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Default Emcee Esher

  • Aries Spears ... Emcee Esher (2 appearances)


    Aries Spears plays Emcee Esher, a fictional rapper who uses constant profanities in his songs. Emcee Esher has released 14 albums and made multiple appearances on TRL.


    908 TRL: Emcee Esher: .... In The ..... (Daniele- La La, Josh- Damien Fahey)
    TRL premieres Emcee Eshers new music video, .... In The ....., the new single from the 14th album released since his death in 1998.

    1022 TRL: Emcee Esher (Bobby-SuChin Park, Daniele-La La, Keegan- Ludacris, Nicole- Julie Andrews)
    Emcee Esher debuts his music video for a song called "Pucker Up and Suck It" on TRL.


    Emcee's appearance in episode 1022 doesn't make sense, because in the first sketch, La La reported that Emcee Esher had been dead for 5 years.

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