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Default Episode S01E03 (Aired 2010-09-20)

2012 Dalmatians
Jackson Curtis and his kids Noah and Lilly and visiting the Museum of Natural Mystery, but leave when they find out that the price of admission is $20.12. As he is driving them home, boring them about things he did in his past like holding a boom box over his head in front of a girls place in 1989, shooting stars start to appear in the sky, but they aren't shooting stars, they are dalmatians. 2012 dalmatians to be exact. They are affecting everything from Sea World to MAD headquarters. With the dalmatians varying in size and falling fast, a plan needs to be made. With nothing to stop them from falling, Jackson comes up with an idea. He goes back to the museum and grabs a dinosaur bone, attaches it to his car, and leads the dalmatians off a cliff. The world is now saved, but now Jackson must face a bigger problem. Paying the $2012.00 for the bone he stole.

Gingerbread Crimes
A mom has just finished baking some gingerbread cookies, when a force of gingerbread men breaks into her home to arrest her for her gingerbread crimes.

Gross and Beyond Gross
Gross= Seeing a man wipe his nose on his sleeve.
Beyond Gross= Seeing that it's your sleeve.
Gross= Waking up with a huge zit.
Beyond Gross= Waking up someone else with your popped pimple juice.
Gross= Reaching into a public toilet to get your phone.
Beyond Gross= Realizing that's not your phone.

Cat Lick
A cat licking itself on the couch disturbs its partner.

The Lesser Known Effects of Global Warming
Polar bears will move out of there habitat, and into yours. Ok with that? You won't be when the only thing they watch is Glee. Over and over and over again! Penguins, exhausted of their food supply will search for the next largest, human! You'll have to listen to more stories from old people. This time about what snow was, as you watch Frosty the Dirtman.

Slasher Airlines
Masked villains of stage and screen will attack you on Slasher Airlines. The chance of death is high but the savings are amazing! Slasher Airlines: You'll kill to get on!

Keeping Up with the Carcrashians
There wreck less, beautiful, and irresponsible. It's Keeping Up with the Carcrashians, where the sisters crash everything, literally! Fake critics like TV Lied say "We love this show!", and Automotive Almanac says it has "Great Suspension".

Astronaut Brawl
It's the brawl that's out of this world! It's black vs. white in the racial battle from space. It's bound to end in a tie with the lack of gravity making it unable for them to get a punch in, but if one is made, wouldn't you have loved to see it?! Well if the punch doesn't happen, at least you can observe the lovely round girls. Notice they are in space? Girls in space! Get your tickets now!

Did you love the movie Up? Did you also love the song 99 Red Balloons. Have you ever wanted those two things combined? Well now the technology exists, with Up. We take the 99 balloons and turn it into 2000 balloons, capable of lifting an entire building. Hate school, goodbye! hate that guy mooching in on your girl, goodbye! Up can do it all for $19.95! *Warning, Up is not responsible for where you end up*.

Trunk Space
An elephant is buying a small car with the money he got from cleaning his wife out in their divorce, the car is an easier fit now that his wife is out of the picture, but that still doesn't give him great trunk space.

Spy Vs Spy-Tuba Bang (First Shown on MADtv)
White Spy makes a sound activated micro bomb and sneaks it into the Black Spy's gloves. When the Black Spy wakes up and goes outside with his gloves on, the White Spy plays a loud tuba that sets off the bomb.

Robot Christmas
A robot father receives the only thing he could want or need. Oil, oil and more oil (much to his displeasure)

Juicy Jr. Triple Pounder
From Juicy Jr. comes the new Triple Pounder. A burger so messy that it will mess up your shirt, your room, and even your life. Murder is a crime that the Triple Pounder will make you commit, because the Triple Pounder is devily delicious.

Man and his Island
A man pulls his only flower on his island, and drowns as his island sinks.

Guide to Celebrity Siblings
Did you know that celebrities have un-famous brothers and sisters too? They include Mirther the unknown Jonas sister, Fabricio the pizza making brother of Mario and Luigi, and Emily Osmond’s brother Hailey Joel Osmond, who was in some Sixth placed movie about Second Hand Lions or something.

Tuna Canwich
A man goes to make some lunch with tuna, but ends up cutting the sandwich that was already made, and not a can.

Grey's in Anime
A patient is admitted to Seattle Grace with an unknown illness. After being put under by a sedative, he starts seeing some freaking Japanese animation type stuff, including Dragonball Super Surgeon Owen Hunt, Yugi Muto Christina Yang, and a whole bunch of freaky Japanese imagery like Pedo Panda, a care bear, and a 1 Up mushroom from Mario Bros. When the patient awakes, he finds out that all he needed was his appendixes removed, but his room is oddly destroyed.
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