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Old 12/17/2004, 1:22 PM
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Default Spishak: Margarine (#119)

© Miss Information

Thanks to Sharkey for the original transcript

Original Airdate: 06.22.96

Bryan Callen as Construction Worker

(A construction worker is sitting down at a building site, talking to the camera.)

Construction Worker: Ah, lunch-hour. I love moments like these. Iíve been working hard all day, and then itís just you and your lunch. Hey. When it comes down to it, Iím a simple man with simple needs. I like my work to be challenging, I like my sex to be a little rough. Not crazy, I mean Iím not a jerk about it or anything; but you know what I mean. And when it comes to margarine, I like my margarine to be Spishak. Spishak Margarine is light and tasty. (Eats a large spoonful out of a tub of Spishak Margerine.) And it costs far less than even the least popular brands. Sure, there are other margarines out there, some may even taste better. But hey, Iím a simple man with simple needs. (Eats another spoonful) And the people at Spishak feel that when you add up taste and price, well, Spishak beats Ďem all. (Eats another spoonful) Mmmm. Thereís nothing like working outside, and a tub of Spishak Margarine.

Voiceover: Spishak Margerine - itís all you really need.

Construction Worker: I donít wanna be misunderstood here. I didnít mean rough sex like anybody gets hurt or anything. Iím a simple man. I just meant you get into it more than just doing it.


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