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Old 11/29/2005, 12:31 PM
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Default Crafty Gals

  • Crista Flanagan ... Denise (5 appearances)

    Arden Myrin ... Kendra (5 appearances)


    Crista Flanagan and Arden Myrin play Denise and Kendra, two nerdy unattractive 19 year olds who sell crafts at a booth at sporting events. They meet and talk to men, who they usually go home with.


    1101 Jazzed For Crafts (Frank Caeti, Keegan- Brooke)
    Denise and Kendra sell crafts at a hockey game. After telling a man that they have no beer, another man comes up and hits on them. They end up going home with him after he somehow convinces them to kiss each other.

    1107 Jazzed For Crafts: Monster Truck Rally (Michael- Ted "Reno")
    Denise and Kendra meet a trucker while selling their crafts at a monster truck rally, and eventually go home with him.

    1109 Jazzed for Crafts: Rodeo (Frank Caliendo, Frank Caeti)
    Denise and Kendra sell holiday crafts at a rodeo and end up going home with chubby rodeo twins.

    1217 Crafty Gals: Video Store (Frank Caeti)
    Denise and Kendra try to sell their crafts at a video store.

    1222 Crafty Gals: Movie Edition (Jordan - Terrance)
    Denise and Kendra try again at the video store.


  • "Crafts for sale!" -Denise

  • "Get jazzed for crafts!" -Kendra

  • "I am so jazzed!" -Denise and Kendra

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Old 12/06/2005, 7:41 AM
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These 2 are JUST like the Parker Sisters from Season 3, only exponentially less funny.

I've gone minimalist now
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