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Old 06/08/2004, 1:42 PM
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Default Spishak: Once a Year Maxipads (#204)

Mother- Mary Scheer
Daughter- Nicole Sullivan

(Mother and Daughter are unloading groceries from car)

Mother: I swear that checkout boy was checking YOU out more than our groceries.

Daughter: (embarrassed) Mom...

Mother: (notices a bag full of maxipads) Deena? Didn't you just buy maxipads last night?

Daughter: Mom... you know it's my heavy time.

Mother: I think it's time I let you in on a little womanly secret... the Spishak once a year maxipad.

Daughter: The Spishak once a year maxipad?

Mother: Believe it or not, but I'm wearing one now! (you see her pants which are sticking out because the pad is so big)

Daughter: Wow. It looks comfy!

Mother: Oh, it is. Why, I've been wearing mine since last Christmas.

Daughter: Hmmmm... maybe I should try the Spishak once a year maxipad.

(picture of the Maxipad box)

Narrator: Invented by a team of female dry wall contractors, the Spishak once a year maxipad is a new concept in convenience and comfort. Ordinary maxipads can absorb only about a teaspoon full of liquid. The Spishak once a year maxipad can absorb as much liquid as the entire annual rainfall of the city of Seattle.

(Mother and Daughter are jogging in street)

Daughter: Mom... You're the best. (reveals that the daughter has a maxipad on, as well)

Mother: No, Spishak is.

(They giggle and the daughter jumps on the mothers back)

(Spishak once a year maxipad logo comes up)

Narrator: The Spishak once a year maxipad. Irresponsibly Absorbent.


Selena Luna = Best. Castmember. Ever.

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Old 06/09/2004, 7:22 AM
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yes! one of my favorite spishak commercials. great job newt!
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