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Default Eric Price (Season 14 Introduction)


Eric Price: Himself
Ryan Smith: Himself
Bryan Bradley: Himself
Colton Dunn: Himself
Kacie Barton: Herself



(When something is in brackets and is italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).



All of the new cast members in season 14 got introduction videos produced by a group called Boardhead Brothers.


Eric Price: Hi, I'm um Eric Price. I'm the new cast member on MADtv (MADtv Presents and Eric Price script appears).

I'm excited for this season. It's gonna be a good one (snaps fingers and points at self).

I got it. They called me up and they were like "hey, uh" you know "you got it" (Eric now looking through a window. Eric talking over the scene).

And I was like yeah (Scene shifts back)! I think I'm gonna offer the show a lot. I'm really good at characters, and impression. My impressions are stellar (Eric in a room with Ryan Smith, and Brian Bradley, badly imitating Russell Crowe). Allo, I'm Russell Crowe. I'm here from Britain (badly imitating Ted Coppel). I'm Ted Coppel (badly imitating Beatty White). I'm Beatty White (Scene shifts back). And I go in, and meet with the writers, and pitch them ideas, and be like uh, here's some genius (Scene shifts back. Bar saying MADtv writers Ryan Smith and Brian Bradley appears at the bottom of the screen).

But that Ted Coppel right,

Brian Bradley: Yeah, that's spot on.

Eric Price: like (Badly imitates Ted Coppel) I'm Ted Coppel (switches back. Ryan opens the door behind Eric), and he can run in the Olympics too.

Brian Bradley: Yeah.

Eric Price: Like with Tom Hanks like (closes the door. Badly imitates Tom Hanks). I'm Tom Hanks and I'm ready to take some action (Scene switches back)! And the writers are like what, that's an awesome idea!

Brian Bradley: Let's drop all that stuff in the idea box.

Ryan Smith: Yeah.

Eric Price: Oh, the idea box.

Brian Bradley: Yup.

Eric Price: I'm going to get so much stuff on the show this year. It's gonna be ridiculous (Scene switches to Eric inside MADtv writer Colton Dunn's writing room. A bar that says MADtv writer: Colton Dunn appears at the bottom).

Colton Dunn: Well, the sketch is done man.

Eric Price: Awesome (snaps fingers)! You gonna put my name on it?

Colton Dunn: You mean as the writer?

Eric Price: Yeah.

Colton Dunn: No, I wrote it.

(Scene switches back).

Eric Price: I've been here for a couple of weeks now. and um, I'm really making an impact.

(Scene switches back).

Colton Dunn: You're in it, yeah. It's a Project Runway sketch it's gonna...

Eric Price: Just thought I'd arse!

Colton Dunn: You're Tim Gunn.

Eric Price: Just thought I'd arse!

Colton Dunn: I'm going to get a soda, alright.

Eric Price: Alright.

Colton Dunn: I'll be right back.

(Scene switches back).

Eric Price: I don't have any secrets. You know, I'm an open book. (Scene shifts back. Eric talking over it). What you see is what you get (in scene). I'm gonna get my name on this thing (laughs. Eric is taking the laptop, Eric talking over it). And you're getting a lot. Like 112% (in scene). iPhone (Eric is taking the iPhone), what! Pay check (Eric taking his pay check). I'll figure out a way (Eric leaves the room. Scene shifts back). Everybody loves me here (Scene shifts to Eric knocking a place of food off a table).

Kacie Barton: Hey.

Eric Price: Boom

cast member (laughs)! Is this you're soda? Snatch (Scene shifts back)! How could you not? Right (Script Eric Price appears



Rise from the Dead!

Planet MADtv (August 28th 2002- August 28th 2009, August 28th 2010)

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