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Old 08/23/2005, 7:38 PM
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Default Anna Nicole Commercial Countdown #2 (#821)

Anna Nicole Smith: Stephnie Weir

Ryan Bud Blusutchie: Paul Vogt


(Cut to Anna stepping out of her limo)

Anna Nicole: (Taking a look at the grocery store, the location for MADtv’s “Commercial Countdown Party”) Wow!

(A store clerk with a whistle around his neck walks excitedly up to Anna)

Bud: Hello! Hello, Anna Nicole Smith. I am Ryan Bud Blusutchie, Im the assistant manager here at the store.

Anna Nicole: (Gasps) Three names, Ryan Bud Blusutchie!

Bud: Uh, you can call me Bud. Im so-

Anna Nicole: Ok, I’ll call ya’ butt!

(Bud starts leading Anna along three red carpet squares that are set up as a walk way)

Bud: Im so glad I could host this party, the other assistant managers don’t know Im doing this.

(As Anna comes to the end of the three red carpet squares Bud runs and picks up the farthest carpet square and brings it to the front for her to step on)

Bud: Um, So, uh- If you hear me blow a whistle, just go ahead and pretend to shop. Alright?

Anna Nicole: Ok…

(Bud repeats his “carpet square dash” movement again)

Bud: And then I’ll blow the whistle two more times and we can go back to the party.

Anna Nicole: Oh…

(Bud goes for another carpet square)

Bud: Because we love to celebrate, and we’re celebrating commercials.

(Anna faces the camera as Bud goes for more carpet)

Anna Nicole: Im glad they’re doin’ this at a grocery store, cause’ the number one place to meet men- Grocery store. Number two- Funeral parlor. Number three- Gay bar.

(Anna walks across the two squares of carpet Bud moved during her speech)

Anna Nicole: Im out of carpet!

(Bud runs across with another piece and Anna walks over it)

Anna Nicole: Out of carpet!

Bud: Coming!

(Bud grabs more carpet as Anna spots a mechanical horse outside the store)

Anna Nicole: EW, A HORSE! A HORSEY!

(Anna runs toward the horse)

(Cut to Bud standing next to Anna riding the horse)

Anna Nicole: Woo! This feels good!

Bud: Oh does it…

Anna Nicole: And now… MADtv’s number three commercial… (The horse stops moving) OH! More quarters, I was almost there…

(Bud puts in more quarters and the horse springs to life again)

Anna Nicole: Oh, there we go…


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