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Default Matt Braunger (Season 14 Introduction) #1-2


Matt Braunger: Himself
Crista Flanagan: Herself
Arden Myrin: Herself
Bobby Lee: Himself
Cameraman: Unknown



(When something is in brackets and is italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment).

When a cry smilie is used, that means that the line is being said while crying. It will end when another cry smilie follows



All 4 of the new MADtv cast members for season 14 had introduction videos put on the internet, produced by a company called the Boardhead Brothers. This is Matt Braunger's introduction video.


(Matt in front of a wall with a window beside him).

Matt Braunger: Hi, I'm Matt Braunger my home town is Portland, Oregon, and I'm one of the newest members of MADtv (MADtv Presents appears on the screen, and then Matt Braunger appears, both in script).

I guess I'm what you'd call a man’s man.

Um, A kind of guy who would be in a cigarette ad in the 50's (Scene shifts to Matt lifting a garbage can, while drinking a beer. Matt is talking over the scene). I um, you know

growing up in Oregon I use to chop down trees (Scene shifts back). And hearts (Scene shifts back). It's full of rocks (Matt walks away. Scene shifts back). I use to go fishing.

For whales (Scene shifts to Matt outside with his hand up. Matt is talking over it). I like to just pick up big chunks of things and snap um. Just Snap um in half (Makes snapping motion) right in front of women (Scene shifts to Matt breaking piece of Styrofoam and brushing himself off). Solid maple (Scene shifts back). They're like oh, you're a force to be reckoned with, and I'm like (points) you got it. (Scene shifts to Matt outside, beating his chest. Matt is talking over it). I don't mess with any girly stuff really. Now I'm in Los Angeles. Which is cool man it's, it's great being on, on MADtv, and you know, livin the life a little (Scene shifts to Matt outside with his shirt off. Matt is talking over it).

Ladies. Oh, yeah, yeah, I got no problem there Never really have. (Scene shifts back). Lost my virginity when I was 4 (Crista Flanagan, and Arden Myrin are walking in-between two trailers. Matt talking over it). Do a lot of girls from the cast come to your trailer. Yes. Yes they do. Um, what goes on in there, I'm not gonna to say. Because I'm a gentleman (Scene shifts to Matt in a robe and Arden and Crista sitting beside him).

Where, where's love go? It's gone (Scene shifts back). I'm trying really hard on a lot of things (Scene shifts to Matt in his trailer, wearing a princess costume). I'm a princess, I'm a princess (Matt now talks over the image and himself looking out the window). It's like you know Atlas. He held up, held up the whole world. (Matt in the princess costume in his trailer). You want to knock next time. I'm an actor (Scene shifts back). His shoulders would shake, and his knees would hurt, and they were just like "meh, meh, that's f**kin Atlas. He's strong (Scene shifts to Matt and Bobby Lee playing with dolls). What?! (Bobby laughing). Yes, you do.

Bobby Lee: I don't!

Matt Braunger: You love it!

Cameraman (Off-Screen): Just put that world down for a second.

Matt Braunger: How do you keep finding me man!? Leave me alone (Scene shifts back)! And try to see who

Who you. Who you are (coughs). That's another character I'm working on. It's called, It's called F**kin Pu**y (Laughs). It's called, what a, what a *uss.

(Matt Braunger Script appears.


Deleted Scene:

(Matt in the room)

Matt Braunger: Hey, I'm Matt Braunger. My home town is Portland, Oregon. And I'm one of the newest members of MADtv (Matt Braunger script appears).

Mostly I do the manly characters on the show. At least so far. You know, that's pretty much why they hired me. I also have hobbies. Um, those include speed boating. Truck punching. Doing pull ups. I also like to go fishing. For whales. I like to hang out on the highway. When a, when a, when a, a motorcyclist comes by, just grab him (does grabbing motion), right off his bike. Just hold him up like this (His stage left hand above his head). You know, like a fish, and he wriggles around, and then I wait for another motorcycle. Put him on that. And there both gone, you know. What's he, what's he gonna do? Turn around on a highway (higher mimicking voice)? Where?! What was that (end of high voice)?! And I yell back (deep voice). That was a man! (Deep voice ends. Matt Braunger script appears).

Man! Man itself! Is what just happen.


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