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Old 09/17/2004, 6:46 PM
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Default Spishak: Supersops (#118)

Debra Wilson - Wife
Phil Lamarr - Husband

Voiceover: When headache pain continues to strike...

(Husband walks around room mumbling to himself)

Wife: Oh honey, what's wrong?

Husband: I have a splitting headache. (Holds onto nose)

Wife: Again?

Husband: No, not again. It's the same one. Ugh! Oh God... (Lets go of nose as blood pours onto the desk) I'm hemmoraging! There's blood all over your table, I've ruined it! I'm sorry.

Wife: Oh relax honey, it's no problem when you've got Supersops, from Spishak industries. (Holds up Spishak Supersops)

Voiceover: From the makers of Namprin comes Supersops! Let's watch how the leading brand leaves stains behind!)

(A split screen comes up with "Leading Brand" and "Supersops by Spishak". The "leading brand clears the blood in a few seconds)

Voiceover: Oookay... now let's try Supersops from Spishak!

(Spishak Supersops are used to clean up a small bloodstain, but end up spreading the blood around the table)

Voiceover: Hmmm... Supersops from Spishak. We're...still trying

(Wife holds up a hand print of blood on a Supersop as her husband walks past)

Husband: Oh... my...head!
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