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Old 03/21/2003, 9:07 PM
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Default Kathryn Fiore

We never had a thread devoted to this memorable season 7 talent. It's a shame she chose to leave after one season, she'd be great as a perminant and now that Jill-Michele Melean is gone...maybe just maybe...Kathryn can be remembered from such sketches as Olsen Twins Movie and her characters Amber from Sorority Row and Katie with her embarrassing parents. Her run on MADtv as a featured player made her stand out as being funnier than some perminants on the show. I for one miss her because she has left before we got a chance to know her better. Kathryn, if you ever read this, we love you and the show would be better off with your presence once again, please oh please consider returning!

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Old 03/22/2003, 7:13 AM
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What's sad is that she didn't even stay for the whole season. Remember, her final taped episode was #719 (as was Alex's). The reason why Jill was hired was to replace Kathryn.

And yeah, I miss her too -- especially because I felt it was a give-in (not to mention a great thing) that she would be staying for season eight, but unfortunately it didn't happen

I think season seven's featured cast is irreplacable. Even if the season wasn't very good, the featured cast sure was, beating out about half the regulars. Kathryn and Jill were both awesome, Taran wasn't all that but he was allright, Bobby wasn't superb but I still liked him pretty well. Plus, most people said that #724 was the best episode of the season, and all four of the featured players were in it (although Kathryn's one sketch was from awhile ago). The season finale had no featured players, and it turned out to be the worst finale of all the seasons (although season four's sure comes close).
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Old 03/24/2003, 5:20 PM
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I really liked Kathryn too. She was excellent. I absolutely LOVED her Olsen twins impression. That sketch was hilarious, and she truly captured the Olsens' ditzy natures. She was always good in straight-woman roles too. It's a shame she wasn't made a regular. I really think she would have brought a lot to the cast.

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Old 04/03/2003, 3:47 PM
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I liked Kathryn
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