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Old 09/26/2004, 10:30 AM
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Default Window of the Soul (#111)

Joe Eszterhas........David Herman
Sally.......................Nicole Sullivan
Interviewer.............Extra (?)
Woman #1.............Mary Scheer
Woman #2.............Debra Wilson
Sally's Husband........Bryan Callen
Hank........................Orlando Jones

Announcer: EEE proudly presents an exclusive special in which the most controversial and acclaimed writer of such films as "Basic Instinct", "Flashdance", and "Showgirls" talks about his most important film to date. Tonight, Joe Eszterhas.

Joe: "Basic Instinct" and FIST are merely mainstream megahits. Window of the Soul is entirely different because it is the first film that I have written and directed. It is a slice of life about women, for women. It is the drama that is life. Nothing more.

(shows clips from the movie where the three girls are sitting on the porch of the country home)

Woman #1: I look at that tree and I think about when it was planted. Now it's so big and tall and I wonder where my life went.

Woman #2: If that tree could talk, I wonder what it would say about our lives.

Sally: Mama never realized her dreams. That's when I knew I had to follow mine and move to Iowa. Become an ice sculptor, get my Ph.D in orthology, finish that opera, and start a family.

(Sally's husband enters with a plate of food)

Husband: Honey, I fixed up your favorite sandwich and some french fries.

(sally gets angry and arises from chair)

Sally: I am not a whore! I'm not a whore, I'm not a whore, I'm not a whore, AAAHH!!

(sally stabs ice pick on the porch ledge)

ON SCREEN TITLES: A Joe Eszterhas Film: Window of the Soul

(we go back to the interview)

Joe: Wondow the Soul tears down all general and specific values and creates a new film genre. One that is filtered through the eyes of women because Joe Eszterhas is a feminist.

(another clip is show where sally walks out to the mailbox and joe talking in the background)

Joe: (talking in background) Sally is a small town girl with simple needs.

(sally then bends down and licks the mail post)

Joe: (still in background) She meets Hank, the sheriff who is the sensetive guy she has been waiting for all her life.

(Hank pulls up to the house)

Joe: Hank's escaping certain demands of his own and he finds, uh, redemption when he comes to investigate the murder of sally's husband, Joe

Hank: Where were you when your husband was killed?

Sally: That's not what you really wanna know...is it, Hank?

(sally uncrosses her legs and then crosses them again)

Sally: Well, aren't you gonna examine....the body?

(music plays and sally gets up and moves toward hank. Hank pushes sally's dead husband off the table and they start kissing. We then go back to the interview)

Interviewer: Some critics have accused you of being, well, in your post-funeral scene, they've accused you of being sensationalist

Joe: Absolutely. Strong women are sensational people because they're strong and that is exactly how strong women react to times of grief and loss, sensationally.

(another clip is shown from the movie where the three girls are sitting in the living eating food and dressed in black)

Sally: He was such a good man. So hard

Woman #1: I know. And we're right here for you. Right here...

(music plays and they throw their food on the floor and nicole and mary start kissing but its censored. we then go back to the interview)

Joe: Catherine is by far the most compelling character I've created.

Interviewer: Wasn't Catherine the Sharon Stone character from "Basic Instinct"?

Joe: Yes.....sally is by far the most original, compelling character I've created.

(another clip is shown where the three girls are dancing around in the living room to music. Sally pulls down on a ring that is hanging from the ceiling and water falls all over them. Joe talks in the background)

Joe: The, uh, water represents the grief subsequent sexual liberation of the women and, uh, women in general.

(sally pulls down on the ring again and water falls on them again. We go back to the interview)

Joe: Giving this movie an NC-17 rating is the equivilant of burning books. We've seen it in berlin in 1931, now we're seeing it in hollywood in 1996.

(another clip is shown and sally is ice sculpting. Hank walks in holding a gun)

Hank: Sally, I know it's you. I've got the fingerprints, the videotape, an ice pick in my other pants to prove it.

Sally: Well, aren't you gonna examine...the body?

(sally disrobes and hank drops the gun and they start kissing. we go back to the interview)

Joe: People expect a certain kind of film from Joe Eszterhas but I'm not doing this for them. I'm doing this for my daughters, wives, girlfriends, their daughters as well, the script girl at paramount, the lady who details my bronco, there was a girl actually just last night who uh, uh, I would dedicate this film to her...if I'd only remember her name. (pauses for a few seconds) heh, thats funny, whats your name?

(end sketch with a look at the movie poster)

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Old 11/19/2005, 6:26 PM
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Originally posted by Viper here
Ah-Mee, As Promised:

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 06/09/2009, 3:48 AM
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Those are totally sick pictures! I love the first one, her facial expression could not have been captured more perfectly. This was one of MADtv's first great sketches in my opinion. Just the acting job by Nicole. I loved it when she did things like licking the mailbox, and kissing Mary! I could tell that she put all her effort into this one. This should have been an Emmy winning performance for Nicole. Oh to have been a fly on the wall for this sketch!


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Old 06/09/2009, 10:39 AM
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This is a classic sketch. I love this one, all three ladies are great in it, and so is everyone else. This is what made MAD TV so funny. Not this sketch, but this kind of writing. I feel like in the later seasons the writing wasn't geared the same way as it was earlier.

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

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