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Old 10/02/2008, 10:04 PM
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Default The David Herman Timeline

In 1995 MADtv started up with a goal of maybe possibly beating the big Saturday Night Live. To do this MAD felt it needed some young undiscovered talent, but it also felt that it needed some already seasoned talent. One of those seasoned veterans would be David Herman. Herman who had been in movies like the Academy Award winning movie Born on the 4th of July, and the show House of Buggin' was one of the few former movie actors that began the show in 1995. When House of Buggin was cancelled by Fox, Fox did not want to let Herman go, and hired him for the new MADtv project. He would show his skills, becoming one of the favourites of the first group of MADtv cast. This timeline will go through the life and times of David Herman on MADtv, and how a bit movie actor, found his greatest role, and reached a whole new audience. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the David Herman Timeline.

1995: House of Buggin is cancelled. Herman is hired on to work for the new sketch show after House of Buggin was cancelled.

October 14, 1995: MADtv premiers. David appears in his first episode. His first sketch would be called Cast Search. Read the Transcript

January 6, 1996: David appears as Joe Don in the Joe and Lily Don sketches for the first time.

February 3, 1996: David appears as Joel Linder in the the Linder's sketches for the first time.

March 16, 1996: David appears as Marsh in the X-News sketches for the first time. Watch the Sketch

November 2, 1996: David plays Mike Lawson in the Incredible Findings sketch for the first time. Watch the sketch

December 7, 1996: David appears as Mike Lawson in the Incredible Findings sketches for the last time.

February 1, 1997: David plays Marsh in the X-News sketches for the last time. Watch the sketch

February 8, 1997: David plays Joe Don in the Joe and Lily Don sketches for the last time.

April 26, 1997: David appears as Joel Linder in the Linders sketches for the last time.

1997: With 3 of the original cast members leaving, the MADtv crew was able to hold down David for another season

October 11, 1997: David appears in his last episode. His last sketch would be called Sling blade II where he would play John Ridder.

1997: With David really wanting to move towards a movie career, his 3rd season was cut short, as he was only in 4 episodes in the 3rd season before moving on.

Life After MAD

David's movie career that he left MADtv for did not pan out as well as he hoped. Except for a role in the hit cult movie Office Space, and Dude, where's my Car? David's movie career was filled with mostly bit parts. However, David did find some good roles in the animated television industry after leaving MADtv. His most famous role would be on the shows Futurama, and King of the Hill. Since leaving MADtv, David has not returned to the show, but maybe one day he will, as I don't think he can forget the show where he will most likely be remembered for the most, and the role that really jump started his career.


Rise from the Dead!

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Old 10/03/2008, 9:29 AM
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I know mizz and alot of the others love David, but I just don't remember him that well

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Old 12/01/2018, 1:23 AM
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Lightbulb Most notable roles

In futurama the small but frequent role of Scruffy the Janitor appears very frequently along with 80+ side characters snagging him some awards.
In King of the Hill Buckley, Luanne's boyfriend, appears in the first season, Jimmy Witchert makes an appearance once or twice per season, he also voices 30+ other people.
More recently on Bob's Burgers he regularly voices Mr. Frond and 50+ miscellaneous characters.
Even the new Netflix original animated series Disenchantment he appears as various 10+ voices in the 1st season, mostly elves.
In front of the camera, top of the list is Office Space as Michael Bolton, then Idiocracy as the secretary of state, and Dude where's my Car where he plays Nelson the dealer with the smoking dog.
I feel if he could have linked with a similarly dispositioned comedic personality he could have really gone up fast in the 90's 2000's. I still wouldnt mind seeing a resurgence.
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Old 12/03/2018, 3:29 PM
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Was David Herman in that Geico ad in which he plays a person entering a weightlifting contest and then runs in a track and field event while still holding the dumbells from the previous event?
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