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Post The Bryan Callen Timeline

In 1995, a new sketch comedy show called MADtv was looking for people to be cast members on the show. After hiring professionals like Phil LaMarr, Mary Scheer, and David Herman. They turned their heads towards undiscovered talents. One of the undiscovered talents that they would come a pon would be Bryan Callen. An actor with a rough childhood, he originally started acting because it was an easy way to give his family money, but he found it enjoyable and, at 25, he moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor. In 1995, after a good comedy performance at a comedy club caught the eyes of MADtv executives, he was hired to be an original cast member for the new show. This would start his career, and give him the jump start he needed for him to realize that maybe acting didn't need to be just a way to make money. This is the Bryan Callen timeline.

1995: Bryan is hired by MADtv executives for their new sketch show MADtv.

October 14, 1995: MADtv's first episode. Bryan appears in his first sketch entitled Cast Search. Read the transcript

January 13, 1996: The first Al Casdy sketch is performed. Read the transcript

February 3, 1996: Bryan plays Mark Linder in the Linders sketches for the first time.

September 28, 1996: Bryan plays Pool Boy in the Cabana Chat sketches for the first time. Watch the sketch

November 2, 1996: Bryan plays Tony Bright in the Incredible Findings sketches for the first time. Watch the sketch

December 7, 1996: Bryan plays Tony Bright in the Incredible Findings sketches for the last time.

February 15, 1997: The last Al Casdy sketch is performed.

March 15, 1997: Bryan appears as Pool Boy in the Cabana Chat sketches for the last time.

April 26, 1997: Bryan plays Mark Linder in the Linders sketches for the last time.

May 17, 1997: Bryan appears in his last episode of MADtv. Except for the closing his last sketch would be called Town Meeting.

1997: Bryan leaves MADtv to focus on other projects.

Life After MAD

Though it seems like we haven't heard of Bryan in the last little while, that is actually not true, as Bryan has made many minor appearances in movies and television shows. Some of the big Movies he has done have been Old School, Bad Santa, and Scary Movie 4. His television roles range from dramatic roles in shows like CSI, and Law and Order Special Victims Unit, to comedic roles in shows like the King of Queens, and Stacked. A return to MADtv is not likely for Bryan as he has most likely lost touch with the show, but with his minor roles in other television shows, a return in not out of the questions, the only question is will the hardcore fans still remember him, or will he be one of those cast members who are not well remembered by the fans, and others alike.


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