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Old 12/18/2004, 2:24 AM
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Default Susan Whitfield

  • Lisa Kushell ... Susan Whitfield (4 appearances)


    Lisa Kushell plays Susan Whitfield an unlucky and ugly teenage girl.


    312 Lowered Expectations: Susan Whitfield
    Susan Whitfield provides a video for a dating service, but the camera man leaves halfway through her speech.

    312 The Susan Whitfield Show (Phil- Justin Thomas, Will- Chris Finn, Nicole- Missy Simpson)
    Susan Whitfield hosts a talk show to discuss issues that all teenagers face.

    319 Spice Girls Audition: Sexy Spice
    Susan auditions to become Sexy Spice, the new Spice Girl.

    319 Susan Whitfield: Makeout Party (Phil- Justin, Will- Chris, Nicole- Mrs. Whitfield)
    Susan hosts a makeout party, but her mother wants all of the boys for herself.


    This was Lisa's most recurring character.

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Old 05/04/2005, 8:57 AM
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I think Phil and Will were playing the same characters: Justin Thomas & Chris Finn in Susan's Makeout Party


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