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Old 07/29/2005, 11:08 PM
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Default Lowered Expectations: Steven Seagal (#325)

Steven Seagal - Will Sasso
Announcer (Voice Only) - Nicole Sullivan

Lowered Expectations

Announcer: Steven Seagal #612

Steven: Hi, I’m Steven Seagal
As many of you know awhile back I split up with my longtime soul mate,
Actress and former Supermodel Kelly LeBrock
So you can imagine, I’m looking for someone who’s quite attractive…
...or at least as attractive as Kelly which isn’t exactly simple when you consider how hot she is
So you can’t even be like really hot…I mean the girl I’m looking for has gotta be like extremely, unbelievably hot…

I mean, not that there’s any wrong with just being really hot, it’s just that, as you can imagine after being with Kelly for so long, a girl that some guys would consider hot to me is just ugly, not that there’s anything wrong with being ugly it’s just that……that’s not what I’m looking for right now,

but then ugly’ a relative term I mean, I’ve never known a girl to say “Hey I’m ugly” but trust me…a lot of ya are
I'm sorry to have to say that

Listen, all I really want is a really, really, really, really, really, really, really hot looking chick.

Oh forget it, I’m just gonna stick with my babysitter.

Announcer: For Steven Segal Press #612

Lowered Expectations


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