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Default Episode S01E05 (Aired 2010-10-04)

With the future so destroyed by garbage pollution, Wall-E has traveled back in time to rid the world of the trash dumping past. He first pursues Shelby Forthright, who destroys the planet with toxic waste in the future. He pulls Shelby into him and turns him into a cube. He then turns his tables onto some of the worst greatest producers of trash. Oscar the Grouch, Flint Lockwood, and the offices of MAD, who he considers the "Biggest producers of garbage". As he crushes a cubes the writers of the MAD offices, he finds love in the station Xerox printer, weds it, and gives up on the cubing of the trash producing world.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other
Between Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Space Alien, one of these is different. The answer is Miley, because her name does not start with an S.

Bertram: The Other Lucky Charms Leprechaun
Kids follow Happy the Lucky Charms leprechaun into a cave to get his Lucky Charms only to find his brother Bertram. Bertram is the maker of the brown parts in the cereal. Bertram is bitter and angry due to not being appreciated as much as Happy. Without Bertram, the cereal would be nothing but marshmallows, and not allowed. The kids, nervous being around Bertram, leave the cave, because like everyone, no one is ever after Bertram's brown parts.

Nix Kidz Pix Sliming
The presenter for the Nix Kids Pix Awards for best scrunchies is slimmed. Unfortunately the slime contains radioactive and changes the presenter into a monster that begins to devour the audience.

MAD's Guide to Phobias
Tagaphobia (Taag-amnkh-fobia): The fear that an unflattering photo of you will appear on Friendnook (called Friendnook, but revealed on the definition as Facebook).
Pantightus (Pyan-tie-tusss): The fear that you won't be able to get out of your skinny jeans.
Snowglophobia (Sxo-glo-fobbiyahk): The fear that when you shake a snowglobe, you're ruining the lives of tiny people.
Voltronitis (Voal-TrOhntt-eye(tu)tu$): The fear that the guy that pilots your leg won't show up today.

Bird Mom
A woman feeding her child runs into a woman who admires her ability get her child to eat. The other woman says that her kids eat like birds just as she puts worms in her mouth and vomits down her children's throats like a bird does.

The Spatula
A spatula must pick from a group of other spatula's on who is his one and only spatula. But what the other spatula's don't know is that he is a plastic model, that flips, but he is shown because when he does choose the spatula he wants to give his bacon to, she refuses it, and he is found with egg on his flipper.

A police officer tells everyone that a killer is in the same room they are in, and it is one of them. It's probably the guy whose in the electric chair.

Spy Vs. Spy: Torpedo (Originally Seen on MADtv Episode #107
The Black Spy shoots a missile from his battleship to hit the White Spy's battleship. The White Spy stretches his out by a spring so the missile will go through it, but the missile splits in half too and hits both parts of the ship.

Where's Lady Gaga: Amusement Park
Lady Gaga has chosen to visit an Amusement Park, but where is she? Is she by the cotton candy? By the water fountain? In the bunny suit? Behind the cardboard cut out, as the clown, knocking over pins at one of the game stations? Nope, she's dressed up as one of the bear prizes.

A toad now has to hop home after his car is towed.

Usher wants to give everyone the feeling he had when he created world pop sensation Justin Bieber. So he created Build-A-Bieber, a place where you can build your own Bieber, who says things like "I'm from Canada", "I love you too", and "I'm from Canada". This Bieber won't make as much money as the real Bieber, but it is cute.

Press Yellow Tape to Request Stop
A man on the bus changes the sign "Press Yellow Tape to Request Stop" to "Yell ape to Request Stop". When the passenger next to him yells it, an ape unfortunately grabs the other man and beats him for changing the sign. It is clear that this must have been done before.

Extreme Renovation House Edition
Ty Pennington is going to renovate the palace of one of histories greatest heroes. Superman's Fortress of Solitude. After sending Superman off to Disneyland on the misconception that something is wrong, the team renovates his fortress. He gets back from the false alarm only to find that the walls with his fathers influential recording has been replaced by a recording on a big screen tv, his chamber that harasses the suns rays has been replaced by bunk beds, and his phantom zone closet has been opened, much to Superman's displeasure.
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