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Old 09/28/2010, 2:40 PM
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Default Episode S01E02 (Aired 2010-09-13)

The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons is over, yet Otimus Prime keeps inviting new robots to stay with in Sam Witwicky's house. When Sam threatens to kick him out. He makes up a story about how the Decepticons are up to something really evil, saying they are searching for the Rock of Notalenttron (he gets the name from posters of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Ke$ha). He says that the Rock is in Paris, oddly enough a place where Optimus really wants to go. He, Sam, and the rest of the Autobots get there by the use of Sam's dad's wallet, despite the fact they can all fly. After being told that the Rock is in Sam's parents time share in Hawaii, Sam has had enough and besides to go home, only to find out that the robots are partying in his house. When Megatron is seen, it is revealed that the TransBOREmores are actually not enemies, but act that way when humans are present, as Otimus Prime and Megatron fight, Otimus lightly taps him and Megatron declares defeat as he kicks through Sam's wall and leaves.

Too Fat to Tidier
A fat guy propels a kid into the sky on a tidier todder.

The ePhonie has many craptastic apps. Like if you eat Mexican food before a long drive home, if you go to the bathroom during a party, or if you lactose intolerant after eating lactose. The ePhonie has all kinds of apps, but remember "It's all crap".

Clownin Around
A clown goes to get a drink from a water fountain, until the clowns head busts like one of those games at the carnival.

Ask a Celebrity
Mila from California asks Miley Cyrus if she does anything special to get ready for a show. She says that she rubs cats on herself and scoots across the carpet with her feet for friction. Zeb from Colorado asks Simon Cowell why he's so grouchy. Simon answers that he's got porcupines on his feet, and the porcupines got Simon Cowell on there backs. In the final letter, Scott asks snowboard legend Shawn White how he gets his hair so long. He does it by putting Play-Clay in his chest and lowering his arms until it comes out of his head.

MAD News
In breaking news. An Octopus is trying to open a jar of peanut butter. It begs the question. Peanut butter, is it worth it?

Salivating Dog
A dog gets some air. from the window of a 737.

How I Met My Brother
"How would you feel if you woke up next to someone who looked like you, talked like you, but wasn't you?" It's the plot of the new show "How I Met My Brother". The show is about two brothers and how they can't grasp the concept that they are twin brothers, despite the fact that everyone frequently tells them that they are. How I Met My Brother. You'll never see it because it's been canceled.

Germ Audition
A germ is auditioning for a commercial that does not get well received by the auditions. He is upset as he went to Jewliard and that's exactly the way it sounds.

The Wolver Clean
Wolverine of "X-Men" introduces a new cleaning product endorsed by him, "The Wolver Clean". It consists of a glove that contains retractable toilet scrubs, Swiffers, and sponges. Testimonials from Ironman, Mr. Fantastic, and Magnido can't be wrong. The Wolver Clean is only $19.95, and if enjoyed, you'll love the added steam cleaning application.

Spacesnoke Defriend
An alien is mad that she was defriended from her friends "Spacesnoke". He said it was because she wrote something on his wall that was bad, and that his mom reads his wall.

Pimple Pop
A man pops a pimple on his face only to have it explode out all of his internal organs.

Spy Vs. Spy: Surprise
Black Spy rolls a bomb over behind White Spy as he is sitting down. White Spy sees this and defuses the bomb before it can go off. Unfortunately for him, the bomb contains not dynamite, but a lion that comes out and attacks him.

Batman Puts Crime on Hold
The Bat signal is seen over Gothem at 6:00 in the morning. Batman, unwilling to answer it, hits the snooze on his alarm, which is triggered to the signal.

Star Wars: The Groan Wars
Obi Wan Kanobi and his wooden as Panokio face go behind enemy lines to take down the droid army and the evil Count Poo Poo. They find Poo Poo, but he escapes before capture. In another part of the ship, Mannequin and Sedokou have found themselves in the presence of bounty hunter Bad Name. After escaping, Poo Poo calls Darth Sideous to get a status update and find out what to do next. This is where Poo Poo discovers that Sideous doesn't want to rule the universe, but market it. That's where the real money is. The plans Poo Poo has is plans for the Six Fetts Star Wars Amusement Park, that his other Clones the George Troopers have been hard at work at. The George Troopers are programmed to just market the hell out of this already billion dollar franchise.

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