

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