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Old 07/16/2008, 7:53 AM
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That is indeed Johnny Sanchez. But the rest of the people in the pic are Erica Ash, Keegan Michael Key, Nicole Parker (with auburn hair), and Lauren Pritchard. They are at the FOX TCA Red Carpet, which is where the new cast and season were announced.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 07/16/2008, 1:32 AM
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Hoho! Yet another liaison, perhaps?

Gimme Crista or gimme nothing!
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Old 07/16/2008, 1:17 AM
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Here's a link to Eric's Myspace, and I'm not sure but in the picture to the left of the screen, is that Johnny Sanchez? Do they know eachother prior to the show?



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Old 07/02/2008, 10:39 PM
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Yea, Eric Price is hilarious! I'm so glad he joined MADtv.

Along with being in RENO 911! for two episodes and American Chopper he also has huge videos on Youtube as him parodying David Blaine's Street Magic. They're under "David Blaine Street Magic: YouTube Edition".

I couldn't believe that was actually him!

Congrats Eric!
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Old 06/27/2008, 1:11 AM
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I saw on his IMDB page he was in Comedy Central's "American Body Shop" episode 2 and he was the break dancer in an episode of Reno 911. I have most of the episodes of "American Body Shop" still on my OnDemand and watched ep #2 and he was funny in it as a mentally-retarded meth-head car mechanic. I have all the Reno 911s on DVD and he was really funny on there playing "a white guy trying to act black" break dancer, he seems to excell at playing gangsta-wannabes, wouldn't be surprised to see him play a variation of this character on Mad Tv.
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Old 06/21/2008, 3:39 PM
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Post Eric Price

Full Name: Eric Price [news]
Date of Birth: July 19th, 1974
Place of Birth: Bay View, Wisconsin
Height / Weight: 5'11" / 160lbs.
Seasons on MADtv: 14+ (2008 - present)

Recurring Characters:Celebrity Impressions:
  • Don Knotts
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Kevin Jonas
  • Len Goodman
  • Nigel Lythgoe
  • Phil Keoghan
  • Robert DeNiro
  • Tim Gunn
  • Warren Buffett
Born in Bay View, Wisconsin, Eric was always a jokester. In order to pursue his jokester-type lifestyle, and turn it into a career, he took a position at a comedy club called ComedySportz Milwaukee, but it was a small role in a 2004 movie set in Wisconsin that got his comedy career started.

The movie was called Godfather in Green Bay, about a struggling comedian who gets a gig in Green Bay where one man has a stranglehold on the town. Eric played a character called Rat Boy. Not the best name for his first role, but he loved every minute of it. "This is where I should always be" is something he exclaimed on the set.

Determined to make that happen, Eric then spent the next year traveling between his home in Milwaukee and Los Angeles. He even sold his motorcycle at one point to get a plane ticket out to LA so he could audition for a new show by Nick Cannon. The show did not turn out to be what he thought it would be, and he did not get the role, leaving him without a comedy job, or a bike.

Eric's struggles would not be for long, because though he did not get the role in the show, the connections were in his words "irreplaceable". The connections got him in an extra bedroom in Burbank for 3 months, with a pool, and hot tub. While his wife Sarah Price was shoveling 8 feet of snow on an almost daily basis back home, Eric was relaxing by pools and hot tubs. The 3 months wasn't all hot tubbing, and swimming though, as while looking for work, Eric got his first big gig on the television show Reno 911! playing a break dancer. This role would also lead him to his first movie role, as the crew envited him back for the major motion picture Reno 911!: Miami in 2007 (under a different role).

After the 3 months, Eric went back to Wisconsin to resume his role of doing the comedy shows up there, and work on his bluegrass band. When asked in 2005 why he has not moved to start his career in Los Angeles, Eric's answer was simple. "'[My manager asked me] Hey, when are you going to move out here?' Right now, my wife has some projects here. She's tied up until end of next year with projects". Along with this, Eric didn't want to go to LA and be stuck waiting tables and struggling for that big break. At the moment he had a great house, great friends, and a great dog. His life was comfortable, but as Eric states "I don't like being comfortable".

In order to do well by his wife, Eric stayed in Wisconsin. He would do stand up at the local clubs, and perfect his craft a little more at the ComedySportz location in Milwaukee. In early 2008, after being squandered in the lowly comedy circuits of Wisconsin, and his wifes work done, it was time for Eric to start living his dream. With the goal of getting somewhere in the television comedy industry Eric, his wife, and there dog, packed up and moved out to LA.

It only took a few months for Eric to find a job in Hollywood. In June 2008, the legendary sketch comedy show MADtv, was looking for new members. Eric, after auditioning for many different pilots, and not getting the job, Eric decided that maybe getting on an already established show was the way to go. With this in mind, Eric send in an audition tape. The MADtv casting crew loved his stuff, and hired him on as one of 4 new members for the shows 14th season.

After working for years in stand up clubs, and with other comedy troops, and waiting for his wife to be done with her various jobs, Eric finally had his foot in the door. However, even though he has now got national television exposure on MADtv, that was not enough for Eric. As he had stated, he doesn't like to be comfortable. In order to get out of that comfortable zone, Eric signed on to play Corbett on an all new web series called Action Auto. Eric wasn't even suppose to get the role. But as the show was making an ad-libed trailer, Eric was given a role. Eric killed it right off the bat, and was leaving the cast and crew in stiches. The show knew they had to hire him, and just like that Eric was now engaged to two roles in Hollywood. Eric's career is on the rise, and hopefully MADtv can latch on to some of his talent, and join Eric on his rise to stardom.

Where are they now?
As of May 2009, Eric is a featured player in his first season of "MADtv."

Television - Starring Roles:
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Television - Guest Roles:Film - Starring Roles:
  • <none at this time>
Film - Supporting Roles:Other Credits:Fun Facts:
  • <none at this time>
Famous Catch-Phrases:
  • <none at this time>
Memorable Quotes:
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Pertinent Links:
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Special Thanks:Sources:__________________________________________________

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