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Old 03/08/2003, 7:58 AM
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Post Episode #803 Review (AOD: 9/28/03)

Music Video Parody: "Hot Up Herre" - A parody of Nelly's "Hot in Herre", in which Father Kelly (Michael McDonald) and the Pedophile Priests (Bobby Lee, Ike Barinholtz, Josh Meyers) are running a summer camp for boys, and get all "hot". This was okay. This had a funny premise. I must say, it was quite scary seeing Bobby and Ike in their underwear, but my sister was salivating over Josh in those little undies, especially when he "shook his stuffs" during the line "we are getting so hot" for the last time. But that's pretty much all there is to this video parody, a bunch of gay priests "shaking their stuffs" and smacking each other's asses. It did have a few clever lines though. Overall, this wasn't bad, not great either, and it's definitely among the weakest of the episode and pretty diluted when compared to the awesome season seven video parodies.

The Jackie Chan Show - Jackie Chan (himself) gets his own reality show. He meets up with Chris Tucker (Debra Wilson), who complains that he talks about Owen Wilson more than him. They bump into Owen (Josh), who gets in a fight with Chris. Jackie, not wanting violence, decides that the two should have an eating contest. But Owen and Chris continue fighting, so Jackie runs away. I expected for this to be really boring, but, surprisingly, there were several funny moments to this, but that's mainly because of the Tucker and Wilson impressions, which are my two favorite impressions this season. Tucker's little quirks and Wilson's lame insults ("I'm sorry, I can't understand you, I don't speak outerspace") are particularly funny. I also found the theme song (which is almost exact to Anna Nicole Smith's) to be funny. Overall, this didn't have a very innovative premise and had only subpar writing, but turned out to be a great sketch overall because of the awesome performances from Josh and Debra, although Jackie wasn't bad either.

Stuart: Piano Lesson - Stuart (Michael) has his second piano lesson. His mother (Mo Collins) says she will be very busy upstairs styling her hair. When his teacher (Josh) asks him to play his scales, Stuart plays an elaborate piece, proving to be a modern Mozart. His teacher, amazed, calls Doreen downstairs (she comes down sporting a completely different hairstyle), but Stuart purposely plays terribly for her. When she leaves, Stuart plays brilliantly again, so the teacher calls Doreen back down again, who is very frustrated and says that it better be good (she's again wearing a different hairstyle); of course, Stuart plays terribly again. There's a big brawl between Stuart, the teacher and Doreen, who is again wearing a different hair style. When the piano teacher leaves, Stuart plays well again, and Doreen realizes the piano teacher was right the entire time, and runs out yelling for the piano teacher to come back. I think Hell has frozen over. A new Stuart sketch was actually very good. Michael actually did something different with the character, the entire skit didn't consist of "let me do it" and "look what I can do". Stuart used to be a very funny character, but starting in season six he became tired because of his repetitive skits. Anyway, Michael was very funny, Josh was very good in his straight man role, and Mo was okay, but Doreen's become too weird I think. Overall, it was quite a funny sketch. This has to be the best Stuart sketch since the Stuart Goes to Mommy's Work sketch in episode #522. I really enjoyed this.

Public School House Rock: Fatty Fatty Fatty - A parody of the School House Rock adverbs song "Lolly Lolly Lolly" about the obesity in kids brought on by the fatty cafeteria food served to them. As usual with this segment, it hits its mark well, and is very funny; and it's a great issue to tackle in the school systems. It's not as good as a couple of past PSHR segments, but it was nevertheless very good. Plus, it's animated. I'm happy to say that it looks like animation will be at least somewhat prominant this season.

MAD on the Red Carpet: Emmys '02 - Because Will Sasso and Alex Borstein have left the show, they obviously cannot do the Red Carpet segments like they always did(where they interview various celebrities passing by), so for this segment, Michael and Debra have taken their place. Unlike most people, I've never been a huge fan of these segments, and never understood why people always found them so damn hilarious. Sure, there were always some very funny lines at some points, but on the whole, they weren't. However, I can definitely see why with this particular segment, which is definitely my favorite of all the Red Carpet segments I've seen; I don't know what if it was the change of having Michael and Debra is what made it work or not, but they were very funny. There were several highlights here, so I'll only mention the very best ones. First, when Debra said "let's see who is cracked up enough to talk to us", when Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne walk by. Second, when Michael gets into a fight with Bryan Cranston, who then does a Brad Garret impression. Third, when Jimmy Fallon from "SNL" stops by, and Michael complains that people on "SNL" stops by, and Michael complains that people on "SNL" get to do movies, but they are stuck doing Red Carpet interviews for "MadTV". Finally, when Oprah Winfrey stops by, and Debra yells "my queen!" Oh yes, and Debra acts like Bunifa at one point too. Overall, an excellent, and hilarious segment. Let's hope Red Carpet sketches are this good in the future.

'50s Diner - A couple (Mo and Michael) go to a '50s diner with another couple (Debra and Aries Spears). Ike appears as a Fonzi-type host. The waitress (Stephnie Weir) takes Mo and Michaels' orders, and leaves. Aries tells her she forgot about him, and she says that because it's a '50s diner, they don't serve black people. This turns into a big fight, and eventually the manager (Josh) comes out. Aries and Debra finally leave, but then Mo and Michael decide to leave as well since they don't have Diet Coke, since it's supposed to be the '50s. This was very good. Sharp writing and an original idea. All performers here were very good, except Ike, who was just kinda annoying. Very good sketch, overall. Ike's part was bit so he didn't ruin it.

Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses A.D.: Raindrops Falling On My Danger Part 2 - This segment is recurred for the first time, except Kathryn Fiore is replaced by Jill-Michele Melean. In this sketch, the Huntresses are very thirsty, but Zamula (Stephnie) invents a rainray. The rainray keeps falling apart, from bumping against the microphones and stuff like that. Then Mikayla (Jill) is killed by a spear, and the Huntresses discover "druids" did it, so they attack them. But at the end, an "evil antasauras" comes out and "attacks" them (it's really just a puppet being moved around by a few people). There were several highlights to this, it was hilarious! The funniest here was probably Takka (Mo), and Alexis's (Debra) yell-talk is very funny. Hell, all four of them are hilarious. This is a very sharp parody of those "Beastmaster"-type shows. Overall, this was an excellent sketch, and it really showcased the mass talents of the female cast this season, just like the COPS one in the last episode did the male cast. My favorite sketches of the season so far, which is really saying something because it's rocked at this point.

Detention - A nerd (Josh) and a jock (Ike) are in detention together, and they discuss various things; there were so many things going on here, I won't go into plot details. Josh was pretty good as he usually is, but Ike is at his absolute worst here. He was so damn annoying, he thought he was the $hit when comes to being hilarious, when really he is only being, well, $hit. Horrible acting from him! The writing was also very amateurish, but there were a few clever lines; it was painfully obvious which parts were written by Ike and which ones by Josh. It felt like a sketch that a high school would put on, instead of real satire it's just a bunch of school stereotype jokes. Still, Josh and some clever lines saved this from being horrible.

CLOSE: Insomnia Talk With Al Pacino and Robin Williams - Al Pacino and Robin Williams (both played by Frank Caliendo) discuss Insomnia and working with each other as the credits roll in that Credits Talk thing that HBO does. Robin does all of his weird personas, and Al talks about dealing with them. Frank is at his best here! The Pacino impression is very good, and the Williams one is superb. Funniest part was when Al said, "when you're in freezing water, and your balls are blue, you DON'T CARE about 'help me I'm a fly'". This is definitely the best closings EVER, very funny, it's actually one of the best sketches in the show.

Overall - Although this episode wasn't up to par with the last one, most of the sketches here were very funny and excellent; hell, I even really enjoyed the Jackie Chan Show, Stuart, and Emmys, which was really unexpected. Detention was the only bad one. "Hot Up Herre" was okay, and the rest were VERY enjoyable. One thing I didn't like though was the number of sketches. Like usual with the season, there were NO Encores/Classics, musical performances, or closings on stage, but there were still only eight sketches, which is disappointing when you compare it to #802's 14. I guess that's because all of the sketches were longer-lengthed. As for the cast, Debra, Michael, Ike, and Josh dominated the show; Mo got a few appearances, but the rest barely appeared at all. That was disappointing as well, because almost every cast member got a chance to really shine in #802. Two cast members stick out here. Michael in particular was very good in this episode, he provided several funny moments, and he even brought us a Stuart sketch that's actually fresh. The other one is Ike. I initially liked Ike, he gave good performances, he was excellent in the season premiere actually, but all of his performances here absolutely SUCKED. I've already grown very tired of him, which isn't a good sign considering it's only his third episode. I think he's just a bad actor who forces his lines, and he think he's much funnier than he really is. Anyway, this episode brought us six excellent sketches plus an okay one and a bad one, which still isn't very many sketches in total, but whatever, the episode ranks a 9/10.
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