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Old 12/18/2004, 1:26 AM
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Default Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses, A.D.

  • Mo Collins ... Cheri Sheldon: Takka (3 appearances)

    Stephnie Weir ... Rebecca Finkleberg: Zamula Kincaid (3 appearances)

    Debra Wilson ... Charme: Alexis Dubane (3 appearances)


    Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses, AD is a parody of TV shows like Xena and Sheena from the late 90's period, with female characters with superpowers trapped in pre-modern times. Like these shows, Glamazon Huntresses are equipped with revealing outfits, bad props, cheesy dialogue, and terrible acting. In each subsequent sketch, familiar events took place that were consistent with the real shows, ie. that actors were changed from one episode to the next (The character of Mikayla was played by 3 different actresses), dead characters came back to life from episode to episode (Mikayla died constantly) and every episode ended in exactly the same way (Preparing to battle the 'Giant Red Space Ant'). Like Xena, there was a strong lesbian undertone built into the sketch centering around Mikalya and her 'sister' Takka. Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses, A.D. is created and produced by Dr. and Mrs. Ira Finkleberg.


    724 Glamazon Huntresses (Kathryn-Tracee Leigh Desmond: Mikayla)

    803 Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress: A.D.: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Danger! Pt. II (Jill-Holly Hole: Mikayla)

    812 Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses A.D.: With Eggroll You Get Danger Pt. II (Jillian Barberie-Mikayla)

  • Catchphrases

  • Hunt-resses, attack now! - Zamula
  • You are not a scientist from the future, as I am. - Zamula
  • Ex-cellent work, hunt-resses! - Zamula

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Old 08/18/2005, 4:34 AM
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Default Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses, A.D.

I don't know if this has been started before so feel free to tell me.

Which shows did they get Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses, A.D.idea from...these are some that kinda go along with the whole idea.

- Cleopatra 2525
- Xena
- Sheena
- Relic Hunter
- Beastmaster
- Lost World

Any others?
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Old 08/19/2005, 12:59 AM
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Its just based off those action shows that are so terrible that it's fun to watch. I loved the glamazon huntress skits. Stephnie's character was hilarious.
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Old 08/19/2005, 6:44 AM
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the first few minutes I understood and got it. I love it, it's a mix of all those Sci-Fi Channel and Saturday Afternoon WB shows that have really bad special effects and take place in previous eras.
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Old 03/04/2007, 11:35 PM
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anyone could upload them please?
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Old 03/05/2007, 12:31 AM
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No friggin requests >

I've gone minimalist now
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Old 05/02/2007, 1:43 AM
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everytime they get uploaded to youtube i forget to download them, and then they get deleted due to violations. fjdsklfjsdf does anyone have them?
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Old 12/06/2008, 6:50 PM
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I've found all of the sketches:

With Eggroll You get Danger
Glamazon Huntress
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Danger

Check out my YouTube.
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