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Old 12/17/2004, 11:45 PM
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Default The Linders

  • Bryan Callen ... Mark Linder (5 appearances)

    David Herman ... Joel Linder (5 appearances)

    Mary Scheer ... Connie Linder (5 appearances)


    David Herman and Mary Scheer play Joel and Connie Linder, an elderly couple that frequently embarass their eighteen-year-old son, Mark Linder, who is played by Bryan Callen.


    112 Joel & Connie: Rescue 911 (Orlando)
    Joel, Connie and Mark recreate Joel's heart attack for the television program Rescue 911, but the director becomes frustrated with Joel and Connie's dramatization of the event.

    115 Joel & Connie: Small Claims (Doug Llewlyn-himself, Orlando-Randy Davies)
    Mark defends himself in court against his dog watching client Randy Davies, but Joel and Connie annoy the judge until Randy wins the case.

    203 Joel & Connie: Birds And Bees (Nicole-Jamie)
    Joel and Connie give Mark "the talk."

    207 Joel & Connie: The Affair
    Joel becomes angry after he finds that Connie jazzercised with another person.

    219 Joel & Connie: College (Orlando-Carl)
    Mark goes off to college, but Joel and Connie embarass him in front of his new roommate, Carl.


    "Hug sandwich. Your the meat!" - Joel Linder


    In episode #109, there is a sketch called College Advisor. In the sketch, Bryan, David, and Mary come in to discuss the child (played by Bryan) grades. In the sketch, they all look like what the Linders would look like, and Bryan and Mary's character names are even the same. The only difference is with David Herman's character, who looks exactly like Joel, except his name is Ted.

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Old 04/15/2005, 7:04 PM
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Default Poor Mark

I always felt sorry for Mark. He had to end up with imbarrassing parents that ruin his life. Its funny to watch though!

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Old 01/26/2006, 9:15 AM
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Picture of a loving family.

Complete seasons of MADtv on dvd, thank you.

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