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Old 01/11/2002, 2:58 PM
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Default Mo Collins VS Mary Scheer

Let's review....

Mo Collins
Mo Collins is part of the Mad TV cast and does several recurring characters such as Doreen, Lorainne, Penny Marshall and several others.
Mary Scheer
Mary Scheer is a former Mad TV cast member, her characters include Scully, Dixie Wetsworth, Smoking Lady, and several others.
Winner: Mary Scheer....Most everything she did was funny...Mo comes off as annoying.

The Voices and noises:
Mo has an annoying Minnesota voice makes disgusting noises
Mary has a very feminine, sweet voice but also makes disgusting noises...But they don't sound as bad.
Winner: Mary

Mo is happy go lucky and rarely acts like a bitch
Mary is a bitch
Winner: Both

Anyone have anything to add to this?
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Old 01/11/2002, 3:18 PM
jeremy Male jeremy is offline
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Mary wins easily.
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Old 01/11/2002, 3:18 PM
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I wouldn't say Mary has a "very feminine, sweet voice", but by comparison, I guess you have a point. I like the looks of this thread so far.

Overall winner: Mary

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Old 01/11/2002, 8:12 PM
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I dont think that mo has a funny voice!
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Old 01/31/2002, 12:17 PM
JeremyAJ JeremyAJ is offline
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Exclamation Mary vs Mo battle of the M's

Well I must say Mo Collins as a Madtv player has come a long was and has improve alot. But, it's very hard to chose

Mo Collins has memeberable characters like Miss Larkin, Lorraine, Rosa, Maddonna, and other various characters.

On other hand Mary Scheer also had awesome reocurring charatcers: Like the Cabana Lady: You like? I like aahhhhhhhh!,Scully, and other remarkable funny characters.

Mo is cool and not so much as a bitch

But Mary is I must say the winner is Mary Scheer but by a nose.

Looks they are both sexy tie.

All I got to say that don't sale Mo Collins too short because she has alot of talent and would probably give Mary Scheer a run for her money if she has the best charatcer or a good writter on her side. Watch out Mary
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Old 01/31/2002, 1:41 PM
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This is turning out to be a good conversation! We should have more "vs" threads...

Anyway, it's hard to choose between Mary & Mo...on one hand I may be a bit biased, because, being from Minneapolis originally, it's great to see Mo so successful. Mary & Mo are quite a bit alike in a lot of ways...if Mo had been on earlier seasons and Mary hadn't, she probably would have gotten most of Mary's parts, and vice versa.

Well, anyway, enough rambling...Mary almost wins, but since I'm biased for the Minnesotan...tie.:p

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Old 01/31/2002, 5:51 PM
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mary is the winner

try doing the smoking lady voice for 2 minutes and it hurts

what a trooper

bonus points for the sketch that rips off the director of basic instinct
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Old 02/01/2002, 10:00 AM
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I think they both are the same. THey're both extremely talented and both deserve a lot of credit for the show's overall success! The only reason I'd pick Mo over Mary is that I started watching after Mary left and Mo replaced her and never knew Mary that well. Plus I've never laughed to the point i cryed during a sketch Mary was in. Lorraine at the matress store made me cry cause ahe was soooo funny!
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