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Old 05/30/2004, 1:10 AM
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Default Antonia: Pottery (#509)

Antonia- Nicole Sullivan
Instructor- Pat Kilbane

(The instructor examines people's project, then comes across a clay squirrel)

Antonia: (walks up) Hello!

Instructor: Hey, Antonia. Whatchya workin' on here?

Antonia: A squirrel.

Instructor: Yeah, I can see that and it's very impressive, but with this being a pottery class and all, I thought that maybe we should start with some pottery.

Antonia: Okay! (sits down)

Instructor: We start with something simple, like a vase.

Antonia: I'm on it.

Instructor: Okay, you get started, and I'll check back in a few minutes.

Antonia: (thumbs up) Gotchya!


(There's now a clay cat)

Instructor: That's not a vase, is it?

Antonia: It's C.C.

Instructor: What?

Antonia: C.C. (turns table to show instructor the cat) Say Hello, C.C. Hello C.C.

Instructor: Do you not wanna make a vase?

Antonia: It is possible.

Instructor: Okay, right. Just, have some fun with it, okay? And I'll be up front if you have any questions.


Instructor: (walks back) Hey! You shouldn't be doing that!

Antonia: (is spinning on the clay spinner) I know.

Instructor: You gotta get down... Today!

Antonia: Okay! (does now get off)

Instructor: You need to get a hand getting down from there?

Antonia: No!

Instructor: You have to get down!

Antonia: Okay. (remains spinning)

Instructor: I'm serious. You have to get down, now!

Antonia: Okay.


Instructor: (comes back and there's no clay) Where's your clay?

Antonia: (has clay on lips) I don't know.

Instructor: Oh, dear.

(The remaining clay falls from ceiling)

Antonia: Scared ya.

Instructor: Yeah. You scared me good. Look, uh... (sits right behind Antonia) We're gonna do this together. I'm not gonna walk away until you have a vase. Does that sound fair?

Antonia: I'm putty in your hands.

Instructor: Okay, I'm just gonna guide you through this.

(Clay spins and begin sculpting as Antonia has a fantasy)

(In Fantasy, the instructor is behind Antonia sculpting, wearing a minimal amount clothes, with the lights out)

Instructor: I Love you, Antonia. I want this moment never to end. Can you love me as much as I love you?

Antonia: It is possible.

(Antonia puts arms out and continue to sculpt, then the instructor lays clay on Antonia's arms)

(End of fantasy)

Instructor: Well, there's your vase.

(The clay is in a form of two people in a sex position)

Instructor: (stands up, shocked) Where'd that come from?

Antonia: I don't know... (looks in camera and winks)

Download sketch here


Selena Luna = Best. Castmember. Ever.

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Old 09/27/2004, 1:32 AM
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luv that skit 2 all of antonias scits r so awesome!

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Old 06/12/2016, 8:53 PM
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Lol too funny I remember having the skit on VHS long time ago.
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