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Old 09/13/2007, 5:39 PM
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Post Daheli Hall

Full Name: Daheli Hall [news]
Date of Birth: June 17th
Place of Birth: Gainesville, FL
Height / Weight: 5'7" / <unknown>
Seasons on MADtv: 13 (2008)

Notable Characters:
  • <none at this time>
Celebrity Impressions:
  • Lil Mama
  • Macy Gray
  • Paula Newsome
  • Oprah Winfrey
Daheli Hall, one of four new cast members to be added during Season 13 of "MADtv," brings with her an already impressive resume. For starters, Daheli has earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Producing for Film and TV from the University of Southern California. Even though Daheli's body of work is rather small thus far--a couple of short films, a documentary, and a one-woman standup comedy show--her creative abilities are far-reaching. In her brief career, Daheli has quickly established herself as an actor, comic, writer, director, and producer. Judging by these already impressive entertainment credentials, one can easily see why "MADtv" is so eager to have Daheli onboard.

A common theme in Daheli's film and standup comedy is the range of social issues that black people face. Her first work of note, a short film entitled "The Memo," explores in comedic fashion the misadventures of Ted, who doesn't "get the memo" to let him know that a revolution among black people has begun. Another short film written and directed by Daheli, "Mandingo in a Box," features as its protagonist a life-sized, black, male "lover doll" that supposedly represents the ideal man for black women. In "Mandingo," two ideas play off each other: (1) that good, available black men are nearly impossible to find and (2) that the quest for the perfect black man can sidetrack black women in their pursuit of love. Daheli made a slight creative departure with "The Peace Process," a documentary on which she collaborated with longtime friend and fellow USC alumna Katina Parker. The documentary centers around a young man who tries to set a positive example in his heavily gang-influenced community. Daheli is quick to point out, however, that "The Peace Process" is a departure in format only, not content: "Though this is my first documentary, it is not a departure from the kind of subject matters that I gravitate to; all my projects address issues that affect my black community. Gang violence is definitely one such issue."

Still, though, comedy is Daheli's primary vehicle for expressing social concerns. She refers to comedy as "the great diplomat": "I believe people are most open when they laugh, and that’s perfect time to get them thinking and communicating." Daheli's special blend of humor and intelligence expertly manifests itself in not only her film work but also her standup comedy. Her one-woman show, "Crazy Bitch," gives a perfect example of this dichotomy. On one hand, the show gives Daheli a chance to explore what she calls her "unapologetic, fearless and wild side"; on another level, however, she uses this "crazy bitch" persona to show how such slurs can demonize and trivialize black women. The perceived anger of black women, Daheli feels, often stems from their feelings of being dismissed and ignored. Daheli, however, refuses to be either; and "MADtv" could well be the springboard she needs to bring her ideas to a larger audience.

Where are they now?
As of September 2007, Daheli has just joined the cast of MADtv.

Television - Starring Roles:
  • <none at this time>
Television - Guest Roles:Film - Starring Roles:Film - Supporting Roles:
  • <none at this time>
Other Credits:Fun Facts:
  • Daheli's name is pronounced "Da-hay-lee".
  • In addition to acting and stand-up, Daheli also writes, directs, and produces.
  • Daheli's father is Jamaican and her mother is Haitian. She feels her Caribbean ancestry heavily influences her work.
  • Daheli also writes documentaries--one of which was "The Peace Process," about a boy becoming a youth mediator.
  • Daheli's films are inspired by popular social issues that affect black people.
  • Both of Daheli's short films, "The Memo" and "Mandingo in a Box," were selected as HBO Short Film finalists.
  • At "The Force of the Female Tongue," a showcase for female Haitian student writers, Daheli recently hosted a forum discussion on social issues important to Haitians.
Famous Catch-Phrases:
  • <none at this time>
Memorable Quotes:
  • <none at this time>
Pertinent Links:Special Thanks:Sources:__________________________________________________

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Old 09/13/2007, 5:52 PM
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There ya go

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Old 09/13/2007, 9:55 PM
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I've added new facts based on an interview I found on them thar intarwebz. Check for discrepancies.

The full interview is available in the "sources" section.

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Old 09/14/2007, 10:23 AM
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Okey-doke, I've submitted Daheli's bio. (Three paragraphs: w00t and stuff! ) I've also added a couple of new fun facts and sources and an extra "WATN?" tidbit. MADfan has already done most of the important work in those regards, however.

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Old 09/25/2007, 11:09 PM
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Profile updated. Be sure to check out TICKLES.TV to get your first taste of Daheli's comedy stylings.

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Old 12/24/2007, 9:08 AM
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MADtv Updates

(apologies in advance for any spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors)
Hello! So I have told many family, friends-- and random people that I have met on the street about my debut on MADtv! So the next logical question is: when can you see me?!!
Let me just back up before we get to that part, to satisfy those folks curious to know how I even ended up on MADtv I'll start from the beginning...
I was born on... OK, not that far (smile).
I've been in LA a while (for several years) doing a lot different things: I got a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing in Film/TV, I was doing stand up comedy, I was making short films (you can catch my last short "Mandingo in a Box" on HBO just type in the title when you go to hbo.com/schedule and you'll find the listings).
Back to being in LA, while I was doing all those creative things I was working as an assistant, temping, copy writing--essentially trying to keep myself and my art financially afloat. Before LA, I was in NY (for a few years) after finishing at NYU for theater-- it was tough to call myself an actress during that time, because I hated auditioning. So I figured I would do things that would guarantee me a role I started doing stand up comedy and I even co-wrote a play that I starred in.
Why all the back story?
Well, there are plenty of actors, writers, comic, directors and producers who are curious to know how I got my start because they think it can give them insight on their own careers. And there are some people who are simply just nose-y (wink)...
if you aren't one of those people, I'm sorry I've kept you waiting thus far skip to the bottom and you'll see when I will air on MADtv.
So LA...Los Angeles, city of dreams. With all the sunshine and the running around (I was always trying to keep myself busy-- I did sketch comedy shows, wrote screenplays & TV pilots, short films, plays and even did a webisodes for TiCKLES.TV). But in staying so "busy" it's easy to forget what you really want to do in life.
People would ask me-- "What are you: an actress, director, comic, producer or a writer?" And I would meekly/defensively/defiantly reply (depending on my mood) ALL OF THE ABOVE.
What I realized was that in being "all the above" I had no clear target on what I wanted to do next. Earlier, this year I did a few episodes of HELL DATE on BET and that experience reinvigorated my desire to perform. For awhile, I thought being a performer in LA was so cliche and I didn't want to let that be known. Telling people I was a comic or writer, seemed to get me more respect. But I wasn't being true to myself...I love performing. I love it. Love it. LOVE IT!
And I do love creating parts for me to perform-- And I had to finally admit it to myself.
So I said it out loud:
My dream job would be to be on MADtv.
They have smart, topical irreverent humor-- and it seemed the best place to showcase my comedic, acting & writing talent.
WHAT A LONG SHOT!!! I mean MADtv?!
There were other things that in universe that said that MADtv would be a good fit...I directed Debra Wilson (a MADtv alum) in one my shorts and I used to do stand up with one of the current cast members-- I felt like they were all "good signs".
I didn't worry about it being a long shot I just streamlined my "busy-ness" to do only things that would lead me to MADtv. And I left it at that.
This past August, a few of my friends sent me a notice that MADtv was looking for a new black woman cast member. A chance had opened up for me (by the way, I auditioned for the show maybe 3 years earlier and didn't get a call back). But sure in enough, I got a call from my agent (who at this time was only sending me on SEARS catalogue auditions) to prepare 3 original characters and 3 celebrity impersonations. I was so excited and scared b/c I don't DO celebrity impersonations!! BUT MADTV WAS A LONG SHOT...so what did I have to lose?
For my audition I did Ray Ray, Sista Revolution & Tanesha Taikwan as my original characters (hopefully, you'll get to see ALL of them on the air...) and I did Miss Cleo, Macy Gray & Tyra Banks for impressions for the casting directors. I wasn't nervous, because I didn't really think I had a shot. So I just had fun-- AND IT WORKED! They called my back in for another audition, this time with the producers, show runner & director--This time I did: Ray Ray, Sista Revolution, Macy Gray & Oprah--They loved it!
Then called me back AGAIN, this time I had to memorize and perform a sketch.
When I got to the audition I realized it was down to 4 black women. For some reason, I was not nervous at all--even when we had to perform off each other. HOWEVER after the audition-- I was freaking out! I knew that the next MADtv cast member would be one of us! After the audition, I immediately crawled into my bed and tried to sleep because I was so anxious. Meanwhile, during the audition process I was at a temping as an assistant...so after my auditions I would come back to the office and answer phones, make copies, etc. (very glamorous!)
And then I got the call-- IT WAS DOWN TO ME AND ONE OTHER WOMAN!
So a few days later, I headed to Fox and had to perform in front of network executives. I really remember being calm and happy-- I felt like up until now I just did the best I could and there was no reason to stress about anything. The vibe between me and the other woman I was going opposite of, was really friendly-- she is super cool! Later, that afternoon I got the call that I was the newest cast member. I was at work so I didn't scream...but I did do a dance in the hallway!
I got the news the Thursday before Labor Day '07 and the cast would meet up the 2nd week in October and then I was set to start my episode tapings in Nov and air most likely in Dec or Jan.
So now for the question...

Once the Writer's Strike is over. If it ends in December, then most likely you will see me in February 2008. Please tune in! FOX Saturday 11pm

One of these days I will write what my first couple of days/weeks/and my first shoot was like on MADtv...for now this entry has completely wiped me out.

**By the way, there are so many people that helped me get this far that I didn't mention in this passage, I didn't get this far alone I was very well loved and supported. Hope you found my entry interesting, I just wanted to just give you a little insight on the process/industry.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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What happened to Andrae?
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Old 12/24/2007, 1:30 PM
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awesome interview.....what site is this from?!??!

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

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Old 12/24/2007, 1:43 PM
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What happened to Andrae?
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Old 02/20/2008, 1:53 PM
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You didn't write that she played Lil Mama (at Celebrity Impressions) in the skit Black friend with Avril Lavigne (Arden Myrin)

It was her , wasn't she?

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Old 04/09/2008, 8:36 PM
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I dunno about this one. I think she needs a lot more exposure since it's hard to judge someone when they've got less than 2 minutes air time each episode. Oprah was alright, but I wanted to see an "Oprah Show" not a musical performance. I did not like Sista Revolution so much. I would much rather like to see her other characters like the Taikwan one (which sounds funny).
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Old 04/10/2008, 4:30 AM
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Well her homeless womaniser character, Ray Ray, is making its debut in episode #1314 in a sketch called "Ray Ray: Obama Rally" so I guess your wish is granted. As far as Taneisha Taekwan goes, there is a short clip on youtube called "Melodeez Baby birth" or something where you get a first look at the character. It's just Daheli and another woman playing around (in character) in a recording studio, though.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 05/29/2008, 4:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Dartanian View Post
Well her homeless womaniser character, Ray Ray, is making its debut in episode #1314 in a sketch called "Ray Ray: Obama Rally" .
When? I never saw it, that's a bad sign for her.
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Old 05/08/2009, 1:40 AM
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Here is a reel of some of Daheli's work, including her work on MADtv. There is one clip I'm sure you will all find interesting. It's a clip from the Ray Ray sketch that was suppose to appear in episode 1314, but was cancelled after Deheli was not brought back for another season.



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