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Old 09/16/2005, 2:54 PM
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Default MADtv Exclusive Access: Jordan Peele’s Dressing Room


This week Informer subscribers get exclusive access to Jordan Peele's dressing room.

Download video here

Jordan Peele- himself

(Cameraman gets shot of Jordan’s door and then knocks on it)

Jordan: (opens door) Hey, how’s it going?

Cameraman: Good. Hey Jordan. How you doing?

Jordan: I’m alright. How you doing?

Cameraman: Good good.

Jordan: Welcome to my dressing room.

(“Boom Chicago” appears on screen)

Jordan: I was in a group called Boom Chicago.

Cameraman: Right.

Jordan: Which is an improvisational—American—In English, sketch and improvisation, and I was doing that with Ike Barinholtz, uh, Nicole Parker, Josh Meyers who used to be on the show, and yeah, that’s where I met those guys.

(“Nerves” appears on screen)

Jordan: You know, at some point, the nerves, you know, and I was nervous before shows for years and years and still sometimes it will happen. The nerves kind of transform into an excitement.

(“Krumpin’” appears on screen)

Jordan: It’s the man-up sketches, that we’ll probably do in a couple weeks, but I got another sketch that’s going on tonight, it’s called “Krumpin’”. It’s based on Rize, the documentary that Dave Lachapelle. Yeah. Yeah. He directed this documentary on Krump dancing, which is this sort of urban expression of aggression and what not, that keeps people off the streets. Anyway, Crista Flanagan and I have a scene tonight where we do full on Krump dancing and we tried it the other day. It’s the most hardest things I can imagine doing. Just gonna be glistening with sweat at the end of that so, if you like black men glistening with sweat, then… watch MADtv.

(“Man Up” appears on screen)

Jordan: Well, our choreographer, Monee, actually comes in and she works with us and it’s just amazing, Emmy nominated choreographer that helps us, put the whole dance routines together. But you know, the reason that’s seen as so attractive is because of the synchronized things, so once we realize we do something and say something together, and it gets a laugh, then we just—through the roof, you know? Everything just has to be well oiled and that’s also exhausting to do, as you can imagine, especially with the prosthetics. I gotta corn rows on for that.

(“Characters” appears on screen)

Jordan: Funkenstein. I think the jury is still out on Funkenstein. I hope we see some Funkenstein this year, but I can tell you what is definitely on my sights then. There’s gonna be some more Morgan Freeman, hit off on James Earl Jones. There’s a lot of impressions I wanna get and do it more. I did Montel Williams my first year. I want to do some more Montel. (Montel impression) “That guy’s the funniest I can. I love Montel Williams. You know what, forget. I don’t even know. I can’t even believe I’m here and us. You know?” I love doing Montel Williams so much. Definitely going to do that. I got this kid called Lorenz, we’re going to do the next taping, who’s this character sketch of this kid who sells candy door to door. And some more Inside Looking Out, which is the sketch I write with Nicole Parker. We’re the interracial couple that is way too in love for their own good. I’m really excited. It looks like it’s gonna be a full juicy year.

(“Prosthetics” appears on screen)

Jordan: Sometimes, we have so much prosthetics on that you feel like the character can be muffled. Now, in the past, I’ve been so into wearing these prosthetics because you can just transform yourself. I just think that’s the beauties of working here. Then of course, you go home and your mom asks, well, I wish I could see your face a bit more, Jordan. You start realizing maybe you gotta, sorta, find the line where Jordan can come out and Morgan Freeman can come out too. That’s the only thing coming close to something I would do. I’d do anything for comedy. I’ll do anything for comedy.

Cameraman: Awesome. Well thanks so much Jordan. It was great.


Selena Luna = Best. Castmember. Ever.

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