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Old 10/26/2004, 8:32 PM
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Default Kenny Rogers & Pappy (#410)

Kenny Rogers – Will Sasso
Announcer (Voice) - Pat Kilbane

And now the comedy of Kenny Rogers and Pappy

(Kenny with his puppet Pappy)

Kenny: Hey Pappy

Pappy: Hey Kenny

Kenny: Isn’t great to be here

Pappy: if you say so

Kenny: Why don’t you say hello to all the nice people

Pappy: They don’t look so nice to me

Kenny: Now Pappy, don’t you start your funny stuff

Pappy: Well somebody’s gotta do something funny around here

Kenny: Pappy, you’re incorrigible

Pappy: Incorrigible? I thought I was in California

Kenny: HA, HA, HA, HA!
I’m thirsty
Hey why don’t you sing one of my hit songs while I drink this glass of Strawberry quick.

Pappy: Alright

(Kenny gurgles and spits strawberry milkshake all down himself, whilst attempting to sing.
Suddenly, Pappy’s head falls off…
Kenny stops for a moment
Then continues gurgling, spiting the milkshake, whilst twitching his fingers as if Pappy’s head was still there)

Announcer: Kenny Rogers and Pappy
Appearing this week at the hA-Ha HuT in Haha Hollywood
With Special guests:
Elane Boozler
Kevin Meanie


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Old 11/06/2005, 10:05 AM
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I just downloade this sketch and thought I'd make some screencaps 'cos this is the only Kenny Rogers transcript that doesn't have pictures. Enjoy!

Complete seasons of MADtv on dvd, thank you.

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