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Old 06/09/2004, 4:33 PM
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Default Antonia and James (#305)

Antonia- Nicole Sullivan
James Brown Jr.- Aries Spears
Bank teller- Phil LaMarr

Narrator: First, there was Bonnie and Clyde... then there was Thelma and Louise... and now it's Antonia Timmens and James Brown Jr. (driving in car) in "Antonia and James". Crazy in love and in love with death. Dancing to the music of blazing bullets and turing the whole wide world into their own private hell.

James: (enters bank) WAYYYY! Uh! (shoots a couple random bullets and goes to bank teller) Diss a stiup! Own moneymank. Aigigight.

Bank teller: WHAT?!

James: Awe! mo! Turdy memnsy inna bag! Aiiighght! Uh!

Bank teller: I'm sorry. I don't understand.

James: Aiiia! (does a dance) Doown! Ba Mack! Aiight! Eveybony onda flo counta tee! Hitda flo uh! Hitda flo uh! Hitda flo uh! Get you assonda flo. Augught! Chanda needa. Comma in. Busta capinda ass. Aughght!

(Antonia walks in with note in hand)

James: Chanda needa, baba!

(Antonia walks to bank teller)

Bank teller: Can I help you?

Antonia: Yess.

Bank teller: Would you like me to read that note?

Antonia: Okee. (hands over note)

Bank teller: (reads) This is a stick...? Look, are you sure you don't mean: This is a stick-UP?!

Antonia: It is possible.

Theme song plays:
Antonia and James (in car)
Found each other one day
They carved a path (Map of united states has tracks going over)
Through the USA (Antonia gives the bank teller that says: Give me a stick)
They robbed and killed
Everything in their way (Antonia gives note that says: This is money)
They want to live
And hear them say! (note reads: Stick your money)
Heard 'em say!
Yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess, yess
(Gives note that says: Sticks of money are sticky and they stick to this so give it)

(Antonia and James are driving in car with lots of money)

Narrator: They're back. They're beautiful and they're coming your way this summer. Antonia Timmes and James Brown Jr. are Antonia and James.

(Antonia has money over head and is getting blown out of car)

James: Dont tho tomuch mona. I needa buya newig!


Download sketch here


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Old 04/23/2005, 4:54 PM
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Question 4?

I thought this sketch was in season 4?

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Old 06/12/2016, 9:17 PM
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I wish this movie existed.
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