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Old 01/07/2007, 12:58 PM
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Default Music Video: Bring it Back! (#1208)

Frank Caeti: Sylvester Stallone
Jordan Peele: Mr. T

[Sly (Mr. T)]
I'm bringin' Rocky back (Yo!)
I'm gonna get another chance to act (Yo!)
I know some people think that I'm a hack (Yo!)
This time I'm gonna fight another black (Yo!)
(Welcome to the gym!)
I'm in real good shape (Yo!)
Still got the body of a hairless ape (Yo!)
My knuckles feel good when I wrap the tape (Yo!)
Too bad my nuts look like to shriveled grapes (Yo!)
(Took too many 'roids!)

(Give it up, Sly!)
Back off, I'm doin' it.
(No one saw V!)
But Vic says do it
(You lost your mind)
Still got my 'pack
(It's a dead franchise)
Hey, Rambo's next!

Hey, yo, come on let's go
Hey, yo, come on

I'm bringin' Rocky back! (Yo!)
Three's days before Santa comes with his sack (Yo!)
Now, workin' our real hard for my comeback (Yo!)
Oh, God, I'm having a big heart attack! (Yo!)
(Take him to the 'ward!)

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