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Old 03/25/2005, 4:44 AM
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Default Ten best sketches from a single cast member

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and it might be an interesting thing to do if you have time. If you had to put together a videotape of a castmembers absolute best moments, for whatever reason, what would your top 10 be? Since Steph is my favourite, I'll start of by doing hers:

1) Dot on the Good News Forum - easily the best Dot sketch in my opinion, and one of my all time favourites.

2) Mrs Campbell: Fast Food Action Lawsuit - I had a hard time choosing between this one and the Car Accident one, but this one was alot sharper.

3) TLC's A Wedding Story: Tess and Gary - The one where Stephnie marries the inflatable car lot thing

4) The Anna Nicole Show - I had a hard time picking which Anna Nicole sketch to put here, because the ones from season 8 were all excellent, but I decided to go with the original)

5) Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses Part I

6) The Werewolf sketch where she tries to get a credit card. This sketch proves that Stephnie is truly one of the most physically creative people in comedy at the moment in my opinion.

7) Mary Kate and Ashley's Hip Hop Sock Hop - Just because it was hilarious.

8) 7am Condo Report 2

9) Drama Queen on the Actors Studio - This was just inspired in my opinion.

10) Angela's School project on Racism - You know, the one where she throws the beach ball at the lady

Anyway, this is just my opinion. There were other sketches I wanted to include, like the Popstars sketch and the first Dr. Kylie sketch. Plus there is still alot of stuff that I haven't seen (Liz Allen for example).

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 03/25/2005, 6:52 AM
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Here's my list for Pat Kilbane:

1) Mahir I Kiss You
2) The Blair Witch Report
3) Hoppy Potty Video: Shpooky Potty
4) Snapshot Stories with Pat Kilbane
5) Olsen Twins
6) Rocket Revengers in Excitocolor
7) Rubberman
8) Weekend at Tupac's
9) Coffee Guy:Exam
10)Spishak: Bris-O-Tine

"Like I always say, there's no "I" in team. There's a "me" though, if you jumble it up." -Dr. Gregory House , House M.D
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Old 03/25/2005, 12:28 PM
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Here's my top 10 for Miss Debra Wilson

1) MTV's ICON: Whitney Houston - This is the sketch that hooked me onto MADtv. I was in tears watching Debra, and truth be told I didn't even really know anything about Whitney Houston when I saw it. All I knew was that it was hella hilarious, and it got even funnier when I realized how accurate it was

2) Not Insane - I saw this sketch before I joined the forum, back when I had no knowledge of what some upcoming sketches were for each Staurday Night, and I was completely surprised when I saw this, which made it all the more funnier. 2x the Debra! Who wouldn't love that?

3) Cloret: Just Juice - I didn't know which Cloret sketch to pick, but I find that the first is always the funniest. Sure the Countest Vaughn one had some FUNNY lines: "PLEASE PROCEED TO SECURITYYY!!!" "OWWW MY NIPPLE!" but this one did too: "Who names their baby Gabrizelle? Debra rocked as this character!

4) Oprah's Thinning Cam: Oh lord, this sketch had me dying! I loved all of the Oprah sketches but this one.. OH! It was too funny, especially when that fat hand gave Paul some tissues... too funny!

5) Vicki the Dog Girl - I can't choose between her date and her lowered expectations... Because when I saw the date I thought it was hilarious. Only Debra could bark for 2 minutes and still make it funny. Ha. I know so many people that do things like that: You tell them something is kinda funny and they do it over and over an over again. I was still crying when the SECOND sketch came u with her on Lowered Expectations, and then I just lost all control... I loved it when MADtv used to kind of connect characters through sketches in an episode... lol

6) Young Alanis - This sketch just proved how versatile Debra is. She was WHITE! And I completely believed it, she was very convincing as Alanis Morissette, and she sang like her too! And it was good! I loved it! Yeah! Exclamation Marks! lol

7) Primetime Interview with Diane Sawyer: Whitney Houston - This was a perfect spoof, and Debra was spot on and hilarious. I loved everything... her weird facial expressions, her calling the carollers trick-or-treaters, and at the end her being called Diana Ross. "I AM NOT DIANA ROSS!!!"

8) Beyonce - This music video was so hilarious! And really catchy too! Very accurate parody. I just love listening to Debra sing

9) The Lords of the BLING: The Two Ta-Ta's - Both of the BLING sketches with Debra were funny, but I found the second one a tab bit funnier.

10) Bunifa: Trading Spaces - When I saw this episode I was just thinking to myself "they should do a trading spaces spoof" and BAM! Coming up on MADtv... I couldn't believe it. It was SO ironic and SO funny! "Imma crack yo' ass in half.. IMMA FU---"

Honourable Mentions:
Lover Muffin, Oscar Medley (that was classic), and the News at 6 sketches (particualarly the Windstorm one )



I Swear To God I'm Not Insane!

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Old 03/25/2005, 6:05 PM
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My top ten from...you guessed it! Nicole Sullivan:

1. Vancome Lady: Snacks Vendor
2. Darlene McBride: The Marshall McBride LP
3. Pot Luck
4. My Boyfriend, the Bank
5. Handicapped Parking
6. Lick My Baby Back Behind (Sure, the impression is far from perfect, but that was some DAMN funny stuff!)
7. Intensity
8. Lida and Melina: Wedding
9. Vancome Lady: Guidance Counselor
10. Gimmee A Clue (With Antonia and Ms. Swan)
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Old 03/25/2005, 7:00 PM
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Here's my list for the one and only Alex Borstein (in no particular order):

1. Ms. Swan at the Candy Shop
1 1/2: Stick Chicks
2. Show open with Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne
3. 976-SWAN
4. Ms. Swan sings the MADtv theme song
5. Brightlings- Retirement
6. MAD at the Emmys- #501
7. Pretty White Kids With Problems #1
8. Spice Girl Interrupted
9. Hollywood Squares
10. Dot reunited with her sister

R.I.P. Madeline :heart:

Sketches Written: 3
Spishak: Dolls with Balls
The Fatty Dry Cheesewhiz Chocolate Spam

CoMe To ThE cHaT!

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Old 03/25/2005, 8:03 PM
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Mo sent me a video full of her "highlights" from MAD. Its got all of my favorite sketches in it like Pop Stars, Trina wedding, etc etc.

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Old 03/25/2005, 8:08 PM
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Originally posted by Scorpiogrrl2003
Mo sent me a video full of her "highlights" from MAD. Its got all of my favorite sketches in it like Pop Stars, Trina wedding, etc etc.
Ohh. That's awesome. I wish she would send me stuff!! lol

Quiero hacer el amor apasionado a su cuerpo magnifico.

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Old 03/25/2005, 8:58 PM
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Hmmm, a Will Sasso Top 10, this is gonna be tough, but here goes:

01) Kenny Rogers: Punk'd, Jackass, Psychic Friends & Duets of a Lifetime
02) Behind the Song: The One that I Love
03) Limp Bizkit - Posin'
04) The Sopranos Edited on PAX
05) Paul Timberman's Workshop: Lazy Susan
06) Family Feud (#624 & #701)
07) 976-SWAN
08) The Stick Chicks (#503)
09) The Sopranos Family Feud
10) FANatic Nicole Sullivan

This will probably change as I love so many of his sketches


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Old 03/26/2005, 12:19 AM
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Default Paul Vogt

I'll do one for Paul because I'm really bored and he's my favourite of the current male castmembers.

1) Angela: My Big Fat Canadian Cousin (Either this one, or the Americas Funniest Home Movies one, because he was extremely funny in both)

2) Piano Bar (The piano player who is really manly when he's talking, and really effeminite when he's singing)

3) Stardates (I had a hard time picking between this one, and the Survivor one, but Mrs Garrett had a bigger part in this one)

4) MADtv At The Emmys - Mo & Paul

5) The Lillian Verner Game Show #1 or #5

6) Bowling For Christmas

7) Sam Adams/ Ben Franklin's Time Machine

8) The Fantanas!

9) Hallmarks #1-3

10) The Honeymooners 2003

What happened to Andrae?
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