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Old 05/16/2004, 8:25 PM
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Default **OFFICIAL** Questions for Mo Thread

I decided to start this thread because I have recently started conversing with the one and only Mo Collins. She has asked that I not reveal what her name on the forum is.


**Also Please Keep your Questions in Good Taste**


1. Why did you leave?

"I left MAD because it was just my time. I'm 38. I've got to try to get another job in this Godforsaken town before I'm toooo old. I left happy!!! That is a good thing. Many have left bitter, and so happy to be out of there. I was never like that. MAD Tv will always be family to me. It was the most amazing experience for me. SO positive!!"

2. Did you ever get to meet Carol Burnett?

"I never met her but SAW her at an awards show and almost passed out"

3. What projects are you currently working on?

"I've taped a tiny part on "Six Feet Under" , UPN's "Girlfriends" , "King of The Hill" and shot a pilot for a show with Caroline Rhea that's titled "Plan B" which is for ABC, and I'm writing a one woman show to perform in June."

4. How tall are you?

" I'm 5'9" tall.

5. How are the other castmembers doing?

"I live one block away from Paul, so I know he is doing well. Michael is well. Everyone is well. "

6. What can you tell us about Jill and Debra's show?

" I don't know much about Jill and Debra's show but hope it does well. "

7. Do you have any regrets in your career?

"No Regrets. I make choices in my career so that I won't ever have any regrets. That is why I will never do porn"

8. What do you miss most about Madtv?


9. Will there be a farewell at the end of Season 9?

"The farewell was done just for me by the crew. They gave me a copy of it on DVD"

10. What would say to Carol Burnett if you met her?

" if I saw Carol Burnett I'd say...Thank you. For the MANY laughs. The inspiration. The dream. And can I buy you a cup of coffee?"

11. What advice do you have for people who want to get into comedy/improv

"Get into improv classes. Learn to think on your feet. Learn to write sketches. Then, get your buns up onto stage at any and every venue. GET SEEN! Get your comedy out there!!!!! Being in L.A. helps. and never give up. It's a long road! Cripes, I was thirty-one when I got MAD. "

12. What's your favorite Season?

" I've got two actually. Season 5 because the ensemble was up and running so smoothly then. The show was hitting great strides. Everyone was strong! Cast,writers,crew.... Season 9 because I had SO MUCH FUN with all the new peeps! And it was a precious time because I knew I only had half a season left to play."

13. What was your favorite sketch at the Chicago Improv Festival.

" Fave sketch in Chicago was Stephen Kraigs old drunk poet presentation. Nearly fell of the balcony I was laughing so hard. Also enjoyed the Gillian/Paul bear rug I got to sit on!"

14. Where can we write to you?

"All letters should be sent to my agency and they will forward them to me"

Address: Mo Collins
c/o Leland LeBarre
Diverse Talent Group
1875 Century Park E
Suite 2250
Los Angeles CA, 90067

15. What are your views on the war in Iraq?

""The war in Iraq is a great source for the pit in my stomach these days. I was against the U.S. going into Iraq under the pretence of finding W.O.M.D. It was and IS still my understanding that 9/11 was the work of Osama Binladen...not Saddam Hussein (although I find relief in knowing he no longer rules the country!) Now that we are there, and have sacrificed SO much...actually TOO much (on behalf of the U.S. and Iraq) it will be irresponsible of us to simply hand it back over to its people June 30. There is MUCH work to be done. Work that really we cannot accomplish for them. We are very different people! I'm appalled , as is the rest of the WORLD ,at the United States cruelty to individuals as well as our disregard for U.N. policies. Canada is looking better and better!!"

16. Who are you going to vote for in the upcoming election?

"Who am I going to vote for? I'll be voting for John Kerry, contingent upon whom he chooses for a running mate. Although the way things are going, I'd put Lorraine in there with Kerry and STILL vote for him!! Aside from the war...which is only just begun if ya ask me....I like his politics for here at home. God knows we are not a thriving country anymore. Schools are in dire need of fiscal help, and "No child left behind" DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! Our Health care is skyhigh...you can't affotd to frown these days!! Tax breaks??? REALLY??? WHERE??????????"

17. What sports do you watch. Play?

"I was born, raised and Married into the "Packer World".(GO PACK!). I watch my son's baseball team. I watched the playoffs but was undecided who should win because I'm from Minnesota but I live in LA. Not very athletic these days, no"

18. Since I love to write ( I want to do anything in a career in writing) I was hoping to someday go into screenwriting and maybe down the road try to act (if I can act, I never tried but it looks fun). I was wondering how one would write for MadTV or even get small gigs as an actor or even an extra in one of the sketches? If I need experience, what suggestions does she have to get my feet wet?

"I suggest improv classes to learn how to write sketch as well! It helps you make immediate, strong decisions for your story. This will also fuel your desire to act!! Reading scripts is a good way to learn too. Get Final Pro for your computer. Sign up with an Extras agency to start gigs!! Good Luck!"

19.Which of your characters is your favorite?

" I really enjoy the all for different reasons. Actually one of my favorites to play was Kathy from the fightin'Ron sketches cuz she's so dumb. I used to crack up a LOT playing her. Loads of dumb fun!!! Barbara Bush was fun too aside from the 3 hours of prosthetics!! I always felt like a big muppet as her. I enjoyed her subtlety."

20. Which castmembers were you closest to?

"I enjoyed all the castmmembers. Every year was different. I remain close to just about all of them! I love my MAD family!!!"

21. Why did you guys do Season 6 Holdovers?

"The season six holdovers were because of a potential writers strike which never happened. We overstocked our shelves in case there was a strike in the fall...we'd have new shows. Turns out we didn't need to so they were aired at the end of the season."

22. Mo, what do you think of the lack of coverage and advertising MADtv is subjected to? What do you think of Saturday Night Live and all the hoopla over their actors, when MADtv cast members (For example, you, Steph, Debra) don't get nearly as much media hype when you are so much funnier? Is there a secret conspiracy to keep talented ex MADtv folk out of the business?

"It's been a constant source of frustration to see our fantastic show not get the accolades it deserves. Of course. MAD is not owned by FOX and therefore didn't feel the need to advertise...whatever!!! Yes it's frustrating that once we leave we still have to work from our strongpoints to get work, rather than ride the notoriety and respect that SNL folks get. Although we begrudge them nothing. The people at SNL are great. Some are our friends. In fact I ran into Cheri Oteri recently and suggested we do some improv together at the Groundlings (June 3) We could pretend we are pissed at each other, but the fact is, we are all the same...it's the shows that are different! "

23. Are you a natural brunette?

"Don't know what you mean by natural brunette...but the hair on my back is dark as well. Hope that helps!"

24. Did you do the "I Love the 90's" series.

"The answer is "no" I didn't do the I love the 90's series. Sorry. I think I was too busy at the time when they asked."

25. Do you still see Paul Vogt?

"Yes I see him all the time. He drives by honking, til I come out, he walks into my house when we talk on the phone and hunts me down. It's hysterical. I LOVE PAUL!!!!!! It was a dream come true, seriously our dream, to be on a TV show together! UNREAL!!! Everyone is waiting to hear about next year, including Paul."

26. Have you ever had plastic surgery?

"No plastic surgery for me!!!"

27. Would you ever consider doing a sitcom based on your own life?

"Yes I would LOVE to do a sitcom, even of my life. I actually am currently writing a one person show for myself to perform at the Comedy Central stage here in L.A. on June 16th. It is a potential concept to be sold for television."

28. What is the story behind "Bambi"?

"Here's the history. That sketch with the couple was originally written up in my first season. Read at the table read, and they wouldn't pick it. Somebody higher up most likely couldn't see the funny. Don't really know. Then years later the "Just for Lesbians" sketch was written and picked. Everbody got such a kick out of seeing me in that awful mullet...they pulled the old sketch back out. It killed . And then we never did another one...try as I MIGHT!!!!!!! I LOVED HER!!!"

29. How does it feel watching yourself on tv every Saturday night?

"It feels secretively exciting to see yourself on TV every sat. night. Usually TIVO cuz I'm either out or sleeping. It's weird/cool now to be in places with Com. Central on and there I freakin' am!!!! It's great."

30. Do you still talk to Michael McDonald? Whatever became of Nelson Ascencio?

" Yes I hang with Michael. We always have. He is a good friend. We always had great chemistry in our sketches. He loved to try and make me laugh. Nelson was just not asked back. Don't have any info for you on how to write to him! Sorry!! He was GREAT! We had a lot of fun together. MUCHO!!!!!!"

31. "Where did you come up with Trina? Lorraine?

"Trina, believe it or not, was my dental hygienist growing up. Can you imagine a woman with those mannerisms in your face? Cleaning your tetth? And in reality, she had a hair-lip too. She makes me think of a beautiful piece of china with a crack in it that reveals that the whole vase could come apart at any moment. I put the "barren" part in there for the audition. Lorraine was a character I performed up in Minnesota with my friend Melissa. I took her to MAD and changed her up somewhat for the show, but I did a version of her for my audition. She is basically who I was destined to become if I had NOT moved to L.A.!"

32. What is your favorite animal? If you had the chance to be an animal which one would you pick?

"I like all animals, I have 3 cats, BamBam, Potsy, and Minnie. If I could be any animal, I'd be a dolphin."

33. Are you going to make any guest appearances next season like the 10th anniversary show?

"If they ask me, Of course I will"

34. When will the poker show you did air?

"not sure when the poker show will air! I did 2 of them. The second one I'm not sure airs at all. Perhaps just the highlights. It was a two day tourney!"

35. Whats your favorite restaurant?

"Fave restaurant? Hmm..Don't really have a fave. I love going out to any restaurant. I enjoy food and good company! I love a good mexican food restaurant!! and also Tokio's in L.A. for the sushi and atmosphere."

36. Have you ever gotten into a fight?

"No fights, but thanks for thinking there is a possibility I could and would kick someone's ass..."

37. Are you planning on doing more sketch comedy?

"Not seeking any more sketch shows. Would like to do new stuff. Film, tv, drama, comedy, EVERYTHING! MAD was the best sketch anyway! What more is there!?"

38. Do you tour? Have you ever done stand up?

" I don't tour. Did a little stand-up in Minneapolis years ago. Nothing recorded, thank God."

39. Do you play any instruments?

" Played the clarinet in jr. high. I can also play the drums to AC/DC "back in black" a fave tune..."

40. What was it like working with the chimps in the Lorraine Missing Link sketch?

"Working with the chimps was a dream come true!! They were DEEP!! At one point one of them was letting me groom him, all crouched down on the ground. They took a shine to me. They had two there to switch out of the scene. They also brought along a baby orangatang that day. It was great!! The outatakes are probably better than the sketch believe me!!"

41. Is it hard being a mom and in showbiz at the same time?

"Showbiz mom?! Don't know it any other way, so I guess I'll say it's easy. Or as easy as being a mom ever is! We keep it pretty normal here at home. Cully came with me to work a lot. Sometimes I'd have to leave the make-up chair, half done, to go pick him up from school. I guess I'm the embarrassing mom. Although now that he's nine, more kids are finding out about who his mom is and they think its awesome. The most important thing you can do for your child is to be a living example of going for your dreams. I think he appreciates that.

42. What is Dot's Moms name?

"Dots Mom's name is Wesley Goddard"

43. Do you feel bad for making fun of people when you parody them?

"I always wanted to meet Cher, so I felt badly about doing her so rudely sometimes. Mostly I think they are lucky to be paradied cuz it means they are a part of pop culture. I hope someday somebody does ME!"

44. When you do the Lorraine's out on the town, do you tell the people you talk to who you are and what you're doing, or do you not say anything at all?

"When I do Lorraine on the town, It's entirely improvised. I tried to make them believe Lorraine was real. More fun that way!"

45. Does it hurt to do Lorraine's "cough"

"Not the cough, but she KILLS my back!! She's very crooked!"

46. Did you ever get tired of doing a particular character feeling they were overused?

"Sometimes I got tired of doing Lorraine. She was murder to read at the table reads cuz it had all been done/seen before!"

47. When did you decide to go as "Mo" instead of Maureen.

"In 8th grade one of the most amazing teachers of our time, Mr. Hermerding, started calling me "Mo" It stuck, as did so much of the other gifts he gave me over time"

48.Who is your favorite character you ever played?

" I don't have ONE favorite. Always enjoyed Lorraine, Doreen and Kathy...and Barbara Bush except for the prosthetics!"

49.Who was your favorite person to parody?

"Penny Marshall was fun to do. Shakira was fun...and exhausting. Jenny Jones was silly fun."

50. What's your favorite tv show? (MAD TV is NOT an answer!)?

" I love "Six Feet Under" and "Sopranos" and "The Daily Show" "

51. Do you have a "friendly" relationship with the ppl at SNL or do you beat them over the head with flower pots?

" I'm friends with many of them. We are, afterall, cut from the same cloth as they say... I have had much fun with them!! And plan on have an awesome time doing improv with a few of them tonight!!!"

52. What was your first "gig"?

" Theater Sportz in Minneapolis."

53.When did you realize that your time at MAD TV finished?

"Once I finished up my 5 year contract. I went back for 13 more just to have one more bite. Parting is such sweet sorrow......"

54. How the heck did you come up with the Trina "genital" thing?

" Mike Hitchcock and Jennifer Joyce were the naughty nurses who came up with the Trina "genital" bit......"

55. Which sketches were the hardest for you to keep from laughing while you were doing them?

" The hardest I ever laughed during a sketch was the Lillian Vernor sketch. I almost peed my pants. I ALWAYS laughed playing Ron's gal Kathy Crispy Bangs.... I laughed my ass off on that show. So MANY times.."

56.When lorraine gets arrested occasionally, do u guys hire a cop? or are they real?

" As far as Lorrainne and the cops go...the one on the beach was an actor. The others were real..on the beat. But they played along nicely!"

57.Mo you say that the Lilian Verner sketch you almost peed your pants. But in that 7am Condo Report where the lady with the huge glasses almost falls off her chair you really looked like you were about to pee your pants. Were you? Was that whole chair thing a mistake?

"The chair toppling in 7 AM Condo was intended; yes. No I didn't pee my pants, just laughed."

58. Whats your favorite bands (besides your husband's)

"My fave band is AC/DC. They seem to stick with me over the years. Back in Black being an all time fave song. I also love Flaming Lips, Annie Lennox, um.......Earth, Wind and Fire...so many"

59. Mo, what non-recurring character or impression (a character/impression only done once) do you wish you could have done more with? I really liked you and Alex in Cagney & Lacey reunited as the two fat cops undercover as hookers

"Non-recurring characters I wanted to do more with? Bambi. As far as I'm concerned I only did her once. The commercial thing was just a lesbian character..not Bambi. I loved Bambi. That's the only one that comes to mind. Cagney and lacey was a riot to do!! Laughed sooo hard. Couldn't get through the line "that's a code brown"...Alex and I were completely in tears laughing. Had to settle so we could continue shooting"

60. In the sketch Lorraine goes Shopping, was the man at Brookstone who was selling the hamock in on the joke? or did you roll over him in "Lorraine's" body with him thinking you were that old wrinkled weird lady? Also, did you get away with stealing that stuff at brookstone?

"Brookstone guy knew who I was, turned out he was a fan of the show, so no I didn't really steal from him!!!!!! I'm no thief!!!!"

61. How long did it take you to learn the dance moves in the sketch where Lorraine dances like 5 styles, (mary poppins or sumthin, disco, irish tap, 70's, 90's)

" Learned Lorraine dance in a couple hours of rehearsal."

62. Where did you get the idea for Lorraine to have a cough?

"Lorraine's cough is really sort of a 'throat clearing" that people do that I find annoying....so I used it."

63. Mo, how long ago was your first job, i know it was in Minnesota and at a small bar, but what age did you get started?

"I was 19 years old when I got the TheaterSportz gig. I was also taking improv clsses at Dudley Riggs at the time."

64.What age did you actually want to pursue comedy as a career?

"I knew around 21 I was going to persue it. I was 31 when I got MAD!! You've got to persevere in this biz!"

65. Have you Ever Been To Nebraska?

"Was in Nebraska touring with Dudley Riggs years ago! Might've been 85' or 91' can't remember. Don't remember the cities."

66. Where did you come up with the name Cullen for your son?

"Cullen is an Irish name. Always wanted a boy named "Cully" when I was growing up. Looked in a book and found the name Cullen, which is gaelic for handsome....and he IS!"

67. Have you ever thought about having more children?

"Well, let's see....
I've definetely thought of having other kids. I think it would be great. It's not entirely up to me, wether or not it's in the cards... We shall see. In the meantime, Cullen is more than enough of a blessing in my life. He's incredible."

68. What was a typical day on the set like when you were doing Madtv. Like rehearsal/arrival time, costume, etc.

"Typical day? Go to work. Throw your bag in your dressing room. Go upstairs to the rehearsal room when it is time for your sketches. Read through. Talk changes with writers and producers. Eat lunch. Sometimes together, or retreat to your room to get things done during lunch. Phone calls, etc. Starting wed. afternoon we take rehearsals down to the stage and start blocking on the set. It's a big, cold, dark, wonderful place to spend your day with friends. Mon-wed. you are done working around 6 p.m. Sometimes earlier. Not bad! Thursday is pre-tape day for sketches that aren't done in front of the audience. These days can be 12 hour days. Which makes for an exhausting friday, show day/night. Friday call is 10 a.m. Dress rehearsal, and camera block all day. Dinner is around 3 or 4. Audience loads in around 5 for a 5:30 show start. So you are in make-up somewhere between 3:30 and 5:30...or the entire time if getting into prosthetics. Show starts. Sketches happen! Laughs galore!! Done between 11 and 12 at night. Go out for a drink with some of the cast. Sleep in on saturday.... Sunday read the new script pack that has been delivered to your house. Monday morning starts all over again with a table read of new sketches. Also during the course of the weeks rehearsals, you mingle up in the writers offices pitching ideas, etc. LOTS TO DO!!!!!! But fun. That's a brief synopsis of the week."

69. Have there ever been any arguments or fights between castmembers?

"Fights with other castmembers? Nothing serious. Like any good relationship there are going to be disagreements. We work it out. Nothing awful though, no. Lots of Love"

70. If you could stay any age forever what age would you choose?

"39................ 28 was great too."

71. Did it take you a long time to break out your shell when you were younger cuz I heard you used to be really shy?

"I'm still trying to break out of my shell. Yes, I was painfully shy. Took forever to find my guts. I still get scared for shows."

72. Whats your nationality?


73. What Do you like most about interacting with your fans here at the forum?

"Getting the chance to explain some truths about the show, and myself."

74. What exotic places have you traveled to as a comedienne?

"No exotic places as a commedianne, unless you call Budgetel motels in So. Dak. exotic. As a person, I went to the Amalfi coast in Italy. The most beautiful spot in the world. Stayed in a 12th Century villa."

75. What do you think is a good age to enroll in improv classes?

"I started doing improv in 8th grade. That was fun! Improv is for all ages. Whenever you get the itch is the right time."

76. What kind of car do you drive?

"93' black Lexus 400, and a 2003 burnt -red Tahoe."

77.Have there ever been any famous people in the Madtv Audience?

"I don't believe so. If famous people show up, chances are they are IN the show, or friends of someone...therefore backstage."

78. I noticed that you were in alot of sketches with Nicole Sullivan. Were you two good friends? Same with Stephnie Weir?

"I still am friends with Nicole, and Steph. As far as being in sketches, that's just the way the casting worked."

79. Which cast member (besides Michael of course) do you think you worked the best with?

"I like to think I worked well with everyone. I don't play favorites."

80. Do the MADtv cast members fight each other for airtime (like another late-night sketch comedy show that shall remain nameless )?

"We don't fight each other for airtime, but certainly if people are feeling left out they will approach the producers."

81.What would happen if you were on the set on a friday, and you started feeling ill? Like, you felt so ill that you couldn't do any more scenes. Would they work around you and tape sketches they weren't planning on, or just ditch the sketches where you are the central person? I remember reading something here about you being sick once, and that was the reason why you were only in one sketch of an episode (It was in season 8, and the sketch was a Bible Dude sketch)?

"If you have a medical reason, or perhaps a death in the family...we have the best producers in the world who work terribly hard to accomodate you. They will recast your parts, or if the sketch is primarily YOU, they will push it to a later date. Otherwise you suck it up and do the show. Puking between takes...builds character! HA!"

82. Since you're probably sick of all these MADtv questions, which do you think came first -- the chicken or the egg?

"Both. Hello big Bang!!!!!!!"

83. Have you ever been to NYC? If you have, did you like it and if you haven't wheres the first place you would go?

"Love NYC. Been many times. Love the people and the bars.... I usually find a good Irish pub right off the bat to start my NYC trips.... HA!"

84. What was it like working with the MADtv writers? They seem like a crazy bunch of people, especially to write some of the stuff they do.

"The writers were a riot. Loved hanging in their offices "riffing on the funny".

85. " Mo "... can you sing? I've heard The Dan Band and Jimi is a good drummer, just wanting to know if he is the only musically inclined one in the family.

"Nope. Only when doing impressions. Don't know how to sing as "Mo"

86. In sorority row is it TOBEY or TOBY?

"Good question! Um...... I think with an E."

87. Do you know about the OTHER Mo Collins? He's cute isn't he?

"Very cute, yes. But that SOB owns the dot com!!! (hahaha)"

88. Did you really have to strip down for skits such as the Alanis Morrisette video "Wash Me"?

"For Alanis I wore a nude colored thong and pasties. Lorraine on the beach was much the smae, although when I got wet out there....nothing mattered.... THAT was the real show..."

89. Hypothetical question...If you were to have a girl what would you name her?

"Dunno! I'd have to meet her first! When I was prego the first time, if it was a girl we were thinking of Nora Rose or Fiona Rose..."

90. What made you decide to run for homecoming queen in high school?

"I didn't run, I was nominated."

91.what disturbs you the most?

"um...this question? kidding. These days? George Bush and his lying regime but that will all change in November. GO KERRY!!!!!!!"

92. what do you hate the most about crazy fans (its ok we wont hate you forever)

"It only gets "crazy" when you give a fan "an inch" and they feel entitled to "take a mile" That's not cool. They can feel they own you sometimes. Not cool. But has RARELY happened."

93. What questions did they ask you during the MAD TV audition?

"Where are you from? Do you have any impressions? Can you come back next week and do it all over again?!"

94. In the 7th heaven sketch in season 8 was that dog supposed to hump your leg?

"yes. The dog was trained to hump. He's Hollywoods Humping dog..... sad."

95. In the skit with "Lorraine goes to the dentist," was any of that scripted, or was it all improv?

"About 50/50/ Michael and I went WAY off the page with that one and just had a ball."

96. What are your feelings on the gay marriage debate?

"Glad you asked. I believe STRONGLY that all people should be able to enter into the great institution of marriage and reap the benefits thereof. It's people like Brittany Spears that make a mockery out of marriage, not "the gays". I have many, many, many, many gay friends who share some of the strongest unions and partnerships I've ever seen. I would like to buy them presents off their registry....and cry at their weddings. So there!"

97. What was it like presenting that award at last years Emmy Creative Arts Awards with Paige Davis? Can you describe it for those of us who didn't see it?

"It was great fun! She was game for it. I just mimicked what she was doing, and of course took it overboard. She was the good Paige, I was the evil Paige..."

98. Mo Even If You Don't Like Baseball Could YOu tell Me Which of these teams you Prefer Out Of the Two.

"Boston Red Sox Or New York Yankees- "Yankees"

Milwaukee Brewers Or Chicago Cubs - "Cubs"

Chicago White Sox Or Chicago Cubs - "Cubs"

New York Yankees Or New York Mets? - "Yankees""

99. You Like The Packers Mo, So What Do You Think about Tim Couch...Cute? or What?....I heard He wasn't that good of a Quarterback, but Compared to Brett Favre Who Is?

"Haven't seen him yet. Sorry. Favre forever!!!"

100. Are You Subscribed to The Packer Report?

"My hubby is; yes."

101. Mo, when you were growing up and doing improv what was your favorite improv game?

"I enjoyed WHO, WHAT AND WHERE'S. It's more an excercise than game though"

102. mo...is your hair naturally curly or straight? or wavy?

"Naturally messy..... Um, a slight wave I guess. Indecisive really!"

103. What is Stephnie's personality like

"She's very sweet, smart and softspoken."

104. What's your favorite movie and actor/actress

"Too many favorite movies. Think I may have listed some already! Lots of fave actors too. I'll say Carol Burnett and leave it at that!"

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