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Old 05/26/2004, 5:16 PM
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Default Antonia: Switched at Birth (#408)

Antonia (plays a nurse)- Nicole Sullivan
Woman- Alex Borstein
REAL nurse- extra

(In hospital. A Woman is waiting in bed for nurse to bring baby)

Woman: (talking on phone) Mom, I'm so nervous. I'm about to meet my little baby for the first time. Oh, what do I do? Okay... I'll calm down.

(knock on door)

Woman: Oh. There's the nurse with the baby. Okay, bye, love you. (hangs up phone) Uh, Come in!

(Door opens and Antonia walks in with a baby girl in hands)

Antonia: Congratulations. (brings the Woman her baby)

Woman: (looks at baby) Oh, uh, that's not my baby.

Antonia: Congratulations.

Woman: No, no. This baby is black.

Antonia: Yess.

Woman: Yes, but my husband and I were both white.

Antonia: Congratulations.

Woman: Please take this baby back and bring me MY baby.

Antonia: Okay.

Woman: Okay.

(Antonia Walks out)

(10 Minutes Later)

Woman: (on phone) No, mom, I am calm. The girl from the hospital brought me the wrong baby.

(Knock on door)

Woman: That's her again. Okay, I'll call you back. (hangs up phone) Come in!

Antonia: (walks in with 5 baby boys in arms) Babiess!

Woman: There's so many. Is one of them mine?

Antonia: It is possible.

Woman: No, no. These are all boys. I had a little girl.

Antonia: Ooh.

Woman: Okay. Now go back to the Nursery and find my little girl. Her name is Candace Johnson. Candace Johnson. You just read her little bracelet.

Antonia: Candace Johnson. Okay.

Woman: Okay.

(Antonia leaves)

(25 Minutes later)

(Antonia has every baby's bracelet on wrist)

Woman: Okay. Stay calm. Sweetheart. Do you realize the mistake you've made?

Antonia: No.

Woman: Okay. These bracelets are supposed to stay on the babies. This one, right here... (points to one of the bracelets) that's for my baby.

Antonia: Congratulations.

Woman: Thank you. Now, can you go back to the nursery and find the baby you took this from.

Antonia: (long pause) I have a cat named C.C.

Woman: I don't CARE! GET OUT!

(Antonia walks out)

Woman: (pushes nurse call button) I need a real nurse to find my baby.

Antonia: (magically appears on the opposite side of bed with a cat in a blanket in hand) May I help you?

Woman: (shocked) How did you do that?

Antonia: Congratulations. (shows cat)

Woman: What the hell is that?

Antonia: C.C.

(Woman sneezes)

(5 Minutes later)

Antonia: (Has Asian girl with her) Baby?

Woman: No.

(48 seconds later)

Antonia: (has a pregnant woman with her) Baby?

Woman: No. Not yet it isn't.

(8 Minutes later)

Antonia: (has a plant in hand) Baby?

Woman: What do you think?

Antonia: No.

Woman: No

(35 Minutes later)

Antonia: (walks in with a blanket around body trying to resemble baby) Baby!

Woman: That's it! I can't take this anymore! (gets out of bed and begins to walk out) I will get the baby, okay? You get in the nice comfy bed and I'll get my baby. (leaves)

Antonia: (walks to bed) Okay! (lies down) It IS comfy.

REAL nurse: (walks in with the correct baby) Here's your baby. (gives baby to Antonia) Sorry about the mix up.

Antonia: Congratulations.

(REAL nurse leaves)

Antonia: (to baby) Hello. I shall call you C.C. too. Electric Boogaloo.

Download sketch here


Selena Luna = Best. Castmember. Ever.

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Old 09/27/2004, 1:15 AM
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lol wanna c tha t episode really bad that is wher eleectric boogaloo came from. what season is that?

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Old 09/27/2004, 2:19 PM
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the title has the episode it came from...................408

season 4 episode 8

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Old 04/24/2005, 3:03 PM
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Default RE: Antonia: Switched at Birth

LOL, OMG I love this one. One of the best of Antonia. CeCe II: Electric Boogaloo, that was hillarious!!! I love when Antonia brings in CeCe, that was s0o0o funny!!!

Nicole Sullivan - Blonde Beauty

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Old 05/15/2005, 5:45 PM
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I love this one, she says congratulations like 30 times
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